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Mon 25 Jul 2016
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RTJ - Read First

I do NOT operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Setting Notes

This is a homebrew setting. I will be using the Pathfinder rules, because I like them.

I am not providing a map or races just yet. The details will be created collaboratively with the PCs who are accepted into the game.

RTJ Requirements

1. Statement of Age. This is not an adult game, but I'd like to know how old my players are. I won't discriminate based on age, though.

2. Character Concept & Divine Portfolio. This is what you would like to play, ideally. You should be willing to be flexible, however. Your concept needs to include the domains your character will be offering. Please limit yourself to a thematically connected total of four domains.

3. Writing Sample. 600 words minimum. This should be a general background for your character. You have 18 levels to explain, so it should be good.

4. Posting Availability. How often can you post? I may not be able to post daily myself, but things could get frustrating for everyone if overall posting rates are too different.