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Mon 3 Aug 2015
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RP: The World of Savage
In the World of Savage, hidden among the mountains and cliffs of the endless jungles of sentient Trees there is a hidden crevice both wide and deep. While the waterfall falling from the top is nothing strange about it, the clearing in this area is. The Trees and many other creatures have maintained their distance for a good reason, for jutting high in the center next to the banks of the fall is a Blackstone Tower. Perhaps the only real structure not buried under the roots of the ever-spreading Trees or hidden in the caverns of lost mountains, the Wizards Tower is a magnificent sight to behold. Taller than the cliffs surrounding it... and yet perhaps more ancient.

Unlike a building one might see in a city, the Tower is sharp and jagged. It moves upwards at many different angles from a massive base. Upon the tower sharp points splint from it to form their own mini-watchtowers while the tallest central spire rises up like a horrible tooth of the land!

While the Trees surrounding the clearing have clearly made wary of the tower, a small village of Imps decided that their fear of it was their gain. They have set up huts made from the fallen parts of those trees, sun dried mud and clay from the river banks show some sign of intelligence, but the stone, stick, and bone tools they use for minor hunting and fishing in the river (more like scavenging what falls off the cliffs and waterfall) show that their grasp of civilization is not yet complete even with the beginnings of a language. The Imps themselves are small furry creatures about 1 meter high possessing long limbs, with hands and feet with opposable thumbs and touch claw like nails. They have skin-like wings draped from their arms, connected along their sides, which allow them to glide from cliffs and trees which they climb easily. Their faces humans would consider ugly, their large bat like noises pushed up into an upside down V with sharp teeth and tiny eyes. Honestly it's a miracle such weak creatures are allowed to continue, but in the protection of the Tower they thrive.

To the North and south long the edge of the cliff far in the distance the land rises up in another series of foot hills covered in jungle which quickly block out the horizon. To the West above the cliffs, the land begins to rise up and rocky mountain peaks can seen in the distance. To the east as the land lowers beyond the cliffs the winding river gets lost through the jungle canopy. In the far distance just before the horizon evaporates, it appears as if some treeless hills can be seen.

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Mon 17 Aug 2015
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Re: RP: The World of Savage
A doorway opens in the Tower allowing some sort of creature to fly out.


Following behind it was none other than Queen Titania, her wings were fluttering and she was moving at a quick pace but not as fast as the small dragonkin was moving.   It was heading in the direction of the Imp camp and Queen Titania in pursuit but flying a bit higher and keeping a distance to watch what the outcome is.

There was a smile upon her beautiful face as the dragonkin was on the hunt.

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Wed 19 Aug 2015
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Re: RP: The World of Savage
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Ainesilver soared upward first thing, so getting above it right away would have required some full steam, but after reaching near the top of your tower it soared down. Already the Imps recognized something strange. The tower to them was nothing but a scary rock, they never had imagined something might come out of it! You saw many hide in their huts, other took off for the woods, many throwing themselves off the cliffs to glide across the river and clearing. It was one of these flying Imps that Ainesilver decided to strike first.

With lighting quick agility ainesilver changed direction and dove downward, while Ainesilver was no larger than a perhaps a normal serpent with a wingspan only as wide as a large eagle, he suddenly became a dart in the sky while falling down upon the Imp stretching his talons forward, piercing its neck and driving it to the ground with an audible snap. You hear the rest of the imps scream, and one brave Imp actually attempted to swoop down from it's own glide and tackle Ainesilver. Ainesilver turned and opened his mouth and let out a beam of light along with a sound between a whistle and a lighting crack. The attacking imp flew backwards, it's momentum fully reversed from the force of the beam. As it hit the ground a bit of smoke could be seen coming from it's fur.

The imps were even more determined to get away or hide now and fled in all directions and hide under every tree, rock, or tiny cavern they could find.

Ainesilver sniffed the Imp she had just slain. Before turning to look up at Queen Titania as if to speak. "These prey are frail and weak, and have no sustenance for me, not even a morsel of mana. They are barely even animals, let alone beasts of any sort." Somehow that sounded as if an insult, as if to be animistic and beastly was a compliment, and to be more civilized a decrepitude.
Queen Titania
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Wed 19 Aug 2015
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Re: RP: The World of Savage
Now she wasn't expecting it to move so fast and as she tried to keep a distance she did have to move faster than she expected.  It seemed that Ainésilver was more deadlier than she thought and these Imps were mere child play to it.  She would need to go out and adventure deeper into the World of Savage to get what she needed.

"These creatures were a test for you, but seeing that they are weaklings to your skills, you may need to journey deeper out into the world to hunt.
she smiled as the mental bond between them was there.

Moving closer she looked at the one Imp that was his first prey and wondered what could these Imps really be used for.

"Go out into the woods and seek worthy prey.  I have bonded our minds now and you may contact me at anytime for aid.

With her Blasting Rod in hand she touched the dead Imp's body and smiled.
"Such a waste.  But the others may be useful in the future. she fluttered her wings and looked back at her the Tower.

"I have matters I need to attend to inside.  Hunt my beauty and enjoy.

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Sat 22 Aug 2015
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Re: RP: The World of Savage
Ainésilver blinked a couple times as the mental connection was solidified to something stronger. Then I will go out and hunt. Should I find a beast worthy to fight, I shall let you know.

As you took off towards the tower, Ainésilver took off again into the air, moving like a flying snake between the Trees of the jungle... strange to know that some of these Trees might be old enough to be sentient and your reminded that there are eyes everywhere here. The tower door shuts behind you.