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Elemental Color Schemes and RTJ
In this world, it can be quite obvious what element you are based on some of their physical traits.

Color Schemes of Elementals
*Fire Elementals often have a color theme of red and orange.
*Water Elementals often have a color theme of blues.
*Earth in the subdivision Rock Elementals often have grays and browns, or deep, earthy tones of other colors.
*Earth in the subdivision Plant Elementals often have greens, yellows, and browns, but many have other colors, based on plants most often.
*Lightning Elementals often have yellows, but some are known to have bright white, electric blue, or electric purple.
*Air Elementals tend to follow white and green and possibly yellow, however any color goes.
*Metal benders tend to follow grays and silver, possibly white.
*Plastic benders tend to follow whites, grays, and yellows, though any color goes.
*Sound benders do not have a specific color theme, though purple, blue, and black are common.
*Light users tend to follow white color schemes.
*Darkness users tend to follow black.

RTJ and Character Details
Name: (It's an anime- have fun!)

Age: (Nothing younger than 13, nothing older than 18, please.)

Element: (Listed above.)

Appearance: (Some guidelines given above.)

Personality: (How does your character feel and act?)

Home Life: (What's life like at home? What are some of their morals? What's the family like? How are they treated?)

*Also, please make sure your portrait is not in black and white (either pencil drawn, or photograph) and please do not use a photograph. Please stick to drawings, preferably manga/anime.

Information on the World
This world is broken up into fifteen islands. The islands, or "Villages", are small. The Center Village sits in the center of rings of islands that surround it. The Center Village is the most intune with their powers, and has one of the last remaining Completes, or Master of All Elements. As you move away from the Center Village, you see that there is more technology and fewer Elementalists in their populations. The outer-most villages contain mostly Nonelementalists and high technological advances. The inner-most villages contain mostly Elementalists and have very few technological advancements. The Center Village contains all Elementalists and has very few technological advancements, as most anything can be done with their powers. The Center Village has forest surrounding it on the island on all sides. The school is located near the forest on the west side of the island. Forest is a part of all of the island, but is more cleared away in the Village Center, where most houses are. On the eastern side of the island, there is a large river surrounded by tame and wild forest. The northern and southern parts of the island each have a port where travelers can come and go by boat. These areas have tame forest around and have housing for those who travel often. There is a little inn near the ports on either end of the island. The islands of the world are all generally odd circles, obviously imperfect but still recognizably circular.

Elemental Animals
Within the forests there are Animals of Element. These are magical beings that appear to be made of and can control Elements. Unlike humans, these great beings can only be one Element. It is a fantastic experience to see one or if you are lucky more of these incredible beings. Dragons or Unicorns can sometimes be seen fighting one of their kind while seeing multiple Pegasi is usually seeing mother and baby or mother, baby, and father. These are rare and privileged sights. Most times the creatures will notice you and run off, but sometimes they take a liking to a particular human and may allow contact. If you were to kill one of these great beings, a pillar of light and Element would emanate from their corpse, alerting the whole village of your sin. You would be banished from the island, and would soon find that no Village would accept you, for the inner Villages find these animals sacred while the outer villages despise the Elementalists.

The Elder Council
The Elder Council is a group of older Elementalists, a wise Elementalist of each Element Primary that never moved on to a Secondary, and the Complete. They make all of the decisions for Center Village and are kept up-to-date on the progress of students in the Village in hopes of predicting the next Complete. Their decisions are sometimes clouded by tradition and biases, and the Complete is often in disagreement with them. This has caused much strain in the Complete's way of running the Village as she could be banished to the forests like an Nonelemental if she crosses the wrong line.

The Elder Council follows the tradition of banishing Nonelementals to the forest or to other Villages. While the Complete has tried to change this many times, nothing has gotten through to the Elder Council, and the Complete has nearly been banished herself.

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