Dorm 1: Darius Strangelove and Michael Fenric.   Posted by Rachel Sandra.Group: 0
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Mon 27 Jul 2015
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Dorm 1: Darius Strangelove and Michael Fenric
Please read the thread(s) dealing with Dorms. The description of the room is included in them and will be the information you need to post for how you will need to work with existing furnishings. Please make your first post to this thread how you decorate your room.

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Darius Strangelove
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Sun 6 Sep 2015
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Dorm 1: Darius Strangelove and Michael Fenric
From: RA's Residence

Darius went straight to the dresser where he kept his books and placed the one he had been carrying for the tour back where it belonged among the others. He picked up another book, lay on his bed, and opened to the first page. But before he got very far he heard a loud crack of thunder. He paused for a moment. That clap of thunder came seemingly out of nowhere. There hadn't been any sign of a storm all day, aside from Michael's displays during the tour. As soon as Michael passed through his mind Darius jumped up and tossed the book to his bed and hurried back to the RA's Residence.

To: RA's Residence

Darius' Space

Darius keeps his area relatively clear, aside from a clutter of books. Several of his books are from the library. His bed is roughly thrown together every morning. Not a perfect make but it's not left unattended either. He doesn't bother hanging any posters as he spends more time reading books than being inspired by his walls. There is a small stack of notes and note taking materials at the foot of his bed from his classes. Most of his teaching supplies is kept in his classroom.