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1.0 The Laws of the World
Wizardry 2.0
Originally created by Natfrobinson.
Edited and hopefully improved upon by yert527.
Almost all written material is copyrighted to Nat.

Six wizards across separate worlds have accumulated enough magical power to rule the universe itself. To achieve this, they have sacrificed almost everything. For immortality, their soul rests within the Foundation Cube, the source of their eldritch power. For preservation of knowledge and strength of will they have sacrificed almost all of the human memories holding them back. For raw power - they must assume - most of their humanity has been cast aside to become something... greater. Not a God, a simple-minded create created from raw power and belief, but something much more dangerous to this universe. A True Wizard.

Petty witchery has always come easily to humanity, but this is something more: within each of these wizards is a sorcery more powerful than anything that has come before. They awaken within their towers of black stone, naked and alone atop their massive Foundation Cube.

Their bodies are now a thing of pure magic, for their true soul rests inside their Foundation Cube. They no longer sustain themselves on the luxuries of life, but instead consume raw magical power. Mana.

Psychically a Wizard is strong, agile, quick witted, precise, and skilled. Mana flows through their very blood, fueling them beyond any mundane means. A Wizard fueled by Mana feels no pain of death, any wound they have can be healed with magic... as long as they have the Mana to do so. For if the a Wizard's body runs out of mana, they being to weaken, wither, and die. But fear not, even should this happen, their Foundation Cube will preserve them, re-birthing a new fresh body. But a Wizardry Soul is hungry... it must feed... it must consume Mana to exist. When it the Mana ends, the Wizard doesn't simple die, he is torn apart and his works undone but his Final Curse unleashed before he is no more. (At this point the player may no longer play a Wizard, and is out of the running for Universal Deliminator).

Mana must be sought, for Mana is power, Mana is life. Many forms of Mana exist in the worlds and planes. All of reality uses, processes, and even creates Mana in small amounts. But this is not enough for the wizard, for it would even take the sacrifice of 1000 souls to simple get a taste of a single usable amount of Mana. More agreeable sources might be from Mana Dust, Wizard Crystals, Moonleaves, or other such tangible objects infused with Mana giving them unique properties. Mortals and petty magicians use these as components in their "spells" or even to create simple magical items. A Wizard may learn to consume even the Mana of the perverse false magics in the world. Perhaps the greatest prize though, is to find a Foci. A Foci is a natural pool of regenerating Mana, usually in small amounts, and never permanently. The urge to seek Mana is as dire to the Wizard as the hunger a man feels for food, and like a man well fed, the more you have the more energy, the more power, the wizard will have to confront his enemies.

1.0: Objectives and Goals

Your wizard's immediate objectives are largely their own, but the very nature of wizardry gives each character the same long-term objective: the annihilation of their rivals. As time goes on a Wizards ever increasing consumption of Mana means it quickly becomes a depelting resource. Only total victory will save them, a Wizards have more to gain than simple apotheosis; reality itself stands as their prize and thus survival. Wizards shed the memories of their mortality in order to be reborn as something greater, something purer, and the existence of other wizards threatens that pursuit. While others exist they cannot truly reach their true potential and the thread of destruction always remains. Power can always be stolen, usurped, twisted by rivals - but if you are the only one left, who would dare stop you?

There can only be one. Wizards rationalize this, convince themselves that their fight is righteous, but the battle is more than that - it's a madness that comes to all who wish to master the highest powers, an insanity that boils in the blood and fuels bloodshed and treachery. Wizards seek to destroy each other because it is their nature, a price they pay for the chance at ultimate power.

There are many roads to that final end. Wizards may seek powerful allies amongst the mortal races, or deal with heartless demons. They may pursue their own hidden sciences, perfecting and experimenting with the craft. Domination and enslavement of lesser races (and every race is lesser!) is a viable path, as is the construction of fortresses and cities. Foci, places imbued with magical potency, can - must! - be seized and protected. Lost ruins must be explored, ancient artifacts dredged from the past and used in war. It is up to the player how his wizard will play - is he a master manipulator, bringing nations to their knees and forcing them to obey his will, or does he stick to himself and focus his energies on piecing together research on the fabled Ritual of Mastery, that fabled spell said to rob all other wizards of any and all powers?

The choice belongs to you.

1.1 RTJ
There are only up to 6 slots to this game, and so the RTJ will be a selective process if more apply. If you wish to apply simply post the following:

Only the first three steps of Character need to be done first.

1. Name: You need to pick a name for your character, something particularly epic- or arcane-sounding. A title is also acceptable. "Harmonius the Logical" is fine, "Tman930" is not. "Rajakha" is fine, "Krillin" is pushing it.

2. Concept and Appearance: Give us something to work with. Have a concept for your character: wise jester conjurer, mad necromancer, etc.

Also include physical appearance, demeanor, what your misfit wizard likes to wear, etc. A short paragraph will do - something the other players can read and work with. You need not be "human" any more, you have shed that and your Soul has reshaped your body! But beware... your physical form is part of your Mana upkeep. A wizard might well be a mighty dragon... but the cost would be enormous and at dangerous levels. Or it might just be a feeble old man, costing enough mana to just shuffle along reading tomb after tomb, using his abundance of mana for his every whim. (You may change this later in character creation if you need to).

In addition, please provide the following:

3. Normal Posting Schedule. Just give me an idea of when and how often you post your replies to RPoL. I will expect a a serious effort and commitment towards this game. People quitting ruins games. Do not apply if you cannot play in a month.

4. Sample writing of something your character might do. Please keep it no more than a couple paragraphs (but at least one, this is just to get a feel for your writing style).

Rules of Posting

1: When in conflict (battle or other types) please do not overstate your actions. Your magic goes a long way. I hope players get a nice feel for the power of their spells pretty fast. Any actions you preform are generally considered "tries", but as the GM I will try to go with the flow as much as possible and will not fight you on trivial points.

2: Keep IC pretty much at all time. This is a competition game where players are eliminated from the game, there is an OOC, but never disclose any game-related info in it. If you have inquires about rules, send it publicly that way everyone has clarity (though many things will simply be asked to solved ICly).

3: Announce all planned vacations well before they happen, and the GM and you can work something out.

4: If you are discussing non-game related material in the OOC please be civil.

5: Fade to black in all sexual situations, though they are not disallowed.

6: Be sure to follow all RPoL.net rules on posting.

7: Have fun :) Try not to die.

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