Dorm 9: Nathan Kim and Zane Silvio.   Posted by Rachel Sandra.Group: 0
Rachel Sandra
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Thu 20 Aug 2015
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Dorm 9: Nathan Kim and Zane Silvio
Please read the thread(s) dealing with Dorms. The description of the room is included in them and will be the information you need to post for how you will need to work with existing furnishings. Please make your first post to this thread how you decorate your room.
Nathan 'Neko' Kim
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Sun 6 Sep 2015
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Dorm 9: Nathan Kim and Zane Silvio
Nathan looks around the room, unsure of which bed to take, but like the person he is, he does the only logical thing he can think of.

"Eany, meany, miny, mo. Catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers let him go. Eany meany miny, mo."

His finger finds of the bed at the back wall. Shrugging he unpacks his bags. Putting on his neon green sheets and nyan cat comforter, humming the nyan cat song. On his bedside table he places a purple gummy bear lamp and a puffy pink unicorn digital alarm clock. On the walls above his bed he places shelve with removable shelf holders, placing his cat toys, books, and assorted framed pictures.

On the floor he unrolls a round two toned orange rug. Nodding to himself he puts his cloths away, saving a set of pajamas on his bed for later. Grabbing his yarn, he sits in the center of the rug and plays with it, swatting it around the room joyfully.

He soon finds himself bored, looking around the half blank room. With a sigh he stands, and exits, ready to do something.

---->The Gardens

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