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RP: The World of Sumani
On a tiny island nondescript island on the raging seas the locals call Skypoint the Fortress Tower sits settled on a hill near the center of the isle. Completely made of blackstone, the tower appears to be several small builds, but is in fact one large building with connections under the apparent ground. The Fortress Tower, as it is called is situated in a high series of round low-laying turrets with what appear to be a couple motors and cannons situated on them. There is a wall that separates the defense bodies from the rest of the world, and a courtyard that is untamed and wild with small shrubs and trees. It seems that the outside of this tower is not maintained by whatever force controls it's innards. The main body towers high over everything else around and the top seems to be the perfect place for a lighthouse to broad cast the island existence, but emits nothing, and if often shrouded in clouds when rainy weather comes to the island. You are not alone on this island (as all land is quickly settled). There is a small fishing village of humans who have dared to risk living by your tower in exchange for a small patch of dry land. They have at least 1 sea-going vessel for trade with the nearest land, but for the most part rely on other vessels coming to visit their shore.

The island itself houses a few fresh water springs at the base of some hills more inland, and even a very carefully tended forest for wood. On the other side of the island from the village a reef and tide pools provides some opportunity for pearl, clams, and exotic fish. This reef extends quite some distance out in the shallows and sandbars, limiting access to the island to the village port or hopping up the cliff-sides. There is also a cavern system into some of the hills that let the villagers mine for stone, and even occasionally metal. They practice fishing locally and are able to herd sheep or goats, grow barely and vegetables in small patches, and keep a few pigs and chickens around, but the community is only a a few hundred sad souls who have to battle not only for survival but also the pirate raids that take visit them on occasion.