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House Rule
The Great Curse

The Exalted Hosts lost and fled to the endless of choas from the might of the authors of Creation, but as such--the Great Curse was never spoken from the lips of dying Primordials.

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House Rule
On Sorcery The victorious Primordials never gave the arts of sorcery to the Exalted of the Autochthonian Realm, having no need to stoop to so desperate a ruse. Instead, it was bestowed upon them at the hands of the Great Maker, though it took many long years before the titan was finally convinced to teach them. Similarly, the Infernal Exalted have been taught the circles of sorcery by their Primordial masters, while the Abyssals have unearthed the secrets of necromancy from the dread tombs beneath Black Non. Because the unconquered titans never swore any oaths of surrender, sorcery cannot bind their souls, save when cast by their Infernal champions. Spells can still summon devas, but without the power to compel their loyalty, this is of little use to all but the most depraved or treacherous of sorcerers.