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Rules - Character Creation, Homebrew, and More
Character Creation -

- All current Pathfinder material is allowed, including Psionics, and the Unchained classes.
- Starting Level is 18
- Gestalt characters
- Point-Buy System with 30 points.
- Characters receive max HP for the first level, thereafter you can roll or use the average, rounded up, if the roll is below the average.
- Alignment: Any; HOWEVER, you must be willing and able to work with the other player characters
- Feats: Every character gains Leadership as a bonus feat. Your cohort must be the high priest of your faith.
- 685,000 GP Starting gold. No crafting of items permitted before the game!
- Every character may start with 2 Traits.

DISCLAIMER, RULE 0: Please note that I reserve the right to decline things and I am always right. You may politely argue if you disagree and you should defend your position, but once I have made a ruling, respect it.

I will consider just about anything upon request.

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Rules - The Faithful
Follower Races:

As the game begins, your character will have answered the prayers of a select group of followers, most likely a tribe of around 250 followers. The player may choose important cultural aspects of this tribe and influence them as they develop. In addition, the tribe does not need to be human.

For your followers, you may either select or create a race with up to 10 RP using the Race Creation Rules. You may also choose to be a member of this race.

See the following link for more information:

Managing Followers:

We will be using the Kingdom Rules to represent the development and ruling of your followers. At the start of the game, your followers will not have a settlement, so you will need to use your divine powers to help them locate and build one.

Through your divine power and the application of miracles, you will be able to provide 50 BP worth of materials. Until the shrine has been established, you are not truly a deity, because you have no mechanism for collecting the divine worship of your followers. You will plant your divine seed in the altar of your first shrine.

Once a shrine has been constructed, several benefits accrue.
- You Ascend and begin to acquire Mythic Tiers.
- You gain the Divine Source Universal Path for free, disregarding the Tier requirement
- Each month, you have 1 gp/follower in settlement to offset spell requirements
- Produce 1 BP/2000 followers in settlement, minimum 1

You can build a shrine in each settlement you control, allowing you to expand your power and mitigate the risk of losing your source of power. Each additional shrine provides gp/follower per month o offset spell requirements and BP/followers in the settlement.

Should all of your shrines be destroyed, you cease to be divine and immediately lose access to all of the benefits provided by the shrine. You lose 1 Mythic Tier, and if this reduces you to 0, you lose your mythic status as well.

See the following link for more information:

In addition, a new attribute, Faith, will be used. A Shrine provides +1 Faith, a Temple +2, and a Cathedral +3. Actions of the deity and the deity's religion will affect any Faith rolls. As long as faith is positive, all members of a settlement provide a benefit to the deity. If Faith is negative, each -1 costs the deity 10% of the followers for that month as the divine power of worship is stifled or siphoned away by other entities.

Mythic Rules:

For the purposes of the game, Mythic Tiers will represent divinity for any entity that grants access to spells through the Divine Source Universal Path ability. In addition, there are likely to be foes who are also mythic, because of their Legends, or because of their nature, such as being from the anti-life forces.

As long as a PC possesses a shrine, they are automatically considered divine. Increasing your divinity involves increasing Mythic Tiers, which can be accomplished through defeating divine foes and challenges, as well as through the successful management of followers, or a combination of both.

Mythic Tiers from Worship -
1st Mythic Tier - Divine Seed + Shrine
2nd Mythic Tier - 10,000 followers, requires a second shrine
3rd Mythic Tier - 50,000 followers, requires 6 shrines and a temple
4th Mythic Tier - 200,000 followers, requires 10 shrines, 10 temples, and a cathedral
5th Mythic Tier - 1,000,000 followers, requires 50 shrines, 25 temples, 5 cathedrals, and 1 world wonder

Defeating foes will increase mythic tier depending on the capabilities of the foes faced.

Pantheons -

Individual deities may find it increasingly difficult to improve their mythic tiers or to hold out in the face of overwhelming foes, thus they may find it necessary to band together and forge alliances with other deities.

Pantheon membership provides several benefits:
- As long as any member of a pantheon has a shrine, all members of the pantheon are considered to have a shrine.
- Pantheon members receive additional Legend for defeating foes together as their followers tell stories of their greatness.
- Pantheon members receive a 25% bonus to BP and gp benefits related to shrines and worship.
- Pantheon members achieve additional Mythic Tiers at a reduced rate - a 10% reduction for each member to a minimum of 50% at 7 pantheon members. For example, a two-member pantheon would require 9,000 followers and 1 shrine to achieve Tier 2 for each member, while a five-member pantheon would need 5900 followers and 1 shrine for each member to achieve Tier 2.
- A Pantheon member can choose to reduce his Mythic Tier by 1 for a month to instantly resurrect a member who has been killed.

Pantheon membership also has several drawbacks:
- Removing a pantheon member is incredibly difficult and taxing to every member. The vote to remove a member must be unanimous among the remaining members and each member loses 1 Mythic Tier for a month.
- If a pantheon member is killed and unable to be resurrected for some reason, each remaining pantheon member suffers a loss of 1 Mythic Tier for 1 month.
- A capture pantheon member can be used to drain divine power from the Pantheon's joint flow of faith, resulting in a cumulative loss of 1 Mythic Tier for the pantheon for each month in captivity, but this cannot reduce any pantheon member below 1 Mythic Tier.
- Every member of a pantheon is viewed as equally responsible for the actions of others by followers and can cost all deities in terms of Faith.
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Rules - The Faithful
Kingdom Character Sheet - Credit to Mask for the base I'm using
Build Points: 50
Size: 1
Consumption:  (1 Size,  Holiday,  Promotion,  Farms)
Stability Check Modifier: d20+
Economy Check Modifier: d20+
Loyalty Check: d20+ ))
Control DC:

Economy  ( Leadership)
Loyalty  ( Leadership,  Holiday,  Taxation)
Stability  ( Leadership,  Edict)

Holiday Edict:
Promotion Edict:
Taxation Edict:
Improvement Edicts:

Rulers: , + Economy
Consort: , +1 Loyalty
Councilor: , +1 Loyalty
General: , +1 Stability
Grand Diplomat: , +1 Stability
Heir: , +1 Loyalty
High Priest: , +1 Stability
Magister: , +1 Economy
Marshal: , +1 Economy
Royal Enforcer: , +1 Loyalty, -1 Unrest/Upkeep
Spymaster: , +1 Stability
Treasurer: , +1 Economy
Viceroy: , +1 Economy
Warden: , +1 Loyalty

Hexes: 1 (1 BP)
Districts: 1
Lots: 0/36