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Pre-Made Characters
Here are some characters in case you need inspiration. You may also "adopt" up to three of these characters to play as. There is no limit to how many characters you can play as. I'm putting each character as it's own post so you can reply to a specific character. At the bottom of each post will be the character's availability. If the character is available, the text at the bottom will be green and you can claim that character. If the character is taken, the text at the bottom will be red and you will not be able to play as that character. To adopt these characters, copy and paste the post of choice for your RTJ and PM it to me.

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Fri 3 Jul 2015
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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Elliot Knight
Age: 19

Appearance -
Hair: Midnight Black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin: Pale white
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 190
Hair Style: Crew cut
Complexion: Almost ghostly pale
Body shape: Lanky but Buff
Clothing: Baggy, but not too baggy (regular fit)
Species: Human/Wolf
Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Personality:  Extremely shy, but will protect others if they so need it. Once his trust is gained, he is a fiercely loyal companion. He has a genuine heart of gold. He is very kind and caring person, but if you hurt others (especially the people he cares about) then you better run because he will beat you to a living pulp.

Likes: Reading and writing, animals, sword fighting, archery, listening to music, and playing the piano.
Dislikes: Country music, evil of any kind, cowards.

Fears: People he cares about getting hurt.
Greatest Fear: Someone he loves dying.

Backstory: All he really remembers is growing up in the forest most of the time. He grew up in the forest with the animals that lived there, for 8 years. Then he stumbled into the city near by and was sent to an orphanage. The staff there were wonderful and caring, but the other children however were not. They teased him because he was different and used to call him Wolf Boy. Because of the teasing he couldn't trust people as well as he could anymore. Then the staff started to notice how he kept talking about these visions that he kept having. He is now waiting and hoping to find love, acceptance, and adventure.

Living: He has a ton of scholarships that pays for his lodging and school costs.

Ability: Right now, he is able to semi-transform into a wolf demon (later he'll be able to fully transform).

Visions: He has visions of evil coming onto the land and death happening to all that lay in the evil's wake.
Side Effects: He starts to bleed for the eyes and nose, and then collapses.

Theme Song: Stand in the Rain by Superchick (all the she references just think of them as male)


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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name-Damien Scarsgrove

Appearance-Purple hair, Green eyes, white skin, 6ft tall 200lbs average build with slightly broad shoulders. Dresses in vibrant colors, normally greens and blues. His hair is put up into a Faux Hawk.

Personality- Short spoken but kind hearted.

Likes- Cheesecake and Dubstep
Dislikes-People being teased or put-down.

Greatest Fear-Hurting those he cares about.

Backstory- Damien grew up in a good home with caring parents. He has an older sister who picks on him sometimes but is always there to back him up. He is a sort of DJ; he loves mixing and making music especially Techno and Dubstep and will always have a music player and headphones with him.

Living-Will be doing music gigs. Who doesn't love some good mdic later in the day to unwind and dance to? (Plus, his ability makes his gigs more AWESOME.)

Ability-Sonic manipulation: He can manipulate sound waves amplifying and varying their frequencies and pitch and such (varying is more advanced later.) He can also make sound waves visible to the naked eye and tends to make them colorful for his shows.

Visions- Like a really bad acid trip he passes out and has visions of demons screeching at him, sheering the flesh from his bones with their sonic barrage.
Vision Effects- He emanates sound waves from his body uncontrollably when this happens.

Theme Song-Satisfaction: Benni Benassi, Ruffneck Bass: Skrillex


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Sun 5 Jul 2015
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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Mei Sukone
Age: 16

Appearance: Cute green eyes, short black hair, tall (about 1.50m) thin, pale, B Cup, caucatic-asian, not too wide hips.

Personality: Mei is cold, apathetic and sociopathic, and is also very shy. She usually tries to avoid being with other people, and her only friend died in a car accident. She can be sweet, but only with very few people.

Likes: Drawing, being alone, macabre stuff
Dislikes: Society, being with other people, colorful things

Greatest Fear: being in closed tight places (she is claustrofobic)

Backstory: Mei lived with her mother in an apartment in the suburbs (they were kinda poor), untill she started having visions about dead, dismembered people. Her mother then sent her to a mental asylum. She was there for about a year.

Living: A secret organization is paying for her stay. She is part of a study.

Ability: Mei can actually sense the death of a living thing (though her ability isn't fully on yet, and mostly pertains to plants and small animals).
Visions/Side Effects: She usually sees dead, dismembered people, and she is the sole living person in the area. The area is usually a field, but sometimes it is a city. Her sanity is slowly decaying.

Theme Song: "Kyoumu Densen" Piano Cover (this version


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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Lilith Stoneswood
Age: 19

Appearance- Brown hair and deep green eyes. Wears casual clothes like jeans and polos. She is 6'3" and weighs about 180lbs. She has tanned skin and a well toned body.

Personality- She is very strong willed and has no problem letting her opinions be heard.

Likes- Nature, food, friends
Dislikes- Assholes, people that harm nature

Greatest Fear- The world being destroyed by people with powers like her.

Backstory- Raised by a wealthy family on the outskirts of a large city, she spent a lot of time in the woods. She learned the plants, trees and even the ground itself would do what she wanted. It went well until her first day of college, when she had her first vision. It might have been manageable, had she not causes the trees on the grounds to attack other students...

Living- Her parents are paying for everytging, so she can learn to control her power.

Ability- She can slightly control plants and the earth itself.
Visions- She usually sees herself as a tree being chopped down and used as firewood, but sometimes she sees a stranger with fire powers burning down a forest she is in.
Side Effects: The nature in her immediate surroundings will go berserk.

Theme Song- Duran Duran: Hungry Like the Wolf


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Sun 5 Jul 2015
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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Mū Shikoku
Age: 19

Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin tone: Tan
Hair style: Big, bushy hair
Body frame: Athletic build, muscular abdominal muscles
Ethnicity: Brazilian
Height: 6'2
Weight: 212

Clothes: He wears a pair of green and yellow headphones around his neck (when not listening to music). He wears a loose fitting lime green tank top, with a retro band  printed on the front in yellow. He wears baggy slick pants with pockets down the sides (they're lemon yellow with two green strips going down the side). He has a long necklace-like belt made out of shells wrapped around his waste.

Personality: He has an upbeat feel to him. He gets long well with others, especially if they are into music. But when MŪ is listening to music he completely zones out, oblivious to the outside world.

Likes: Music, Dancing, Having fun
Dislikes: Rude people

Greatest Fear: Small spaces (He is claustrophobic.)

Backstory: Mū didn't grow up in a real typical Japanese family but his family none the less. His father Kirito Shikoku, a small town farmer, and his mother Ana Shikoku a strong Brazilian women and a master of Capoeira. Mū also had several brothers and sisters.
     Mū, unlike his other siblings, took much interest in his mother's Capoeira. Something about the movements and the dance seemed exciting to him. So Mū started to train in the art of Capoeira. After 10 years of training (he started at 4) Mū became a master of the art. Capoeira is what got Mū into music, and is what he believes lead him to his visions.
      One day when Mū was 15 he was skimming through his music before starting his morning exercise routine, he found a Album on his mp3 he didn't recognize. The Album was called Dark Floyd's Electric Train. When Mū played the first song on the album something hit him like a trance, like the music took over. He was frozen, paralyzed. That's when Mū had his first vision. It was all dark like an abyss, but Mū could feel something present. In his vision when Mū moved a small square lite up, and a smooth beat started playing, but what scared him the most was the light revealed a dark man-like figure. The beat started to go along with his movements. Mū began to feel threatened and started to attack the figure as the beat started to pick up with his movements. After he made contact with the figure, Mū snapped out of it, and woke up in a burning building.
      Mū was able to get out with out any injury. He was the only one in the dojo where he was training, and nothing in the dojo would of been able to start the fire but Mū. Mū had no memory of how the fire started, so the police didn't believe him, and neither did his family. Mū's family believed he burned down the dojo and was dangerous, so to save the reputation of his father's name, he was disowned. Mū was even going to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Until, Slena Tarvitz  saved him and took him in as one of her own. He has been in the institute for four years now. In the time he has been at the school, he has learned his ability is controlling lightening and electricity, which is how he believes he started the fire on the dojo.

Living: He has his own dorm, pays for it by Dj-ing events, and some extra training on the side.

Ability: Lightning Control

Visions/Side Effects: His visions are usually about this dark figure that shows up after Mū makes the first move and the beat begins. It doesn't usually end until the beat or song ends, which could be from 2 mins to 2hrs depending on how long the fight lasts. Mū's body freezes at first but after a few seconds or so, he begins to move and use Capoeira. In a trance, he believes he is fighting the dark figure, but in reality it's the first person he sees. He often attacks with lightning during these moments, but sometimes he doesn't.

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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Riki Kalameet
Age: 19

Appearance: Extraordinarily slender, clothes tend to be baggy on Riki regardless of their size, so he has taken to wearing a red cloak that conceals his face. On a good day, Riki might have his hood down, revealing his grey hair and green eyes that are adorned with bags from sleepless nights. His skin is pale and his bones show through as though he suffers from malnutrition.

Personality: Generally very confused and anxious, he's still unsure about his new hom and what his mother had said to him. He is constantly looking around for a source of danger, an attack that never comes.  This constant fear and evasiveness had turned him into an outcast at home, feeding into his insecurities.

Likes: Cats, wide opened spaces, faith, and normality.
Dislikes: Talking about his 'powers' or past, reading, fire.

Greatest Fear: Loosing his mind (insanity)

Backstory: Born into a family of clergy, Riki was raised by his faith, and sought to join into the family trade. However, after his first episode, his family thought him to be possessed,  going through every chant and incantation they could try to cure him. Some say his father went to extreme lengths and horrifying experiments to 'fix' Riki to no avail. After being labeled a demon by his mother, his father sent him off to the school in a last effort to help him.

Living: Family provides funds.

Ability: Self replication- Damaged skin, limbs, etc. grow back and heal extremely fast, including seemingly fatal blows to areas like the heart. Never seems to get sick.

Visions/Side Effects: Blackened halls filled with flies and twisted walls that always seem to be shifting. The floor squirms with various vermin and yellowed bones. Riki himself is in the center of the room, tearing through a book, looking for an answer for a question he doesn't know. The only light source, and exit, is a raging incinerator behind him, its fires slowly spreading to the room behind him, surrounding him as he desperately searches through the book.
In reality, it begins with a nosebleed, as Riki begins to mutter odd things to himself. Eventually falling to his knees, he looks skyward with his arms dangling freely at his sides. His eyes turn a blind grey as he continuously repeats the same cryptic rhyme quietly:
"Find it now, or soon be dead. The fire comes, be quick I said."

Theme Song: (His Song)

(His nightmare/vision's song)


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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Tomas Calgori
Age: 16

Appearance: Tomas stands at 5'2" and weighs in at 134 lb.  His black hair is long and braided in the back.  Tomas' eyes are a deep green. He has pale white skin that shows how little he gets outside and the only flaw on it is a scar that runs from the right cheek up the side of his face and stops a little over his ear.  When Tomas is at school or taking time off he wears a white dress shirt, black vest, black slacks, and black leather boots.

Personality: Over all Tomas has a more level headed view of the world.  As an inventor, he's always looking for ways to improve life and make work easier.  If he heard someone say "You can't make a better mouse trap." Tomas would go back to his shop and build a better mouse trap just to prove that it can be done.

Likes: Inventing, study, drawing, and gum
Dislikes: Loud people and other wise anyone who keeps him from his work.

Greatest Fear: Death

Backstory: Born in Scotland, Tomas' parents died when he was only 5 and was given over to the state.  As he started school he showed great promise, clearing grades one through five in two years. Once he was 10 Tomas was finishing high school and starting work on his first invention when he had his first vision.  He would have waved and laughed it off after words if it wasn't for drawings that filled a notebook that he had in hand.  When he had a few more of these visions he had went for help.

Living: Tomas holds the rights to key inventions that have made him quite wealthy.  He still invents things today.

Ability: His ability to quickly learn is unrivaled by anyone else.  He is still working though M.I.T. classes.

Visions/Side Effects: Tomas' visions are what he calls the Grand Invention.  He can only see parts of this machine and while he's having these visions he rambles on about math and draws up drafts on anything at hand, even walls.

Theme Song:

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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Zane Silvio
Age: 20

Appearance: Zane is just under 6 feet tall, with a wide shouldered frame, and an athletic build to him (not too muscular, not too skinny). His hair is a snowy white, but that's the least of his interesting aspects. Looking into his eyes, his most defining feature, he returns a gaze of azure and gold. Heterochormatic eyes reflect back, showing a firm gaze upon his surroundings.

Personality: Zane has two distinct views of the world, both similar yet completely different. On the one hand, Zane has an understanding of things at a near logical point, cold and calculating. He will look at a situation, and understand both sides, and want to break them down to get a better understanding of the ideals of one side versus another. The other side, when he allows it, is the true depth of his calculations. It's like flipping a switch, and the gaze in his eyes is no longer of understanding, but of chaos. Zane thrives from deconstructing ideas down to their finest points, and sometimes, those ideas being people.

Likes: Reading, Training, Discussing Ideas, Apples
Dislikes: High Pitched Noises, Perfectionists, People who are constantly negative

Greatest Fear: Heights.

Backstory: If you ask Zane Silvio what he remembers of his childhood, he'll look at you as if he's going to tear out your throat, then go back to whatever he was doing. All he remembers is waking up one day, knowing he wasn't living with his real parents. From that day forward, he looked away from family, and friends, and looked at the world. And what he saw both disgusted, and fascinated him. And in that time, something festered within his mind, a thought that he was going to change the way his life was.
     As Zane grew, he learned through his adopted father that one way to keep your mind away from the world, was to make yourself strong enough to take it on. So, Zane trained his body, and his mind. He pushed himself past his own limits, nearly killing himself on multiple occasions. That was how he learned, to push himself, to make himself go past his own abilities, and find a way to make sure he was better. Little did he know, how much he was actually finding out about himself through these events.
     One night changed everything for Zane. It started with a feeling of dread, as Zane was training. He looked about, seeing nothing but his adoptive parents cooking dinner. With the feeling growing, he took a seat, and leaned his head back. Suddenly, it hit him, like a shotgun blast to the chest. A burning in his chest, then, through his whole body. It was as if the very blood in his veins was rioting against his own body. And all he could see, was pure horror before his eyes, and he passed out soon after.
     When he awoke in the hospital, the doctors could only answer in silence and awe. When he finally learned what had happened after that, it was from the police officer that had made it to the scene first. What they had found, was the dismembered bodies of Zane's adoptive parents, and Zane himself, sliced all across his body, yet little to no blood. As he was told what happened, Zane couldn't help but feel... sad. He had lost part of himself, but that night had also awoken something in him.
     Days turned into weeks, and Zane soon lived on the streets. He had nothing to his name, because he had none. But one day, a black car of exquisite taste drove up, and a small man in a dark suit stepped out. Walking to the boy, he held out his hand, in which he held a check. It was a gift, from the boy's real father, a man who only wanted the best for his son, but could not take care of him. Zane accepted the gift, and began to live his own way, not knowing that the incident he had went through just a few weeks before, was not his last.
     Years passed, Zane living comfortably on his own, when the vision returned. It hit him as hard as it did that night, but Zane did not pass out this time. What he witnessed, was the birth of his true heritage, a power he could harness, but he didn't know how. But in that vision, a name crept to him, so the next day, he found his way to a strange little school, with an odd sounding name.

Living: Through anonymous donations from his father, Zane is able to live comfortably at the school.

Ability: Hemokinesis- In it's simplest form, the control of blood. Zane has the ability to manipulate the blood in his body, which can range from stopping it from bleeding out, to creating constructs made of his own blood. At this time, he is able to extract blood from a wound he creates, but not much more than form it into simple objects.

Visions/Side Effects: Zane's vision is horrific; he sees before him a field of spikes, with bodies impaled upon them. He can't see their faces, but he can hear and see some of them are still alive, crying out in agony, and seeing them writhe in pain before they slide lower into the spikes. When the vision occurs, Zane's blood goes out of control, and can sometimes pull out of his body and lash out, tearing apart anything that's near him.

Theme Song: One Reason-Fade ft. DWB


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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Amatsu Kyatori
Age: 17

•Black Hair
•Orange Eyes
•Light skin but not pale
• Muscular but not body builder just not scrawny
•Broad shouldered with a serious posture
•Has a strong jaw
•Almost suspicious look when you look at his face
•6'2'' and weighs roughly 210 lb.

Personality: I'm quiet and not a very social person but I'm not mean either. I will help others when they need it but will try and solve my own problems head on. So all in all, I'm stubborn.

Likes: The color orange, chickens, and fighting.
Dislikes: SNAKES!!!

Greatest Fear: The fear of the future. I'm terrified of not knowing what's to come and dread the day I find something I cannot overcome.

Backstory: At the age of 11 my parents where murdered by an intercity gang. I was orphaned and never found a home, so as the memories of my parents haunted my dreams the visions started. Cruel visions of demonic entities taking away the only thing I have left, my little sister Kimi Kyatori. As the visions grow more into reality I vowed to become strong enough to defeat these beings and protect my sister. At a certain point I found I could control the muscles in my body, expanding and contracting them, hardening and softening them...  at the cost of serious physical fatigue. Now I will strive to master this strange new power in the hopes I can defeat my own personal demons.

Living: I have some friends who pitched in for entry, but will have to do work on the side for other fees.

Ability: Abnormal Muscle Control

Visions/Side Effects: Full mental breakdowns and serious physical wounds. Anything based out of reality will make me cower in fear and slip into visions. Afterwords my entire body feels completely fatigued almost to the point of paralyzation. Afterwords I lose partial memories or possibly major memories.

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Mon 6 Jul 2015
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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Atsuo Shigomatchi
Age: 18

•Very big build
•Wears a large white cloak with a hood, whispy orange tree design on the back
•Blueish-gray eyes
•Black spiky hair
•No arms, replaced with flaming wisp-like illusions of arms

Personality: Kind, caring, and generally understanding. Funny, but not imposing. A hard-to-understand person.

Likes: Casting magic, FIRE, Karate, Gaming, Being lazy, Eating, Animals, Music
Dislikes: Annoying people, Rap music, Threats,

Back-story: As a child, Atsuo was not the most privileged. Living in the poor district of Akihabara, his father went to the army, and came back 10 years later. His mom was stressed, but loving. He was always a little bit hungry, and trained in Karate vigorously. He studied hard, and was determined to learn many things, fire casting being one of them. He keeps his past to himself, and doesn't like to tell it.

Living: Works as an IT worker, fixing devices to all manner of peopel in the school and surrounding area.

Ability: Fire Casting

Visions/Side Effects: He has visions of Demons, Hades, and dark souls invading the overland, and killing innocents. He also sees heroes casting these demons away, after much blood has been shed.

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Mon 6 Jul 2015
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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Kaisume Yuri
Age: 15

•Big, pure, Emerald eyes
•Light purpely-pink silken hair
•Fair, soft, caucasian skin
•Toned body
She is fairly short, coming in at 4'9''.

Personality: She likes to be around others but has major selfworth issues from her past, feeling lonely is a part of her now.

Likes: Cute things, Pink things, Flufgy things, Clouds, Cats
Dislikes: Her vision trances, People who are bad, Hiding things.

Greatest Fear: Combat

Backstory: She developed her powers suddenly at the age of 9, entering a trance where she saw the next door neighbour coming into her home bloody and bruised from where her partner had hit her. She listened to the conversation and the news at 10 told her about the time it happened. When she came back she didn't want to believe it, but choose to act on her vision at 9pm she called the police to her neighbors house and when they arrived they arrested the drunken man. She didn't tell her family about it right away, but after they caught her in a trance, she had no choice but to tell them everything, and they thought of her as a freak and avoided her after that. Her head filled with visions of them, their bad words filling her heart and mind, so she ran off. She worked at the shopping market 3 towns over, getting pay and barely surviving until she moved into the school.

Living: She works in retail at a small shopping centre.

Ability: She enchants crystals that can enhance or reduce the abilities of those around her. Each Crystal type has its own properties. Currently she has access to Memory Sphere and Music Box Egg (See Crystals for details.). Most crystals get unstable when near the stored magic of another crystal and become dangerous. Though she potentially can obtain any enchantment, she has no control on when they come to her.

Visions/Side Effects: When she falls into her visions she enters a trace, her pupils vanish, and her hair picks up a red color, the redder the darker the vision. She see's the Sins of those around her. Wrong doings, negative feelings, but never the good. Example; If someone was to say "X Is usless and weak, buf they have a good honest heart." she would only see "X Is usless and weak.". When she see's things its in a fade in, like a ghost of the past or future invading, the things she sees are events that happened only where she is looking in the present, but If the images move, she follows drifting silently.

Theme Song:

Name: Memory Sphere
Crystal Lvl: 2
Crystal Power Desc: Stores one memory of the holder to be viewed by others on use. This memory has to be something they can remember and cannot be used to retrieve memories from an unwilling person, or someone who can't remember something. Once the memory is written into the orb, it cannot be removed, even if the gem is recharged it will still only play that 1 memory.
Duration: Up to 10 minutes, depending on the memory.
Charges: 5 Uses
Enchantment: A circle with 12 candles arranged around the ring like a clock, with a Tiger's Eye gemstone orb in the centre. The first Candle must be put out at midnight, then for every minute that passes,when all the candles are out, she must then light them keeping to time, after its completed the gem will glow a golden orange
Special: Unlike other Crystals she can create multiple of these, each with its own memory.

Name: Music box Egg
Crystal lvl: 1
Crystal Power Desc: Remembers a tune hummed into it, and plays it back as if it is a music box. Once the song is stored, it cannot be removed.
Duration: Up to 10 minutes
Charges: 50
Enchantment: This enchantment should be done at 8am, and never before the sun has risen. a table should have a circle of sugar on it, and on the ground around the table and where the enchanter will sit should be a bigger circle of sugar.
A clear egg shaped crystal (either glass or quatz) must be placed on a table and the enchanter should then sit inside the circle. The the caster should take the egg softly, and place it next to her ear. After this she needs to close her eyes and hum the tune. the circles will glow a skyblue as she hums the tune to the egg, once she opens her eyes the egg will store the hummed notes and convert them to a music box sound. It is important not to disturb her or the circle during this.
Special: No matter what, the Egg will never play to someone it doesn't know until introduced by the creator, and then it'll be quieter than normal, as if shy. Multiple of this kind of crystal can exist but they will never play over each other.

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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Keerar Kyjuk (Key-rar Key-jook)
Age: 15

Appearance: He has long, bright blue hair and blue eyes. He is pale, tall, and thin, yet still fairly muscular. He is Japanese.

Personality: Keerar is a fairly calm person and sees only the good in life. He only tells the truth, no matter how much someone may be hurt.

Likes: Keerar likes the water and nature even though he is very good with people.
Dislikes: He dislikes very few things, mostly he dislikes people who make fun of other people and/or lie.

Greatest Fear: The Dark, or rather what he sees lurking in it.

Backstory: Keerar lead a fairly normal life until his 13th birthday.... He began to see visions of people and things. At first, his parents thought they were just nightmares. However, when the visions continued, they realized something was wrong. Finally, they thought he was just insane and sent him away.

Living: Keerar's schooling funds are paid by his father who still thinks maybe he could be brought back to sanity.

Ability: Sleep Abilities

Visions: They are usually about sleeping people who won't wake up no matter what he does and he ends up screaming when exiting the vision. During his visions he goes into a motionless stupor where he is oblivious to the world around him.

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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Pyra Infernae
Age: 19

Appearance: She is around four foot six inches tall, slender, almost anorexic body frame. She has extremely fiery orange, wavy hair with a few blond streaks, to her mid-back in length. Her eyes are a bright enerald green, and her skin is fair complextion. She generally wears black velvet  or leather pants and a turtleneck of the same material. She is Italian.

Personality: Pyra is peppy and energetic, with an abnormally overwhelming level of enthusiasm about any endeavor she encounters. She is extremely outgoing and just a bit of the crazy side in the sense that she is a pyromaniac to the extreme. Though she comes from money she is surprisingly down to earth and kind to everyone.

Likes: anything involving fire, socializing, dancing, singing, and food

Dislikes: being cold, being alone, water

Worst Fears: Rain, and basically any sort of liquid form of water

Backstory: She is from the great city of Rome itself. A girl of old money. She is coming here on a trust fund of her own volition. Her family consists of herself and both of her parents, and their dog. Her father had  a profession as a chef... until she accidentally set his hands, and face, ablaze. Her mother left when she was little so she never got the chance to meet her. Her father became incapable of caring for himself, let alone her, so she got sent to live with her grandmother until she came of age to recieve her inheritance. She immediately went to find the best help money could buy.

Living: As noted, she is a trust fund child of old money.

Ability: Pyrokenesis [only seems to be noticeable during high emotional states]

Visions/Side Effects: Her visions usually pertain to things that have any sort of involvement of fire. Her entire body becomes feverish and she generally becomes incoherent during these times.

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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Rio Kiruri (key-roo-ee)
Age: 16

Appearance: I have straight black hair, grey eyes, and an average tanned skin tone. I am slender, have toned muscles but not buldging and not soft, and I am also fairly flexible. I am an American. I am 5'1.5" and weigh 100 lbs. I wear a red sleeveless shirt and I wear somewhat loose white silk pants.

Personality: Courageous, but quiet. However,  if you can get me to talk, you will find that I am understanding and wise. Although  if I am around someone I like, my hand might start absentmindedly tapping my leg or something like that. I try to not get into fights although it seems my personality attracts bullies of schools and such.

Likes: I like to learn and will often times be found studying large books. I also like to walk around memorizing different ways to get to different places.
Dislikes: I do not like fighting or being yelled at. If I amyelled at, I will shut himself away from others for a few hours.

Greatest Fear: My greatest fear is to be made fun of by someone I like or to embarrass myself in front of a crowd.

Backstory: I used to have a crush on a girl but then she died which made me not want to try love again but I will hopefully find love at some point in my life. When my visions first started, two years ago, they were of the girl I had a crush on laughing at me and then without my control I slayed  her with my bare hands. I never told my parents what the visions were about, however when I told them I had visions they gave me some medicine, but then I started to lose my straight A record so they sent me to the school to learn some discipline and hopefully cure my mind of the visions.

Living: I got a scholarship from both sports and academics which is paying for my time here.

Ability: Mind Control

Visions/Side Effects: My visions are usually about me killing the girl I love whom was laughing at me. Whenever I come out of my visions I am usually crying and I will often times just stare off into space or read a book about philosophy.

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Re: Pre-Made Characters
Name: Yophiel Kennedy
Age: 16

Appearance: Yophiel is a small, thin American boy with messy, straight brown hair, brown eyes, and a smooth, slightly tan skin tone. He tries to always wear socks. His toe nails are currently a glossy cerulean blue. He smells strongly of Cherry Blossoms. He's currently wearing a green jacket, jeans and a polo shirt.

Personality: Yophiel has yet to discover self confidence and is constantly seeking approval. He is active and easily distracted, and often decides to do things without thinking of the consequences. Yophiel is a kind kid at heart and doesn't like to see others hurt, though spends too much time worried about what others think of him.

Likes: Sports (However, he's not very good at them.), Animals, Camping, Girls
Dislikes: Waiting, Swimming, Cabbage, Things he thinks make him look dorky.
Greatest Fear: Embarrassment (Conscious), Loss of Self/Humanity (Subconscious)

Backstory: Yophiel's dad is an American Engineer, his mom is a school teacher. He has two older sisters, Gabrielle and Rachel. They had a fairly uneventful family life until Yophiel had his fist vision the night after the last day of school. That day he'd noticed a classmate's painted toes in open toed sandals and he woke up with toe nails the same color. At first he thought his sisters were pulling a prank on him and tried to get it off. When it would not come off, it kept changing colors when he had certain types of dreams. His parents noticed and assumed it was his doing despite his protests otherwise. He ended up bouncing from one psychiatrist to the next until Dr. Gothenberger recommended the "It's Not Madness Institute" as an option.

Living: Yophiel receives financial support from his parents but also works shelving after hours at a small trendy clothing store at the mall over summer and winter break.

Ability: Shape Shifting, currently Yophiel can make minor temporary alterations to his body with a great deal of focus.

Visions/Side Effects: Yophiel's visions are very dreamlike and typically involve things transforming into other things. While he's in his visions Yophiel sleep walks and sleep talks, which can confuse people. He is extremely suggestible in this state and capable of more drastic transformations which become his new baseline appearance.

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