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ShadowPort Personalities
If your character has been in Shadowport for very long, they probably know, or know of many of the following individuals
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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
Imperial appointed Governors office

Governor - Venkalth Kraus III - Human Male - 57 years old - Negligent, Materialistic, Politically connected

Manservant - Orist Hune - Dark Elf Male - 33 years old - Efficient, superior, gets everything done

Counselor - Ephiona Antresian - Half Elf Female 90 years old - Overqualified, resentful, Effective

Secretary - Brenton Chevalier - Human Male - 27 years old - Vain, Effete

Clerk - Maura Manfitz - Gnome Female - 125 years old -  Bitter, acerbic, lazy

Clerk - Eracle Bilberry - Halfling Male - 62 years old - Hardworking, short tempered, annoyed

Newly arrived Shadow Port Constabulary Authority, cleaning up the streets, squeezing out the gangs, forcing competition where there has been a truce.

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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
Customs officials
Inspector General - Attila Puckle - Human Male - 50, Bigoted, punctual, fussy

Secretary - Harry Anders - Human Male -Hardworking, intelligent, honest, put-upon

Senior Inspector - Isaiah Puckle - Human Male - 30, Nepotistic, Grave

Junior Inspector - Willy Puckle - Human Male - 27, Opportunistic, Corrupt

Agent -   Graham Billsley - Human male - 24 - Syndicate member

Agent - Arthur Baggin - Halfling Male 60 - Syndicate Member
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
Legitimate shipping community
(You may have reason to know of these people, but just as likely not)

Willim Fredrickson -Harbor master- Takes Job very seriously

Fang River Barge company
Glitterhagen Merchants Guild
Imperial Shipping
Southland United
Advanced Universal Transport

Javier Baptiste
Marston Winters
Kaelyn Clyff

Sibyl Kocharyan
Ared Kassouni
Stelian Alecsandri
Risa Pandee
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
Notable Pirates
Roystan Rogers-Mathian - The Happy Harpy
Xentia Bloodknuckles - The Iris
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
The Shadowport Syndicate
(The gang that runs it all, you should definitely know of these people)

“The Duchess” - Petra Morless - High Elf female- 200 - Smart, cautious, controlling, merciless

Lieutenant - Nux DrakeToe - Dwarven Male - unknown, Loyal, Hard, Terse

Bookman - Keras - Aasimar - unknown sex - age unknown, Mysterious, Private, detailed, all the
syndicate’s information goes through him.

Bodyguard - Ogog Magresh - Half orc male - Clever, swift, hard

Bodyguard - Urzog Magresh - Half orc Male - Calculating, Strong, reasonable

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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
Enforcer gang - The Blooddrop Company
(You must have heard stories of these folks)

Imperator-  Ransley Hale - Vampire Male - lived for 20 years - dead for 124 - Merciless, Viscious, Immoral

Legate - Kathra Ironfist - Female Dwarf

Evocati - Hooks Ningel - female Gnome

Evocati - Sepora Basa - female human

Evocati - Ownka - Female Half Orc

Protection/Extortion/ racket - Gilded Thorns
(The gang makes their payments to these folks)

The Banker - Rolan Underbough - Male Halfling

Lieutenant - Thordis, female half-orc

Collector - Sheherazad, male human

Collector - Liqui, female elf

Collector - Svala, female human
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
(The gang makes its money selling to these folks)

Trym Underbough - male halfling - Small items

Brock Sheppen - Male Gnome - Raw Goods, large Shipments

Portia Evenwood - Teifling Female - Rare and Magical Goods
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
Pimps/Prostitutes - Prostitute/thieves
(If you ever get lonely, you might have met these folks)

Khmed Windriver - Brothel Keeper

Ivor Tan- Gang of “Fancyboy” thieves

Farideh Myastan - Runs a house of exotic Courtesans

Phelia Serpret - Tiefling Murderess

(if you need something stolen on dry land this is who you would call)

The Uptown breakers - Silifrey Buckman, Human

The Lockpicks - Paela High-hill, Halfling

Wharf rats - Yevelda, Wood Elf

(Probably best not to accept free drinks from these)

Bertie Wan and his crew - work the west harbor

Tana Haphet and her girls - work Sailor's Respite

That's you guys
The Tunnel Runners - Tavia, Dwarven female - Northeast harbor

The Loners - Borivik Starag, Human Male - Southwest harbor

The Royals - Warren Stumbleduck, Male Gnome - Northwest Harbor

Street gangs
(other gangs that pay their dues to the syndicate)

Cheapside stranglers - Zora Bersk Race: Human

The Shark Teeth - Helja Strakeln Race: Dwarf

The Alley Kings- Loveless Kao Half-elf

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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
Notable Beggars

Stench Peterson - Stench is the least welcome person in any enclosed pace. Some people say that his mother was a trog and his father died in the begetting of him. The truth probably is that he just subsists mostly on rotten fish guts, and is reticent to bath.

Dirty John Rotten -  Dirty John Rotten is a alchemist who got hooked on his own alchemical cocktails and lost everything. These days he will do anything to get enough coin for a fix, and did didn’t get the nickname “dirty” for sweeping the streets.

Mad Hettie- she is rude, miserly and constantly complains about stupid and uneducated people are these days. She has been accused of being a witch, and occasionally has been known to state the truth of things yet to come.
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Wed 15 Jul 2015
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Re: ShadowPort Personalities
the Prince of Shadows

(You have some allegiance to The Prince of Shadows or his orginization, The Syndicate, you may have even met him once, although you wouldn't know it.)

Part thief, part trickster, and part assassin. To some he is a hero; to others a villain. He has squandered the riches of the dwarves, murdered the hopes of a dragon, and plundered the dreams of a god. His exploits have changed the world, but none can tell you his ultimate
goals or motives.