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Submit an RTJ
After you have read all the notice posts and you decide you want to play, please PM me your RTJ set up like this.

Name: (This is an anime, you can have fun with the names!)

Age: (Anywhere between 15 and 20 is acceptable.)

Appearance: (Includes hair/eye color, skin tone, frame (thin, fat, broad shouldered, etc.) And ethnicity. Optionally, you can specify height and weight measurements. Have fun! It's an anime! (You don't have to do crazy colors if you don't want to.)

Personality: (How does your character see and react to the world? Are they the peppy neko type? Are they dark and depressed? Tell me how your character feels and acts.)

Likes: (What does your character like?)

Dislikes: (What does your character NOT like?)

Greatest Fear: (What is your character deathly afraid of?)

Backstory: (Tell me his/her life back at home, when the visions started, how their family reacted, who was in them, what happened, etc.)

Living: (How are you paying for the school? Are you going to make a little money on the side by finding work?)

Ability: (Remember, it's not full-on yet, more like a suggestion. Is it more of an element control, mind/body control, hypnosis, or telekinesis?)

Visions/Side Effects: (What are your visions usually about? What happens to you physically when you fall into a vision?)

Theme Song: (Optional)

*Remember to put this information into your character description if/when you get accepted into the game.

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