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RP: The World of Exterra
District 101 is not without it's charm. Tall buildings covered in holo-signs shine down upon intersecting hover-streets and railways. It's always said there are 101 different stories one can tell about each alleyway, and building there. With a rich history flowing about the net of the masses there, and a variety of stories of the rich and the poor, it's amazing that not a single person can or will point at the black tower in it's center.

The Perfect Tower, a perfect square rising upwards, towering over all buildings of district 101. While buildings sprout up around it, and people live among the streets surrounding it, they clearly ignore it. The first reason is that, it's not on the Net. Meaning not one person can even look at it without using their eyes. To city maps, the square it occupies is just a blank spot never to be filled. The other reason is perhaps people don't look at the Tower. Eyes glance over it, they even forget about it. It's as if in a city District of 230,000 people, on a regular bases, it's forgotten by everyone. Of course every once in a while a rich man stop to look at the view outside, or an intrepid outsider wonder just what such a building is, but for the most part the Tower is ignored.

The District itself is a conglomerate of the few moderately rich, and many of the very poor. Building owners often live on their tops, while hundreds of family live within. The economic centers of this district provide some commercial flow from other districts, and there is a factory that makes composite furniture and even a couple herbal stores that grown their own drugs. Beyond that though most people subsist on the basic credit allowance of District, or take what they can from others.

The surrounding districts bear much similarity to the poorer parts of District 101, with no real difference beyond the district mayor. Here, in this sea of people, buildings, traffic, and sin, direction doesn't matter much. You simply need to know where your going, otherwise your just going to end up in one of the many maze of slums coating this world.

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