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2.0 Planes of Existence
2.0: Planes of Existence

Mystics and planosophists have long suspected that there are many more worlds than the one they inhabit, and that these worlds are connected by various means, physical and spiritual. Those harnessing true magical abilities have confirmed this, and common scholarship separates the planes into three categories. A wizard must be confident in his study of the worlds, and prepared to travel between them and traffick with their inhabitants if he is to have any hope of succeeding. The exploration, understanding and manipulation of alien worlds is often the greatest path to magical power.

The three categories of planes are:
Physical, Subtle, and Spiritual. Physical planes know as worlds are where mortal life endures.

2.01: The Subtle Planes

The Subtle Planes are those without conventional matter but which still influence the physical planes. The also hold intelligent - if not sentient - life, though it exists in ways entirely alien to mortal comprehension. Examples include the Ten Thousand Struggling Hells and the Stars of Silence, two major clusters of nonphysical planes which on rare occasions make their presence felt in the physical worlds

Knowledge of the Subtle Planes is very important for any hedge sorcerer, especially so for wizards. The existing powers of these spheres feast upon the peoples of these worlds and often relish manipulating and bringing doom to those who would bind them. This is not to say all extra-planar creatures are evil, but most are dangerous in the extreme.

More planes exist than can be known to any one mortal, all pulling and tugging at the invisible threads of reality, but there are several clusters of interconnected planes which are fairly well known.

The Ten Thousand Struggling Hells exist to corrupt and bring ruin to the civilizations of the world. They are anarchy and chaos and everything that cannot make sense about the world, and are home to those creatures known simply as 'demons'. Ten Thousand is an estimated number - there may be many more or significantly less in existence, but that is fairly irrelevant. All denizens of the Hells have several things in common: they can twist and change their forms, feast upon thoughts and emotions and can 'ride' mortals, subtly manipulating their actions. Demons often breed in the Physical Planes, laying their eggs in the minds of their prey. They are cold, cunning creatures who, when forced to manifest physically - an act they tend to despise - are fearsome and anathemic to life itself. There is no such thing as a minor demon.

The Ten Thousand Struggling Hells contain not only every personal hell of each mortal culture on the Physical Planes - such as the Palace of Colours known to the parrakat - but also many hells powerful enough to be feared in both worlds. The Howling Inferno, the fiery pit where insect devils scheme and clash across a landscape of ash and chitin, is commonly known. As is the Black Sea, a silent ocean where quiet, terrible things lurk and sunken monsters dream. They are often more than happy to work with the wizard - for a price.

If the Hells themselves reflect mortality's obsession with abandoned chaos and the fictions of reality, the Stars of Silence exist only to reflect greater truth and order. They have been called angels - but more accurately should be called archons. They care little for the humanity itself, desiring only to right wrongs - as their alien minds see them - and correct mistakes. They can be bargained with, if the wizard is clever enough. They can - perhaps - even be tricked. The archons themselves never wish to be called, unlike demons, never seek it, but they will come if asked in the proper manner.

Because of mortals' reluctance - demons practically gag at the opportunity to enter our world - the knowledge of summoning and binding these creatures is coveted and rare. Just know there is no such thing as minor Demon. Archons disregard most sorcery, easily swim through light and time, and are typically above petty revenge and destruction. Their nature differs from star to star as do their appearances and abilities. The manticora of the Thrice-Headed Star manifest as great creatures with three heads (that of a dragon, a human king and a salamander), the body of a lion, the wings of a bat and the tail of a scorpion. The amphitere of the Rubric-Bound Star manifests as a great snake with eyes of ruby, the wings of a butterfly and possessing all of the languages ever known.

Those are the two most common clusters of Subtle Planes - many more exist, but their impact on the Physical Planes is lesser known. The wizard seeking power would do worse than to consider calling upon them.

2.02: The Spiritual Planes

The Spiritual Planes are more theoretical, spoken of mostly by philosophers and sorcerer-mystics,though they have some relevance to the Art of Wizardry. These planes act as rivers of power for the others, the point of the utter abstract, filling our worlds with their strangeness and light. It is from these planes that, it is thought, magic is drawn in exchange for Mana. They are more mathematical and philosophical notions, however, important only to scholars and planosophists. Still - the theory is important to wizards, for an understanding of how their magic works is important for mastering the underlying fabric of reality. The force which draws power from the Spiritual Planes, runs them through the Subtle, and finally brings them to the Physical is known as the Exchange. Mana is thought to be small pieces of the Fires of Creation, and that using Mana one is reaching through the Mana all the way back to the Source and then directing it through their will into the Magic they know, doing this though causes the destruction of the Mana used.

2.03: Physical Planes

For now there are up to six Physical Worlds known to the game. The Physical aspects of the worlds give way to the general systems of life that most humans know, at least in some familiar way that is never truly "home". The planar concepts of these worlds though are within the Aether. The Aether is a void of non-existence, which petty minds might perceive as "space", and yet is the cradle of all Planes. Worlds, even those unseen in the night sky, have a gravity between them as they pass through the Aether, pulling along their own subtle Planes. Their own heavens and hells and their own elemental planes. Sometimes these worlds can pull on one another... and when this happens, the outcome is always a single world ... or none at all.

A world can only give birth to a single Wizard at any time and usually only when in close proximity of another world (something to do with the mysterious Alignment of Existence). In this scenario, up to 6 worlds have come into range and there is no escaping it. At least 5 worlds will die, and even if there is a surviving world it will never be the same. It is up to their Wizard to determine if their world is worth saving... for only he can save it. If a Wizard is destroyed, and their Black Tower crumbles, then their world shall soon crumble as well.

At the start of the game the players will be able to choose 1 world out of the possible 9 on a first come first serve basis. (To be fair, Traits are chosen in reverse order). A Wizard is born with knowledge of all the details expressed in all 9 of these worlds here. They know which worlds are in proximity to which.

Here us a list of the possible worlds:

(The following portion is game specific, though perhaps some of it can be "canonical". And you may recognize some of these worlds, but remember every rebirth of a world is different. Don't expect all the same events just because the setting is similar.)

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Re: 2.0: Planes of Existence
2.04: Sumani

Concept & History:

Sumani was once a proud, shining world, consisting of two continents filled with the gamut of civilizations, nations, city-states and fiefdoms. It was a world of high adventure and incredible danger, great magic (as sorcery came easily to many of the races, especially humanity) and incredible science. Its scholars had studied the nature of the planes and begun to successfully craft bridges between Sumani and their neighbour-plane when everything went wrong.

It was this act of hubris - the creation of interplanar portals - that attracted the attention of the Coil. The Coil, a dark god from the furthest reaches of the universe (some say the highest demon in the Black Sea, or a leviathan-creature drawn from elsewhere), wormed its way in through one of the portals and began gathering its power. Soon, it had enslaved the proud parrakat race and had brought a cataclysmic war to Sumani the likes of which hadn't seen since the bloodiest days of its early history.

Humanity's various nations, empires, fiefdoms and city-states banded together and fought as one against the influence of the Coil, and the various other races able to escape the Coil's influence did the same. Almost a century of war followed, but eventually the greatest free heroes of the world, aided by the sympathetic  poet-king of the parrakat, were able not to destroy it - it is believed that the Coil can never be destroyed - but to banish it in a prison outside of existence.

The peoples of Sumani, finally, rejoiced - but not for long.

The Coil raged against his prison, and as he did the oceans raged against the land, swollen with the fury of the Coil. In barely a year entire civilizations were lost to the sea and barely ten men in a thousand remained. The imbalance of the sea drove the skies mad, and storms wracked the world. The moon disappeared. Both continents vanished beneath broiling seas and only scattered archipelagos remained.


-Humanity, stalwart, stubborn and as prosperous as they can be. Their natural aptitude for sorcery has helped them a little towards recovery, but many of their various seafaring cultures have developed a stigma towards the practice.

-Parrakati, swift, mercantile and deeply ashamed of their involvement with the Coil. The parrakat possess feathered, humanoid bodies, parrot-like heads and incredible skill at sailing and navigation. They have limited shapeshifting abilities and their own shamanic practices, though powerful, are irrevocably bound to the Coil, another shame. They mark a man in scars and have a sense for gold. They are most often found as pirates, buccaneers and rogue traders on the seas.

-The Krakenate are spawn of the great creature known as the Kraken - big enough to eat the sun - and were without will or individuality for most of their existence, acting only as faceless servants of the Kraken. When the Kraken left Sumani at the advent of the Coil, the Krakenate, while retaining telepathy and a certain hive-mind sensibility, have slowly developed personality and free will. They're able to live in salt water and on land and have a caste function dependent on the original designs of the Kraken. They cannot procreate, but despite this have put their thoughts towards constructing a vast empire, with the ultimate goal being prosperity and the ability to propagate their race. They are despised by the parrakat and humanity, for their differences, grotesqueness, and slaver nature, but are attempting to make some amends on official channels.

Various other remnants exist, but they are extraordinarily rare. The only other creatures of note, though their sentience is debatable, are the Submerged, blackhearted creatures claimed by the sea whose deeds are as foul as their purpose is unknown.


Peaks of Atheroes
While no single large land-mass exists any more. These many dozens of islands are all in viewing distance of one another. Their name pre-dates the Coil's Tide, and was perhaps the first real refuge for humans. Since then it has becomes the center of all land-bases activity in the world such as farming and has become a hub of commerce port to many ships.

Katrina Seas
These seas are defined by the eternal storm that rages above them. There are island chains with them which most consider deserted. Ships avoid them when possible as even on a good day non-raining the waves and winds of this hurricane are unforgiving. It's been said that on an island there lie the greatest treasures ever found by the King Pirate Blue Beak.

The Great Turtle Lion
This creature of the world saw the Coil's destruction and took pity upon humanity and upon his back saved all the ancestors of todays humans. Or so the cult that lives upon his back would say. It is unknown if this moving island is sentient or not, but that hasn't stopped a brave group from attempting to live on his enormous shell, which ironically might be the largest "land mass" left in the world. Every once in a while the turtle has been known to submerge... but still the cult there remains.

This was one of the largest cities known to all the races before the coil. Now it is deep under the waves, inhabited by none. Delvers will sometimes attempt to reclaim treasures from it's this tomb of the past. While this city is within the boarders of the Krakenate Empire, they almost never go there. But then most who explore it's depths never return.

The Krakenate Empire
A massive region of ocean which contains dozens of island (all some distance apart). But majority of the Krakenate live in the shallows beneath the waves. Often the lands above are home to human and parrakiti slaves. The Krakenate use no ships, but instead have tamed massive sea creatures that patrol their oceans and destroy any ships they see, taking their crew as slaves. They will sometimes make raiding parties on to islands outside their lands... but then they don't claim the lands, but the sea itself.

Other lands
Small island within the ocean are commonly spread, with others not too far over the horizon. Mapping the seas are horrible difficult. The sun shifts it's course and the stars move wildly through the sky. It's another adventure every time one sails out.

Forms of Mana
Booty: Mana was plentiful the days of past. Plentiful and understood by men of science and magic. It was infused into gems and metals to make them luster and shine. It was fused into objects to make them timeless and tough. It is how a delver can go 500 feet below slightly salted water and pull up metals, fur, even paper unruined by the hands of water or time. Pulling mana from these treasures though will cause it to crumble, and often these things are worth quite a lot of from the world above. There are even magical items still teeming with Mana down there if they can be found. Or perhaps... just take it from those who have already found it.

Power-Gens: Mana was used as a power-source in the past. These power generators used a combination of magic, alchemy, and science in large machines to produce energy. Heat, Electricity, Cool air, even water or plastics were creating. These Power-Gens are now nonreactive, their unprotected parts rotted in the ocean depths, their magical energies stripped away... but the Mana remains. These chambers of useless (and radioactive) material to the surface are literally vaults of Mana for a Wizard to find!

Possible Foci:
The Katrina Seas have an eternal storm around them. Not really a natural phenomenon, and could be a call sign of massive and powerful Foci at work.
Black Seas Gate is a Maelstrom that appears out of nowhere at random times, in seemingly random locations Not to be confused with a Tubeworm, this thing is 10 times as large, So large a ship might not even know they were caught before it's to late. It's said it can swallow islands (despite their connection to the land under them). It may be a natural portal to the Hell of this world, but it is guaranteed to be natural source of Mana non the less.
The Misty Island of Jengum is another possible source, if it's real. It said you can only find this place when your lost and the mists of the ocean cover your ship. No one has every reported landing on the island of high cliffs, and those who have "seen" it were often drunken nightmen on a ship.

As a wizard of Sumani you begin with your Wizard's Tower on a tiny island on the raging seas. You are not alone on this island (as all land is quickly settled). There is a small fishing village of humans who have dared to risk living by your tower in exchange for a small patch of dry land. They have at least 1 sea-going vessel for trade with the nearest land.
Magic in Sumani is wild and deeply mysterious, often found in the bottom of seas or on islands unknown. Sunken treasures and cryptic ruins exist everywhere, and while the sentient population is small there is an abundance of sealife, most of it terrifying and a lot of it huge. Terrifyingly huge creatures stalk the deep, some with magic of their own. Wizards should not be scared to get wet.

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Re: 2.0: Planes of Existence
2.05: Kthonia

Concept and History:

An event shrouded in mythology and mystery lore known as the Affliction of Iron came from the skies and made much of the Above uninhabitable. The details are occulted by misinformation and religious dogma. Regardless, Kthonia had a thriving under-world that was very quickly colonized by the Above races, and the entrances to the Below were forever sealed. Now, thousands of years later, the plane exists of millions of tunnels, chambers, caverns and caves supporting a population of several million.

The Above, incidentally, has long been lost. It is a common belief that it never existed at all, or exists only as a religious metaphor. The mystery cult known as the Conclave believes that if they ever reach the Above - they are constantly charged with digging and exploration - they will be able to face the Affliction of Iron in revelatory combat and, if they win, will achieve apotheosis and become gods. Worryingly (for some) they are becoming one of the stronger power blocs in Kthonia, having claimed several cities as their own.

Illumination, while an issue in many areas of Kthonia, is quite common in various places. Many crystals give natural light, though domesticated light-fungi is by far the most common - entire cities, covered in mushrooms, are lit using this method (and the fungi are fueled by human waste, which removes the need for sewer systems in many cities). In some places, solarics composed of living gas and bound by their own alien codes of duty light the sky, effectively living suns. In other, more frightening places, enormous brilliance-leviathans - flying creatures somewhere between a dragon, a whale, a spider, a squid and a praying mantis - roam the caverns, deadlier (and brighter) than anything in their path. Heat is a more common issue, though again, there are a variety of tools the civilized races use to combat it.

Obviously, it's not all wet, damp and cold - the nature of the Below is eclectic and varied. Glowing Mushroom Forests are a replacement for wood. Deserts exist in places where moisture is rare, most commonly in solaric territory. Jungles are more common than you'd expect, having their own strange weather patterns (potentially controlled by ancient relics), the natural home of the Salisk. Forests exist, too, and great underground seas and lakes. If it was once found Above, chances are there is something similar Below...


-Humanity, typical as ever, have adapted quite well underground, mostly by sticking to the warmer caverns, mastering the art of making fire in a confined space and by perfecting the botanical arts (including integrating fungi and various poisonous flora). War between human cities is very common, if not for the resources of survival than for slaves to work in the mines and tunnel-roads.

-Salisks are a winged serpentine race that claim to be the original masters of the under-world, a fact which is supported by considerable evidence. They have a huge cultural focus on history and storytelling but revere puzzles and riddles above all else. Their logicians are their most influential members of society and they often commit themselves to riddle-duels to the death. They have two sprawling cities near the Inner Caves, Asilizc and First Temple. They often breed various other reptilian races to serve them: raptors, pterodactyls, and the like.

-Aranea were awakened from their aeons-long sleep when human miners accidentally carved their way into the ancient aranea empire. They are hunched, arachnid-like folk with an amazing aptitude towards their twin arts of assassination and sorcery. They also claim to be the original rulers of the under-world, but as they have not not actively ruled it in longer than anyone can remember, many still consider the salisk rightful bearers of that title. They eat dreams in order to survive and can hide within the skin of other beasts. An aranea female, when pregnant, will wait until she is killed and then, upon her death, will release thousands of tiny venomous children to bring swift death to her killer.

Various other remnants exist, but are usually overlooked in the darkness.

The Inner Caves
A vast region of twisted and connecting massive caverns which ceiling reach hundreds of feet high or more. Occasional mammoth columns are a sources of flowing fresh water and you will often see cities circled around their base. Generally all human life exists here, and certainly all civilized populations. Glowing Forests are more common here than anywhere else.

The largest Human city within the Inner Caves built into and between it's main column and other large stalagmites that have been turned into both watchtowers and watertowers. Gronden has been ruled by the Gronden Clan since it's settling at the dusk of the Above. As such it's a hotbet for the Conclave cult activities (despite their illegality there). Trade, Commerce, Military, and Magic all flow through here as the largest Hub in the Inner Caves

Silverleaf Jungles
The home of the Salisks and a few human settlements, the Silverleaf Jungles are named aptly, because a "leaf" can be seen. It does not "glow" to provide light around it, but no matter how dark it is, the leaf can be seen in full spectrum... light grey in most case. This causes the Silverleaf Jungle to be a wild thing to walk through as it contrasts the leaves with pitch black of the world.

These systems of twisted caves, small caverns, and tunnels connect the Inner Cavers, Silver Jungles, and the Desert of Hands. Uncontrollable and wild, it's a mixing pot for all thing that creep, crawl, and live in Kthnonia. Often creatures and beasts make their homes preying on the lost and curious. Areas not crazily dangerous are lightly populated by those on the fringes of society, various border villages at the back end of a tunnel, and the like. Many a warlord has carved a tiny empire out there.

The Desert of Hands
This is perhaps the most mind boggling place in Kthonia. Wild solarics dance above bright and hot in the desert "day", and when they dim the "night" turns deathly freezing. Named for the literal stone "hands" that can be found there uncovered and buried by the winds that carry the sands. Its a horrible place inhabited by horrible ruins, which might contain treasures yet unreached.

The Black Reaches
The Mostly unexplored area beyond the Desert of Hands. The city of Freetown was founded there and quiet successfully expanded, that is before they had awoken the Aranea. Now no more caravans from Freetown cross the Desert of Hands to trade with the Inner Circle. It is said that any true treasures to be found, like the old stories of hidden temples or lost civilization. After all if the Aranea, an ancient race, could be found still alive out there... what else might be found.

Forms of Mana:

Star Stones: Aptly named, these crystals glow extremely bright and give off a precious warmth like a fire without the burn even upon touch. Highly treasured by any in the lands, only most so by wizards. Star Stones of various sizes are mined for anywhere that a civilization might think to find any. Often this is the highest form of currency between kingdoms. Rarer still are massive gems that have been turned into powerful magical artifacts.

Flowers: Flowers don't exist in the Underdark. At least not naturally. Flowers found here exist entirely because they are chalked full of Mana. Some glow, or make a noise, other don't, but ALL are extremely useful even without the Mana within. Taking the mana out will cause the flowers to wither, but with the mana inside of the flower often can be used in incredibly potent alchemical mixtures. Finding a flower would be incredibly rare sight indeed. But the potential to "grow" mana would be a huge benefit to a Wizard.

Possible Foci:

The Graveyard is a region in the Desert of Hands which holds what is said the be the bones of a titan. Huge ivory curved ivory towers, jutting white rocks, large cracked plates dot this area. All who enter feel the pressure of power from this ancient dead god. While his remains might be decayed to bone and stone, perhaps there is a core of untapped Mana to be found there.
The Above is it a metaphor? An actual place? Is there really a monstrous beasts, god, or plague known as the Affliction of Iron guarding it. In any case, a Wizard can read between the lines studying hundreds and thousands of text on the subject. The Above, whatever it is, is a massive source of Mana that would set him a head above all the rest.

As a wizard of Kthonia you will begin the game in your wizard's tower somewhere in a safer portion of the Intermediary. Magic in Kthonia is often subtle and treacherous, likely to turn on its master at any provocation, and is often found in the tombs of long-dead gods or at site of forgotten seas. This plane is closer to the influence of the Subtle Planes, and as such, many areas of the Intermediary are claimed by the demons of the Howling Inferno, and demonic corruption is rife amongst the settlements of the sentient races. Conjuration is easier - and riskier. Anything can be found in the darkness, as most never wander further than their relatively safe havens in the Inner Caves, and so the propensity for risk and reward is huge.

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Re: 2.0: Planes of Existence
2.06: Titan
TAKEN BY Azazel Vos Drago

Other helpful images:

Concept and History

Thousands of years ago a race known as the Vox would purposely invade other worlds. Great treasures of a hundred worlds were taken into Titan and the Vox were considered to be one of the mightiest in the universe, considered gods by other mortals. Hubris ended the Vox and tore their homeworld of Titan apart from the inside. Titan survives, but the Vox have not. The current occupying races were the servants and slaves of the Vox, captured from their conquests so long ago.

In Titan the sky is both above and below. Somewhere between asteroids and floating moutains, the earth of Titan now exisits in long winding belts of floating islands. In the distance huge Cloudmakers belt up clouds from the Eternal Storm below like ever erupting volcanoes. Gravity is still in full effect here. Run off the edge, or have your vessel blown to pieces and you are doomed to fall, at least until you are ripped to shreds by the eternal storm below. Skymetal Ore is what keeps the land from falling, a magnificent metal who's gravitational and magnetic properties are eerie yet thoroughly exploited. Over-mining for Skymetal ore can cause the entire Island to being to fall. The inhabited belts are often connected with long rope or chains bridges. Winds create the seasons, measured by it's direction, "north" is simply the center of the Cold winds. Cloud collectors and windmills can be seen as a staple of human existence, as majority of all water is in cloud form and wind is the only real source of mechanical and electrical power available.

While most life parish in the cataclysm that ended the Vox, flora and fauna adapted most elegantly to there situation. Birds are the true inheritors of this world, as the Giant Roc can attest, and plants are much more mobile to spreading their seed around with the swirling winds. Where humans use ropes and chains natural Tubevine will often stretch out between the various islands even smaller animals to cross. Most of the Vox treasures and history has been consumed by the eternal storm below, but ruins can be encountered in any of the belts. Humans and Draken generally leave these alone out of fear or respect while Buggers build through whatever they can.


-Humans were taken to Titan by the Vox as a slave workforce, they have proven not only resilient but damn lucky. Their memories are short, and they only know Titan as it is now. This hasn't stopped them from spreading out among various belts. Their ingenuity and hard labor force has let them use Skymetal in a great many ways. Other than the occasional Vox cult or Wind Mage their dabbling in magic is poor.

-Drakken were used as shock flying shock troops for the Vox armies. There mentality as the Vox as Gods persists, and their version of history sees the Vox as ascending rather than being defeated. They have no use for Skymetal as they can soar through the air themselves. They have many tribes scattered between belts, which war with Humans, Buggers, and other tribes often simply for shows of force or because of religious zeal.

-Buggers are hive-minded creatures with a multitude of many different hives. They have many cast types, most seen are with insect like wings. Buggers burrow into the floating mountains turning it into a hive. Each drone is mindless on it's own, and communication between the other races is impossible without a Human Mind Mage or Drakken Shaman to mediate. Their only goals in life are to survive and spread. Their utter lack of "humanoid" mindset of the individual often leads to them killing on a whim with still maintaining they did no more harm than a small bump. In turn, a Hive will often take no offense for the death of even dozen of drones.


Goliath Roadway
This is the largest belt twisting around into almost all other. Often considered neutral territory and a hotbed for mining excavations, hidden Vox structures, rouge Drakken, human brigands, even the occasional feral Buggers. If there is anything to be found in this world, the Goliath Roadway will have it. In travel between other belts, Vessels or Flyers will often soar above or next to the belt rather than risk going through it.

Republic of Augior
This belt of islands are where Majority of humans live. It's a fertile belt with mountains large enough and with deep enough solid that entire towns are built upon them. Each single island is often ruled by a Airistocrat. The largest island Augior is the Republic Palace exist under their collective rule. Their in-fighting often stagnates their unified growth, but private ventures of humans often get the job done in their place.

Central Hive Cluster
On the farther side o the Goliath belt (but by no means the end) is belt that sores directly upward. These "large rocks" are almost barren of all vegetation, but around them can be seen every form of Bugger buzzing about dozen to 20 different hives there. Human Vessels and Drakken would do well to stay clear of this region.

The Kiln
Not all of Titan's floating Mountains are small bits of paradise. In a belt all together alone and unattached from the Goliath Roadway is the Kiln. This region is considered "South" as it's the source of the hot windy season. From here the Cloudmaker Summerstorm is quite close, too close for it to rain down upon the Moutains of Kiln. So the Kiln is hot and drier than most other mountains. These proverbial deserts mountains make the cold blooded Drakken quite comfortable. and majority of all Tribes live here. The Kiln is also home to a massive Vox Blade. A huge floating ring of unknown purpose left over from the Vox.

Forms of Mana:
Skymetal: The most common and abundant source is Skymetal. While in a solid state it is nearly impossible to extract any useful Mana, but in a melted liquid state it is incredibly easy. The problem faced with this is that Skymetal is central to the existence of Titan. But then a wizard who doesn't consider this place home can easily see this entire world as proverbial goldmine of Mana.

Vox Magic: The Vox must have been incredibly powerful because instead of their magic "using Mana" they used Mana IN their magic. This technique, in turn, has left many leftover magical residues as a nice cashe of Mana for any wizard exploring. Often the Magical forces are still active and doing something, especially within Vox ruins. Others can be found in the middle of the sky, whatever they were area they were cast over long since fallen below.

Possible Foci:
Cloudmakers shoot massive quantities of moisture of various temperatures into the air. They might also contain the makings of small magical cloud factories, in which case these might well be considered Foci in their own right. And there is sure a lot of them around Titan, though quite spread out.

The Eternal Storm is a massive ultimate source of destruction, perhaps even the destruction of the Vox. A Wizard that can imagine tapping even into a fraction of that power would be tempted indeed. But then, it's waves of obliterating power have claimed all lives it has be in contact with, including the rest of this world.

As a wizard of Titan you begin with your Wizard's Tower on a lone hidden "rock" of a island deep in the mists of the Goliath Belt. Magic of Titan is deeply entrenched in all aspects of life, and it seems to be everywhere. But it seem that this worlds existence relies on that magic, else it would literally fall out of the sky. The mysteries and Relics of the Vox will certainly have a great impact on anything done in this world.

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Re: 2.0: Planes of Existence
2.07: Savage
TAKEN BY Queen Titania

Concept and History:

Everything in Savage wants to kill you and eat you. Life is abundant to the extreme here. While majority of Savage is a jungle due to the extremity of planet life other terrains exists including wide savannas and polar arctics, but you will find no place undisturbed by some form of plant life (usually toxic or toothed) and animal life (generally large and hungry).

History in Savage would be non-existent if it weren't for the long memories of Trees. The very oldest remember a time when Savage was called Paradise, and the gods walked peacefully among them. These gods tended to the various aspects of this world in harmony. Then Lord Vile God of Decay killed the Goddess of Trees, starting a war between the gods. Civilizations were bred and raised many gods as fuel for their power struggles. The gods sent their children down to the earth as great monstrosities to wreak havoc with each others plans. Before the world was ripped apart by the ensuing wars, the Trees performed the Ritual of Closing. This sealed the gods away from the world.

Some gods were trapped inside Savage, but cut from their divine realm they found their mortality terrifying, and to this day most hide in their long forgotten temples.

Humans- In a change of pace, humans are at the bottom of the food chain. Their tribal almost prehistoric nature has afforded them a survival rate by gather what plant food won't eat them, setting traps for the smaller fiendish animals here, and staying mobile and very very hidden. The Goddess of Night has blessed Humans with quite the knack of keeping out of the way of large toothed creatures. This though, doesn't stop all of them from getting gobbled up occasionally.

Trees- For a sentient race, this is a first. They don't walk, they don't mine the earth, or learn sciences. But once a Tree has matured to a fully grown past somewhere in the 100 foot mark and lived for about 20 years or so, they begin to awaken into full sentience. All that time though there were not idle, often trees around them speak to them as they grow, teaching them all they might need to know for a newly awakened "sapling". Trees grow as long as their alive, and the oldest trees are know to be entire small ecosystems to themselves reaching well past 500 feet and a quarter that wide. Tress are extremely practiced at their forms of petty magics and while they are rooted in place, their branches, roots, leaves, vines, and other floral organs can move enough to cause anything they don't like a bad day. Not to mention they are able to produce toxins as deadly as any other plant here. Their social structure is extremely odd as they form no community beyond the trees close to them, and since they don't move, relationships for good or bad are for life.

Other Sentient Races- Unlike other worlds, there are Dozens of sentient races in Savage. More races evolve, come, and go faster in a 100 years on savage than any other world. Many of these races are responsible for what ruins anyone comes across, and none survive without full dedication of one god or another.

Mother Tree
Mother Tree is a Tree so large it's not just a person but a place, and maybe a god, but the Goddess of Trees is was killed. The Mother Tree has long ago ceased talking, to anyone, yet she is very much alive. The Mother Tree supports massive ecosystem, and even a tribe of sentient beings safe in her branches. The Mother Tree is so large that it takes many days just to walk around it's trunk. Some say that the Mother Tree hides the body of the Goddess of Trees, in her roots.

Mountains of Madness
These Mountains are home of some of the most terrifying creatures known to Savage. The Mounts are constantly covered in a thin shroud of mist or clouds. The name comes from the fact that the Trees here are insane. Nothing coherent from them is every heard. Some ramble on about the abundance of Megabeasts here. Others occasionally mention that a city of gods exists hidden in the mists.

The Violent Garden
This jungle is a constant hotbed of animal activity at all hours of the day. Just taking a stroll through it means risking you life. The Trees tend to grow on top of anything they can here with no regards, so it is not hard to find they have taken over what used to be a city for a ancient civilization or even a currently occupied one (in their infancy they are often as invasive as those that would cut them down). It is here that you can find the old temples of dead or sleeping gods. Though no cave or ruin has not been occupied by some creature or another.

Blue Wall
On the hills between the Violent Gardens and Savannah Blue wall is the only known human permanent civilization. Often tribes make a rotation here at least once a year to trade. Protected by a blue stone wall 15 meters high on top of a hill. It quite obvious these primitive humans were not it's creators, but were more than happy to have a place of protection. The walls and archers on them keep most predators out while most humans there farm what they can from the fields behind it. Made from the same blue stone are the buildings of a small town, including a pyramid of stone steps. The pyramid has no entrance, but the village medicine men often gather at the top on moonless nights to pay homage to the Goddess of Night.

Usim Savannah
To animals and people this area is still full of life and wonder. Herds of wild buffalo, elephants, and many many others roam and graze on the grasslands. Trees find life here to be harsh, and to them this might as well be a desert as they are far and few between here. Still those that do survive often become great and fat Baobab trees.

World's End
The Ocean is thought to wrap around all land, and then simply fall off the edge of the world. While no tree civilization really knows if this is true (Trees don't swim) they can tell you that they have heard of a horrible land known as World's End. Here no Tree survives, but there is ice and animals everywhere. It is said that there are mountains there that end in literal Cliffs. While its a mystery, even to the trees what is out there, it would defiantly be an exciting new adventure.

Forms of Mana
Megabeasts: These aren't just any large creatures or animals. Megabeasts are gigantic creatures who's very footsteps make the ground quake. Some say these are children of the gods sent down to this world as agents of their destructive war. Megabeasts often stake claim in of an area, and then spend majority of their years in slumber or hiding. When other Megabeasts get near, the clash of titans often leave a devastated land. The surviving Megabeast will then eat a considerable part of the loser and in turn evolve into something even more horrible. Killing a Megabeast is no easy feat, but upon it's death the Mana flows within it's body can be accessed and extracted. The bigger the beast the bigger the reward.

Bones: On the Ritual of Closing many gods were helplessly sealed on the world of Savage. This proved deadly for majority of them. Godly remains of any sort are generally chalked full of Mana. Mortals are often drawn to such remains so they don't stay hidden for long usually. Often they are broken apart at the joints. These Bone pieces are usually used as "Charms" to various wisemen, others are mistakenly worshiped as totem (as mortals sense some form of divinity in them).

Possible Foci:
Surviving gods of the Ritual of Closing decided that waiting it out would be safest. They crawled into the safety of their temples and put themselves into a deep deathlike slumber. In this state it is possible for the clever Wizard to leech Mana from them without waking them.
Trees have a legend of the Waters of Light. Of course since Trees don't go around looking for stuff, this is all talk and rumor. But should it prove true there is a mystical natural fountain that is said to let any who drink from it to become empowered and to walk like the gods for a time. To the Wizard, this sounds like a powerful Foci.
Gods are currently closed off from Savage. If the Ritual of Closing was somehow reversed, some of them might be thankful, perhaps enough that they might share their power with a Wizard.

As a wizard of Savage you begin with your Wizard's Tower hidden deep within the Violent Garden. The Trees have given your Tower a wide birth and provided a clearing around it. In this clearing there is currently a small Imp tribe, though they will likely be dead in a few years. Magic in Savage is harsh and painful. Spirits seem to be everywhere, but Conjuration extremely limited here (The Ritual of Closing sees to that). Any magic involving biological change is much easier here, as if something in the air makes everything evolve and change easier. Remember though that this world is incredible Wild and while you might feel alone at times... remember even the Trees are alive.

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Re: 2.0 Planes of Existence
2.08 Skarr
TAKEN BY Glinora Mencius

Concept and History:

To human eyes the world of Skarr is in space, or at least was at some point. It was simply a moon of a gas giant a rare form of Binary star system. Skarr's gas giant is still in the sky, but where the larger of the two stars was is now a massive black hole called Hunger. The smaller blue star is all that the surface has to call "Day" now. Skarr is ripe with many minerals, including a very reactive and usable Mana form called Dust. The surface of Skarr is almost completely devoid of native life thanks to the collapse of one of it's suns. The Horde is the only remaining native lifeforms here, adapted to consume Dust, perhaps all life before was the Horde, but now only the Dust-eating variants survive. Greys were interdimensional travelers, who could travel between World in the Aether with only their minds. The sudden appearance of Hunger has trapped them here. The humans similarly are trapped here, marooned to this world by the black hole 10 generations ago. The humans of Skarr were trapped here many centuries ago when their Starship crash landed on this planet. The colony ship was badly damaged and the Horde's attacks made a move necessary. Quickly disassembled all they could the survivors to create the the great Dome City, simply named called Alpha Site. After their situations was stabilized, the observation of the Horde's Dust collection and the meeting the Grey and their multidimensional technology, the Human Scientists quickly developed a few theoretical way to escape Skarr. Growing tensions between the miners risking their lives away from Alpha Site and the cushy politicians lead to rebellion. Combined with a wave of Horde activity, the humans suffered greatly. Generations later, the humans are still trying to pick up the pieces in a race to leave the planet.

While humans have set up terraforming centers around the planet, the terrain is still mostly deadly and barren. The soil is rocky and hard, splintered and canyoned by the frequent tectonic shifts of the planet. The atmosphere is thick and generally non-toxic, but still unbreathable to humans. Volcano's are are common sight, though their eruptions are weak and quite quickly.

Skarr is a doomed world, it will only be a few more generations before the blue star begins to be absorbed and the World of Skarr itself ripped and consumed by the menace of the sky. Cosmologically the Black Hole called Hunger is a Subtle Plane of utter destruction. This means as the World collide, even if Skar does not, Hunger will simply move to another world and ultimately destroy it. It is quite possible for Hunger to consume all worlds without any intervention of the Wizards, or at least the last remaining one.


Humans- Humans are technologically advanced here, with a booming social structure. Most humans live in the habitable parts of Alpha Site, but there are still a good many small villages anywhere there are resources to be found or soil that can grow human crops. There is still a lot of tension between the Alpha Site militants and the Miners' Army, but trade is beneficial to all. Some humans attribute their past troubles on Skarr to the manipulative Grey, while others follow them and their ways like religious. All sane humans curse the Horde, but there are whispers of humans that have traffic with them, perhaps even a cult of worship.

Grey- Physically the Grey appear very fragile. Their tall slender sexless bodies, large heads and unblinking black eyes are the stuff of human nightmares. While they have a mouth and nose, they do not speak. Every Grey is a powerful psychic, and what they lack in physical strength, their minds can do 3 times over. They speak directly into the minds of others and have the ability to lift very heavy things with their mind if they concentrate. They are even rumored to be able to shift their location with just a thought. The Grey on Skarr claim they were interdimensional travelers studying this world before the Hunger swallowed itself and blocked all passage out of this world. The Grey's use of Dust to enhance their abilities is what first allowed humans to see it as a means of escape. The Grey claim they rely on the humans success of this technology as much as any human does, but then it is strange that the Grey are so secretive, and why you don't ever see them getting dirty mining for Dust or fighting of waves of Horde.

The Horde- The Horde is a single superorganism of all what is left of native life on this planet. The Horde has no known central mind, nor is it a hive of creatures. Each part of the Horde is it's own unique animal/plant/fungi thing... (truely humans have yet to figure out what kingdom they would belong in) and each with it's own mind (even their plant-structures have a sort of brain). Every creature or plant within the Horde all share the same DNA-like structure. The Horde creatures will behave much like any other ecosystem when left alone. Large budding stalks or a carpet of slime-moss soak up radiation, heat, and dust from the surface. Herbivores eat the plants, and the carnivores eat them, and so forth... but then without warning suddenly the entire super-species will become hostile and suddenly every form of creature is invading a village killing and destroying everything in their path. The one consistent cause of this Horde rampage is Dust. They are attracted to it like bugs to sugar, and if the Horde ever gets a whiff they will quickly rampage through anything to get at it no matter how many die in the process.


Alpha Dome
A large human settlement, a large biodome was erected here. Under it is an entirely different world. Open air fields, grass, and trees. Non-toxic ponds and streams. Under this dome there are even blue skys and a shining yellow sun as the holo-pannels would suggest. On the outside it is just a black dome that absorbs as much solar radiation as it can. The population lives and works around the outer edges, both in open-buildings inside the dome, and enclosed apartments that form a ring around it on the outside. The outer ring also has many covered tracks that lead to dozens of smaller domes or flat-fields. Above the dome as a continuation of the central structure a tower emerges. Here are the hangers for hovercraft and dirigibles. Around the entire perimeter for miles there are towers armed with turrets that protect a 3 layer fence. While it may have been a miraculous sight at one point, now the towers stand alone and unpowered, the fence has gaping holes in it, outer-domes lay cracked open and abandoned, and rarely if ever do hovercraft fly out of the tower. Yet still humanities largest population lives here, just trying to scrape out what they can in this world.

Mine Point Theta
What used to be the largest mining operation in human history on Skarr is now the home the the largest Horde infestation. Many strip mines and tunnels were dug long before their Hordes lust for Dust was known. Where large containers of Dust once stood now grows a huge Horde Fungal-like mass. The entire area is a hot bed for the Horde and is avoided whenever possible. Still humans dare to attempt invasion occasionally. The area is still the largest Dust deposit known to Skarr and even if the Horde at all that, already the Mining-equipment left there was directly off the original colony ship. Now though the largest most advanced Horde forms can be seen here, including the dreaded giant Ultralisk. Some of the underground mines dug long ago breeches into natural tunnels created by Skarr's violent crust action after the appearance of the Hunger. In the depths of these mines it was said that a presence could be felt, something perhaps even more sinister than the Horde, as the Mines connecting to these caverns were long closed even before the Horde invasion.

Mt. Hades
Volcanic episodes and earthquakes are common on Skarr, but are usually brief, random episodes. Mt. Hades is the exception, in a collection of sharp spires, daunting cliffs and canyon lies a true active volcano. Mt. Hades is an angry things, spewing up ash and soot into the sky around it only adding to Skarr's toxicity. Rivers of lava rumble down from the mountain clumsily, often changing their course. Pits full of magma pushed up from the innards of Skarr hold a natural silicon lifeform whose territorial nature only adds to the danger of the area. This leaves the area untouched by Horde and Human alike. The solidified lava flows often leave new dust deposits with each eruption, but the gathering conditions are more than poor, its suicidal. Even the Grey shy away from the mountain stating that the entire thing is offensive to their minds.

The Landing
When Humans originally came to Skarr they did so in an enormous starship. The starship was never meant to land on a planet but instead orbit it and send down shuttles. It's crash landing here left swaths of a ship that was once miles long. Of course original settling point was near this ship, but the Landing was also humans first interaction with the Horde. The ship's AI was fractured many times over with the ship. Upon the arrival of humans cannibalizing its parts and the Horde attacks in search of Dust it decided that all living things were threats. Activating every security drone and factory it still had left it began to attack anything living within the Landing. Currently it is now a well fortified area, but with damaged and failing systems in the scattered and half buried ship the place has become a warzone. Each of the AI's components have begun to attack one another in attempts for more fuel or resources. It is only by the grace of the gods that it hasn't targeted existing human settlements.

Grey Sphere
Some Grey live among accepting humans settlements, but it is assumed (for the amount of grey is not known) that most of the Grey live in a enormous sphere hovering around Skarr's landscapes. The Sphere is mobile and often moves around for unknown reasons, but always far from Human settlements or Horde infested areas. Up close the Sphere appears to be made of extremely reflective metal. When the Grey wish to go somewhere individually it seems to  "drip" a piece of itself into a smaller sleeker ship which goes zipping above the landscape. The mobility makes it hard to find on the usual, but it's apparent ability to just appear noiselessly over night leads some to think it can actually teleport.

The Cragged Surface & Quakeland
Covering most of the unoccupide regions of Skarr the craged surface is more volatile than usual. Pits open up into the earth for no reason, miniatures volcanoes or acidic vents open up on a whim. Huge spires will rise from the ground only to fall back in an earthquake a month later. The instability in the region means Dust deposits rise and fall, but no permanent habitat can be built. The human settlement of Quakeland(Official designation as Settlement Gamma) is the closest to the Cragged Surface and as the boarder to the wilds and far from the influence and protection of Alpha Dome it has become a bit of a hub of anything in the Human or Grey society that doesn't quite fit in. A large part of the human rebellion started from this settlement and spread inwards to the other settlements, but even soon Quakeland disowned the leaders of that rebellion as they left it for better, safer, stable towns.

Forms of Mana:
Dust: Dust in itself seemed to be useless. It's non reactive and when refined through mining the rocks of Skarr leaves a soft golden substance irreplaceable by human synthesizers. It is know that the Grey can somehow use Dust to enhance their own abilities and for some reason the Horde can't seem to get enough of it (they actually eat the stuff, but lack efficient refining processes). Human's reason to gather it didn't develop until the theory of the Dust Engine became a valid thing. It was discovered that Dust had some latent potential to be a massive power source under the correct extreme conditions. These Dust Reactors quickly replaced or were integrated into the current energy-systems and Dust became the currency of all. Once the idea of using massive quantities of dust in the construction and usages of a new Startship to escape Skarr lead to the massive mining and storing the Humans did before the subsequent explosion of Horde invasions.

That's it. To a wizard Dust is the ultimate form of Mana in its purity and quantity on the surface. Mining it takes a lot of heavy machinery or slaves, refining it takes advanced technology or wierd alchemy or (for a wizard) a heavy-handed spell, but the result is pure and potent Mana.

Beware though. All Mana use in Skarr, as pure as it is... is halved. The strings of Magic that flow through the Aether from the Spiritual planes are twisted, even eaten by the Hunger long before they reach the world below.

Possible Foci:
Mad Gods still exist on Skarr. Despite the advanced technology of humans, socially they are disinterested and hardened. They brought their gods and worship with them, or simply fall to atheism or apathy. With the destruction of all life on Skarr with the appearance of Hunger most of it's gods died, the rest went insane. In their insanity they went from being power-seething, mindful beings, to raging, angry things with no real agenda (at least to the sane). This absence of mindfulness has left any mad god as a target for a Wizard to draw upon... if they dare.
Unexplained phenomenon dot Skarr's landscape, the tides of power caused by Hunger's gnashing at space around it rippled down into the surface, sometimes opening up strange pockets of reality. These Foci might be temporary, but they are indeed useful.

As a Wizard of Skarr you will begin on a strangely stable piece of land inside the areas of the Cragged Surface. Magic ins Skarr hates you. Mana is abundant, but it's affects halved. Spirits here are all slightly insane with their impending doom , summoning Outer-beings is difficult and only attract the suicidal, prophecy of doom is all that is known of the future, sorcery's edits on the flow of magic sometimes just get eaten by Hunger. Life for a Wizard here would be difficult, but perhaps it is also the only chance Skarr has of survival, and the technological advanced humans have are both a blessing and and issue to deal with.

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Re: 2.0 Planes of Existence
2.09 Exterra

Other Helpful Images

Concept and History:

Terra was a human world full of rich history, scientific endeavors, expansive art and culture. Humans flourished! Perhaps too much. Populations grew and grew. New ways of harvesting natural resources were found. Cities grew in massive until there was only a single urban center sprawling around the world, now called Exterra. Made of sprawling roads, slums which used to be called cities dotted with superstructures which can house millions for a lifetime. Exterra's inhabitants now rely on ancient industrial districts, agricultural superfields, bio-reclamation centers, air and water purifiers just to survive. Storms wreak havok on the costal area's yearly. Flooding is common on the lower streets. Massive radioactive dust storms sweep through. Yet life continues to carry on and flourish, if in the squandering filth it is here. Most of the reason for this continued existence is the Net. The Net began as any internetworking. It soon became universal connecting every electronic device and autonomous process. It's level of depths are massive as every new device and almost every new object created was made to integrate with the Net in some way. Banking is an automatic through the Net form the moment that a person is registered by the Net and encoded in the genetic structure rather than any central banking, locked by every method imaginable.

While most automated processes of the world were kept in order, human society for the most part has turned basic and uncivil. The sheer amount of life and people on the planet has turned life into a casual and disinterred thing. Crimes are overlooked if not perpetrated by any form of CityBlock "governments" which are little more than mafia, gangs, cults, businesses, or other zealous and self interested organizations.

It wasn't a cataclysmic event on epic scales that turned Exterra from the jewel of human progress to the hell of slums it is today, it was simple economics and natural law. Too many creatures on to little means something has got to give. First it was war. War raged from nation to nation turning areas into desolate wastelands and utterly abolishing most civil organizations. Subnuclear strikes scared any nature that was left leaving entire areas as deadzones. Next came the Phage, diseases and medicine were always at odds. When humans made an attempt to bolster their immune systems with adaptive Phage defenses, the results were disastrous deadly infections and a massive backlash on scientific endeavors. Since then human life has stabilized into the normal societal breaks it usually does and reliance on the net is as heavy as ever.


Humans- Humans number somewhere between 14 and 30 billion depending on the estimations you use. Exterra's lack of world organization or more than intermediary governments makes a census impossible and the sheer population size makes guessing a illogical task. Most humans live their lives in a single city Block, be that a Superstructure or Cityslum just trying to get from life all they can. Barely anyone lives for more than 40 years due to high violence, rapid infections, and general bad hygene. The few elite (the 1% of the 1% of the 1% and so on) live in the clouds at the tops of these superstructures, never knowing the problems below. Magic doesn't technically exist for humans. Netgineers, Hackers, Psudochemists, are the closest thing to "magicians" Exterra would have, that is if you didn't count Cult leaders bend on summoning their gods from the depths of some Subtle plane.

Muties- Hundreds of years ago when the Phage swept through the population as an incurable plauge the humans saw only one answer to survival. Infected area's were turned to ash. Those infected or even thought to be infected burnt. The Phage didn't kill everyone it touched though. Some survived, and these survivors fled. Muties as they are called now, are the "descendants" of those survivors. A Mutiy (singular) are mutated humans, often with extreme deformities but with amazing abilities. As every cell in them has been rewritten by the Phage they have only one means of reproductions. Gather a group of humans and lyse, killing themselves to infect everyone around them. Most will simply die a horrible death. But if the Mutiy is lucky they will spread their Phage on to perhaps a dozen or so out of a hundred. Once a Mutiy is born, they retain their memories and skills of their human life. But in truth the human has died, and what exist is the offspring of the Phage and the Host. This has been the primary reason that Muties are the considered to be the nightmare creatures that they are. Muties due to their genetic mutations being their key concept cannot register with the Net.

Ghosts- Ghosts live in the virtual world of the Net, which since it's connectivity runs through every aspect of Exterra, makes it as real as the real world. Ghosts weren't "created" or "programmed" they were simply spawned by the net themselves. Some think maybe some simulation of the human mind was thrown into the Net centuries ago and it just now was able to produce results. Never the less, ghosts are more than any AI could ever be, and yet still have no basic understand of how they themselves work. They can integrate with systems in the Net quite easily. Some have transferred themselves to robotic cores, living in metallic bodies. Others have been elected presidents of entire Blocks, while some blocks have a strict No-Ghost policy. Ghosts are natural net hackers, thought their methods often leave the Net in the area in shambles for weeks. Ghosts are relatively new to the world, only a decade since their recognition. What they have to bring to Exterra is still a mystery.


There are more "places" in Exterra than can be described here. The world is massive, the population is massive and there are hundreds of city Block and Superstructures here. There are 6 key places though that are known through the world.

Net Central
Made of a massive pyramidic like structure with two other perpendicular buildings on it's sides this massive awe inspiring building. The inside of Net Central is mostly machinery with little room for humans except for on the outside where elevators can bring them up to the various floors. It is here the Tyrell corporation has set up a base for training and instituting future Netgineers. While called Net Central, any Netgineer can tell you the name is laughable as the Net is everywhere, but the building itself houses considerable Net-space and can have a massive impact on the surrounding Blocks. The Tyrell corporation has been increasingly interested in the creation and other properties of Ghosts.

District 9
A massive collection of buildings ranging from 10 to 40 stories all linked at different points from various construction efforts. District 9 is an experiment sitting on top of a anti-molecular warhead behind a walls and a single bridge going over miles of Deadland. Muties occasionally are ashamed of what they have become rather than feeling the urge to propagate their Phage. District 9 is a "sanctuary" where a Mutiy can live out their lives in peace and relative freedom. There is a human population there as well, family members or lovers of the infected that go with them, but also the caretakers who have duel jobs of keeping the city safe from both inside and outside attacks. Most places are happy that at any point if all 8 of the neighboring districts feel threatened they can remotely detonate the warhead under district 9.

The Foundry
People's new "stuff" comes from all over the world in various automatic production plants or in massive human run cheap labor plants. The Foundry is perhaps the largest most complex automatic industrial park in Exterra. With it's own internal power generators, automated process, huge machinery, vacuum tubes, conveyor belts, smelters, manufacturing plants, megaprinters, and other various things. This place is exceedingly dangerous for anyone to wander into, for if the security drones don't kill you, the place is hazardous to all life, but for any with an idea of thievery might find the rarest of things in the central reaches of the Foundry!

It was said that years ago humans explored the stars in massive ships launched from this point. Now as these legends fade into existence the Ghost known as Glados 6 had lead a movement to restructure the current buildings that have been built right over and within the old facilities back to their original state. Her dream is considered mad by some, inspirational by others, but in either case her access to the old facilities below the block have lead to a can of worms of ancient technology being reactivated, mostly predating the Net itself.

Nature no longer exist in this world, but decades ago a group of hippies paid enough credits to build Eden. Inside an enclosed super-stadium that provides enough room for a small forest, lake, and some green areas. Unlike real nature everything is closely controlled from the water content in the air to the bacterial composition in the ground. While built by the hippies the place is run by cold hearted businessmen. Eden is a legendary as a resort for the super-wealth in Exterra and run by the even wealthier. Holofilters make the sky look unpolluted and clear sunny days and beautiful nights, but besides that it is 100% "natural" nature. The grass is really grown, the sand on the lake beach replicated in perfect ability.

The Deadlands
There are many wastelands caused by previous wars, but there is only one Deadlands. The deadlands were the result of the Phage. Hundreds of miles of land was burned in a subatomic fire in an effort to stop the spread of the Phage. But modern bunkers of that time were made to withstand nuclear bombs at their doorstep, and perhaps something might remain. But traversing the miles (even in the airspace) would be suicide. The clouds of ash there are dense with microfields still full of antimatter that in addition to be a constant source of radiation cause a slow subatomic burning of anything that walks through. Ash that makes more ash.

Forms of Mana:

People: The ritual Sacrifice of sentient beings are a potential source of Mana in any World, but only in Exterra do they come in any quantity that makes them a viable resource. Half a million people can die and it won't make an impact on the world at all (though the place this happened in will feel it's effects for a little while before others move in). Any cult leader in Exterra can tell you that the only real magical power you will gain here is through the sacrifice of lives. Morals might need to be thrown aside when the entire world is at stake. Is 1 person's life worth a thousand's? A thousand's worth a million's? A million's a billion's? If a billion people must die to save the other 20+ billion from a world ending cataclysm is it murder? Only a Wizard can answer this.

Virtual Mana: The Net is odd, even to a Wizard. It's like a subtle plane crashed into the world and bonded with it in a very strange way, that or a subtle plane was created within the world itself. That being said the Net is controlled via a combination of codes, formula, mathematics, and in depth procedural workings that just make senses to a Wizard who is used to the workings of the metaphysical codes of reality. This virtual Mana can be easily farmed by running massive net-usages facilities or stolen from the operations of ongoing processes in the world (as Hackers and Ghosts can). Wizards can use virtual Mana in the world of Exterra much like their own spells though instead of "magic did it" there is usually a reason behind (you can blame nanites for a lot of stuff though). Tinker with it as you wish. Vitural Mana cannot be traded like normal Mana. In the end though it's not real magic, it's "Net Hacking" so don't get pissy when it doesn't do stuff you want to do. Virtual Mana can be used to upkeep your body as triple the cost of normal mana... but in this world it might be worth it.

Possible Foci:
The Net is a strange thing, something between a subtle plane and a real network. While virtual Mana is defiantly not real, that doesn't mean perhaps that the Net can't be harvested for Real Mana. Billions of people use the net daily for activities and it has some Subtle plane elements to it which means it's possible that you might be able to wring out some real Mana from it.
Worship is real. Gods do it! Even cult leaders feel some power from it. Why not a wizard! If sacrificing people here yields a nice harvest, that means there is some Mana production in them. Perhaps in a world where all the mana is stored up in people... perhaps if enough people worship the Wizard they might be able to leech off that should they learn how!
Something happened in the Deadlands that changed the course of Exterra history forever. Anything with a world resonance like that would be a good place for a Foci to exist. Though perhaps no the safest place.

As a Wizard of Exterra you will begin in District 101. Your massive solid black tower is rivaled by many around you (but your is the biggest in the district). Most people ignore the tower, maybe use it as a landmark. But it hasn't done anything for any recorded timeframe so it's left alone (though Netgineers are terrified at the fact that is it not connected to the Net at all). Magic in Exterra will be exceedingly hard. Your body can use virtual Mana to supplement itself but your Foundation Cube will always need real Mana, which means you will have to be EXTRA cautious about using Mana.

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