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Rules and Day-to-Day
General Rules
Please, do not god mode. I'm certain we all know what this is, if you don't, you can find it in the FAQ threads. Please, no "perfect" characters. You cannot be without flaws. Please express emotional concerns in Private Message threads. I will NOT allow fighting in the OOC thread. No bullying OOC and no extreme bullying in-game. I will warn you if you are going too far. I have no problem with one-liners usually, but please try to post at least three lines, as some people have trouble responding to one line. There is no penalty for one-liners. If a player posts and needs your response and is gone, DO NOT respond to others' posts. If you want to join another two or more player's conversation, make sure both get a chance to respond. If two players are in a situation that only involves them, be careful how you join the situation, and make sure you enter when both have responded. DO NOT take the attention away from a player who is waiting for another player. Each player gets three warnings and will be receiving them as needed in Private Message threads. After all three of your warnings have been given for breaking rules, you are subject to banishment on the fourth offense. Reminders are different than warnings, and will most often be given in the OOC thread. This is not to embarrass a player, but to generally remind people who may be doing the same thing. You must be 13+ in age to join.

You have some time in the morning before your first class. Your first class is Elemental History, which all of the students attend together. Your next class is your Primary, which will be attended by students of the same power as you. Then you break for lunch. After lunch you go to combat class, again attended by all of the students. Your character goes "home" at the end of the day. The school is located in the heart of this world, the Center Village. The school is located near the forest that surrounds the Center Village all around, on the east side of the island. Saturday and Sunday are free-time. There are no "dorms".

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