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3.0 Character Creation, Ranking, & Sheets
Before you create your character, have a look at the available Worlds in Chapter 2.0 See which one appeals to you!

The rules here defines what your wizard can do mechanically, and is dreadfully important when resolving conflicts within the game. Your character sheet will remain secret, even as it evolves - your wizard grows steadily mightier - so that you might have an element of surprise against your enemies. Some elements, such as your wizard's name, mastery, and information pertaining RP to will be open knowledge.

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Re: 3.0 Character Creation, Ranking, & Sheets
3.01: Character Creation:

1) Name
 You need to pick a name for your character, something particularly epic- or arcane-sounding. A title is also acceptable. "Harmonius the Logical" is fine, "Tman930" is not. "Rajakha" is fine, "Krillin" is pushing it.

2) World
 Choose an available world you wish to be apart of! Which one speaks to you? The world made you in hopes that it might be saved, but what you do is totally up to you, you owe the world nothing! Worlds are first come first serve.

3) Mana
 You start with 100 Mana. Read more about the Specifics of Mana later. Just know that Mana is a Wizards currency. You pay for Spells you perform. You also pay per cycle (usually a week) for your Foundation Cube (your immortality) and your Body (and all of it's abilities). Once Mana is spent, it is lost forever, so you must go out and get MORE!

4)Body Score
 Your Physical Body physical and supernatural abilities are measured in Mana cost. Your body is the Manifestation you very Soul creates. This means it is your "true" self; the form your soul chooses and will stay that way unless altered by some truly powerful means.

Your Physical abilities, Size, Supernatural abilities, etc... are all measured by your Body Score. You may raise your Total Body Score in 2 ways. Your Base Body Score increases your general athleticism, your natural skill, and is the base for physical actions. A Body score of 1 is a mundane average human, 3 would be at home in an action movie, 5 would be truly heroic.

The second way is by adding Aspects. Aspects can be Physical, Social, Skillful, or even Supernatural granting you abilities. Examples such as such as Very Fast(+1), Beautiful(+1), Intimidating(+1), Amazing Swordsman(+1), Wings(+2), Large Size(+2), Metal Skin(+3).

So your Body Score would be: Base Body Score + Aspect Costs.

The limit is 100 Mana (any Mana you don't spend on making your Body will be given back to you In-game).
A higher score isn't always best. Your Body Score is equal to the amount Mana it costs to Reincarnate yourself. So 50 Mana spent on your Body means it costs 50 Mana to reincarnate.
You also must pay an Upkeep of 1/3rd your Body score every cycle. So 60 for a Body Score means you pay 20 Mana every cycle.
This makes having a very high Body Score very risky and costly (perhaps making ranking more difficult). The costs and benefits are yours to weigh.

Your Health Points (HP) are partially determined by your Body Score as well (including aspects). Your base HP = 5+Body Score. Any aspects you take that specifically just raise your HP raise it by 5 instead of 1.

So submit the following:
Base Body Score- (10 is the soft limit, any more and you will have to just have specific aspects)
Aspects you want- (you may include the price your willing to pay for them)
Description- Using the above stats and your character concept, write a fitting description for your physical body. Including any common mundane items you might wear or have (easily created with your body for no real extra cost).

5) Talent
 What is your character's specialty when it comes to the Arcane? Evocation, Invocation, Sorcery, Conjuration, Divination or Enchantment? You gain +1 to every Attribute involving it (Strength, Discipline, Lore).

6) Attributes
 Attributes are the three core abilities every wizard needs in order to successfully cast magic: Strength, Discipline, and Lore.

Strength is the raw magical force that lies at your wizard's disposal. It is used to smash the spells of others, protect one's self from deadly magics, compensate for lack of training in a Form with greater potency and to gain greater value from a spell for the Mana spent. It is used in conjunction with your rank in a Form typically when you are trying to bring all your might against another. It is the Attribute associated with the Blasting Rod (see below for how they interact).

Discipline is the finesse and control your wizard has over himself and thus his magic. It's used for unweaving the enchantments of others, crafting your own enchantments, keeping your spells active for long periods, artfully evading a counterspell and many other things. It's used in conjunction with your value in a Form when you're trying to be clever about how you manipulate and craft sorcery. If a value in a Form represents skill and affinity with a particular magical path, Discipline represents your character's commitment to the mastery of magic as a whole. Master thyself before you can hope to master all magic! As an attribute it's closely associated with the Foundation Cube, your wizard's wellspring of will.

Lore is your wizard's knowledge of magic, his intelligence on all things arcane and his ability to develop and refine his library of spells. It's used when trying to determine the exact nature of a spell, glean information about the archonic or the demonic, interpret charts and maps of the planes or decipher the Codices of other wizards. It's also used when studying your own wizardry, perfecting rituals from the past and performing those that exist in the future. Often the player may 'nudge' with his Lore attribute to try and gather knowledge - a simple private line with, "What would I know about this at Lore 4?" suffices. As an attribute it's inextricably associated with the Codex, your tome of utterly personal arcane knowledge.

Each Attribute Begins at 0. You may raise one Attribute to 1, and one Attribute to 2 at character creation.

6) Forms
 More information can be found in "The Forms of Magic".

For a quick reference they are: Evocation, Invocation, Divination, Conjuration, Sorcery, Enchantment.

Forms rank from 0 (no skill) to 6 (utter and complete mastery). They rank up much like Attributes. A higher score in the Form unlocks greater spells and mastery. Used often in conjunction with Attributes to resolve conflicts.

To perform magic of a Form you must have a 1 in that Form at minimum. At 6 (After you perform the Ritual of Mastery), you may cast 1 Mana spells of your Mastery using no Mana, but at a lesser degree than if you had. There can only be one Master of a specific Form at a time, and a Wizard may only Master one form at a time.

Each Form Begins at 0. You may raise three Forms to 1, and one Form to 2 freely upon character creation. Your Talent must be chosen as one of those four Forms.

7) Wizard's Curse
 The Wizard's Curse is the spell spoken by a wizard just before his Foundation Cube is smashed and he faces utter annihilation. It is a final, last fuck you to his enemies, and costs no Mana. It should be extraordinarily powerful and a long term complication for the enemy (or World) targeted. It can only be cast upon a Wizard's immanent demise; while Sorcery may allow for it to be cast earlier, the ramifications for doing so are dire indeed. Spells that rain meteors from the sky upon an enemy wizard's stronghold, summon ancient evils from the deepest seas, etc, are all good ideas. Each Curse should tie in somehow to the Wizard's concept and are approved individually by the GM - include your proposed idea within your character sheet.

There you go, you've created a wizard! Well done!

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Re: 3.0 Character Creation, Ranking, & Sheets
3.02: Ranking Costs

As mentioned above, your character, while being more than a collection of statistics and numbers, is largely ruled by those values within the game. They give you, the player, a concrete image of just how good your wizard is, something that needs to be relatively certain for play to continue normally and conflicts to resolve without issue. Still Mana is the currency of the game, and it is also the path to greater Power. A Wizard may spend Mana on himself to raise his attributes personally.

The Cost of raising the Rank of an Attribute, Form, or Trait is 100 times the desired rank in Mana (from the previous Rank).

This means going from 0 to 1 in a Rank costs 100 Mana. Going from 1 to 2 in a Rank costs 200. While the cost is steep, this is a permanent improvement on your character, even a reincarnated Body will keep this improvement!

You may also invest in your Body Score. This does not change it's form, or add any Aspects! All it does is "virtually raise" your Base Body Score, without raising your Body upkeep or incarnation costs. This raise cost 100 Mana the first time, and is increased 100 Mana more each time after.

To Rank like this you MUST be in contact with your Foundation Cube as this is an improvement on your very soul! You cannot rank anything without being incarnated.

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Re: 3.0 Character Creation, Ranking, & Sheets
Example of a Character Sheet, thanks to Queen Titania for the formatting.

Name  : Example

World : Example

Mana  : X

Body Score  : X (X Temp)

Base Body Score  (X)

   Example (+X) - Description

   Example (+X) - Description

Health Points :

Description :

Talent :

Attributes :
   Strength     ( X)
   Discipline   ( X)
   Lore         ( X)

Forms  :
   Evocation    ( X)
   Invocation   ( X)
   Divination   ( X)
   Conjuration  ( X)
   Sorcery      ( X)
   Enchantment  ( X)

Traits  :
   Example - Rank X - Description

Incantations  :
   Mana Cost:
   Other Components:
   Effect Description:

Wizard's Curse