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Thu 6 Aug 2015
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Post Format
For consistencies sake please remember:
Orange is for OOC comments, dice rolls ect.

Italics are for thoughts.
"Please put dialogue in quotation marks."

*Please choose a color that fits your character and color all of their dialogue with it. Any color is fine so long as you are consistent. Thoughts should be another shade of the same color as your dialogue.

*Narrative, tell me what your character is doing. No one liners please. Include: What they are doing, in third person. Any talking they do, feel free to include thoughts. Be descriptive, this is not just a mere suggestion. Description is the flesh of the posts. It pads it out, and makes it more interesting to read.

*When moving between threads, please put To: Thread name of where you are going at the bottom of your post. Telling where you came from, From: Thread name at the start of the next post is optional though. This should be in Orange.

This is just to make threads easier to follow.

Ultimately, when in doubt, leaf through IC threads for examples on post format, or just ask we will gladly clear up any confusion.