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Stores and Services
Lia Goldpetal - half elf - lovely dresses - south exchange

Fezil Greymane - Functional ladies garments - mid exchange

Alton Evenwood - Human - The governor’s Tailor - the Swells

Sarial Oakenheel - High elven - Fine footwear - south exchange

Moise Agusto - Human - Excellent Boots - west exchange

Cade Greenbottle - eccentric hatter - southwest exchange

Trym Underbough - male halfling - Small items - Shop in Cheapside

Brock Sheppen - Male Gnome - Raw Goods, large Shipments - Warehouse on west harbor

Portia Evenwood - Teifling Female - Rare and Magical Goods - mansion amongst the swells

(Most other craftsmen are dedicated to maritime tasks)
Bharash Turnuroth, Dragonborn - Blades, custom work, discreet -  east Harbor

Finellen Fireforge - best chain and scale mail on the island - east exchange

Ulfgar Goruum - Heavy armor, plate and scale - east Exchange

Scamos Tan - Tiefling - makes leather armor and custom harnesses for most of the syndicate - mid exchange

Dona Cherin - human- Her family have been making leather goods for generations west exchange

Aethre Helder - Half-orc - Clockwork gizmos, optics and fine tools - east exchange

Black Market Supplies
Trym Underbough - male halfling - Small items - Shop in Cheapside


Zilvryna Kilval - Can get you whatever you need - east Exchange

Nesmin & Toryn Redcliffe - General Healing supplies - mid exchange
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Re: Stores and Services

Santa Cora Universal Temple of Light -  in the Swells - Sprang up about 5 years ago to share the priestesses vision of light to shadowport - Prime Lightbearer Heian Galanodel

Maritime Gods Shrines - Less important Now that the inner sea is calmed - west Harbor maintained a beggar priest named Josephus

Shadow Port Temple of Light Gods - Northwest Market district - Priest “Father” Urth Falone, male human

Shadow Temple -  Secret basement of the Shadow Port Temple of Light Gods - Priest “Brother” Paelias Falone, male half-elf

Shrine to the Dark Gods - Hidden in the Sewers - Hard Knowledge check
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Re: Stores and Services
Taverns and Hotels
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Re: Stores and Services
General Goods      Price

Standard traveling gear 5 gp
Flint and tinder box 1 sp
Money pouch (small) 3 sp
Pack/traveling satchel 1 gp
Rain cloak 3 sp
Road rations (5 days) 25 sp
Sleeping roll 1 sp
Water/wine skin or flask 7 sp
Arrows/bolts/sling bullet 1 sp/each
Blanket (wool) 5 sp
Candle 1 cp
Chain, dwarven forged (10 ft) 10 gp
Chain, iron (10 ft) 5 gp
Clothing, simple 2 sp
Clothing, good 1 gp
Clothing, expensive 10–100gp
Clothing, rain cloak (elven) 5 gp
Crowbar (iron) 3 gp
Flask (crystal) 5 gp
Flask (glass) 5 sp
Flask (pottery) 5 cp
Grappling hook (iron) 1 gp
Hammer, small 3 sp
Holy symbol/implement (adv) 10 gp
Holy symbol/implement (chp) 100 gp
Holy symbol/implement (epic) 1000gp
Iron spike 1 sp
Lantern (common) 8 sp
Lantern (hooded) 5 gp
Lantern oil (4 hrs) 1 sp
Magnifying glass 25 gp
Mirror, large 5 gp
Mirror, small 2 gp
Musical instrument (intricate) 5–25 gp
Musical instrument (simple) 1–5 gp
Pipeweed (1 use) 2 cp
Prayer book 2 gp
Rope, 50 ft elven 3 gp
Rope, 50 ft good 6 sp
Rope, 50 ft poor 2 sp
Spellbook (adventurer) 10 gp
Spellbook (champion) 100 gp
Spellbook (epic) 1,000 gp
Tent, large 5 gp
Tent, small 2 gp
Tent, wood elven 10 gp
Thieves’ tools (adventurer) 2 gp
Thieves’ tools (champion) 20 gp
Thieves’ tools (epic) 200 gp
Torch (1 hr) 1 gp
Torch (6 min)

Interesting General Goods

Candy 1 cp
Good candy 2 cp
Large tabby cat 5 cp
Large tabby cat in Horizon, guaranteed free of fleas and
demonic possession
20 gp
Set of four plausibly honest six-sided dice 2 sp
Set of extremely well-balanced ever-so-slightly cheaty dice 35 gp

Food / Lodging       Item Price

Road rations (1 day) 5 sp
Meal, common 1 sp
Meal, good 3 sp
Meal, excellent 8 sp
Meal, feast (for 5) 8 gp
Ale/beer, poor (pitcher) 2 cp
Ale/beer, good (pitcher) 6 cp
Ale/beer, dwarven (pitcher) 1–3 gp
Wine, poor (bottle) 4 cp
Wine, good (bottle) 1 sp
Wine, elven (bottle) 1–5 gp
Inn (per person per day)
Poor, common room 1–3 sp
Good, shared room 8–14 sp
Excellent, private room 2–5 gp
Suite (sleeps 4 to 8) 5–20 gp

Interesting Food / Lodging

A mug of fresh, pure water on the Demon Coast 20+ gp
Night’s lodging for a party with a couple nonhumans
in Concord 5 gp per person
Night’s lodging in Concord for a purely human group 10 gp per person
Night’s lodging in Drakkenhall when there’s a
Koru festival imminent at the Straits 47 gp per person
Night’s lodging in Horizon for poor saps who didn’t book ahead using messagers
80 gp per person

Weapons                 Item Price

Battle gauntlets 4 gp
Battleaxe 6 gp
Club 5 sp
Dagger/knife 1 gp
Double axe 12 gp
Flail 6 gp
Greataxe 10 gp
Greatsword 10 gp
Handaxe 3 gp
Longsword 7 gp
Mace 5 gp
Maul 10 gp
Morningstar 4 gp
Pick 4 gp
Polearm 8 gp
Rapier 10 gp
Sap 5 sp
Scimitar 5 gp
Shortsword 4 gp
Spear 2 gp
Staff 1 gp
Trident 4 gp
Two-bladed sword 15 gp
Warhammer 7 gp
Longbow 14 gp
Shortbow 9 gp
Hand crossbow 8 gp
Light crossbow 10 gp
Heavy crossbow 15 gp
Javelin 2 gp
Net, weighted 3 gp
Sling 2 sp
Shuriken 7 sp
Throwing axe 3 gp
Throwing hammer 3 gp
Interesting Weapons
Peasant’s knife 40 cp
Dungeon-ready combat dagger with rope-sawing edge 4 gp
Slightly damaged gladiatorial longsword in Axis 6 gp
Reknowned longsword of a twelve-kill gladiator in Axis 110 gp
Battle axe crafted by dwarven weaponsmiths in Forge 12 gp
Serviceable battle-axe near
the Wild Wood
27 gp, and maybe you shouldn’t be
showing that in public unless you’re
wearing the symbol of the High Druid
Crusader-blessed mace exported from First Triumph
(no magic, just status)
230 gp
Longbow whose yew was grown in the Queen’s Wood 65 gp

Armor                             Item Price

Cloth/padded 1 gp
Leather 10 gp
Studded leather 15 gp
Hide 10 gp
Light chain 20 gp
Heavy chain/ring 30 gp
Scale 40 gp
Half-plate 45 gp
Plate 50 gp
Shield 5 gp
Item Price

Mounts/Animals (includes gear)   Price

Dog, guard 10 gp
Dog, riding 15 gp
Donkey/pack mule 10 gp
Horse, riding 20 gp
Horse, battle trained 80 gp
Feed for mount (per day) 2–4 cp

Interesting Mounts / Travel

Ferry ride across the Grandfather 2 sp
Ferry ride across the Grandfather if the new Road Bridge
is temporarily demolished 5 gp
Passage on a ship sailing one city away around the Midland Sea 7 gp
Passage two cities away 15 gp
Passage three cities away 25 gp

Services (per day or service) Price

Bath, with servants 1 gp
Bodyguard (d) 2 gp
Carriage/coach, one ride 2 sp
Carriage/coach 2 gp
Courier (intercity) 5 sp
Courier (long distance) 5 gp
Courier (urchin) 5 cp
Courtesan 1–100 gp
Guide, urban (d) 1 gp
Guide, wilderness (d) 5 gp
Herald (in city only) 1 gp
Lantern bearer (in city) (d) 5 sp
Mercenary, soldier (d) 5 gp
Mercenary, thug (d) 1 gp
Moneylender (cost per 100gp) 5 gp
Oracle/seer/fortune teller 5 cp to 100 gp
Personal chef (d) 1 gp
Sage 5–50 gp
Valet/manual laborer 5 cp to 5 gp
Cleric (divine spells/rituals) Varies
Wizard (arcane spells/rituals) Varies

Interesting Services

Fine for impeding Imperial
officials in Axis
100 of whichever coin you look
like you can afford, or more
Fine for unnecessary violence in
Santa Cora
double the above fine . . .
or sincere regret


As a reminder, a character can only benefit from one potion at a
time – drinking a second potion, even one that works immediately
like a healing potion, ends the effect of the first potion.

Healing Potions

A healing potion lets the creature drinking it heal using one of
their recoveries. Potions provide bonus healing on top of what
you’d generally get with a recovery, but there’s a hit point cap
for the maximum healing you can get from a potion. No matter
how well you roll your recovery, the healing the potion provides
won’t exceed the cap—high level characters are going to want
to use higher-cost healing potions instead of loading up on the
cheap stuff.

Healing Potion Costs
Tier         Cost Effect          HP Cap
Adventurer 50 gp Recovery +1d8 hp 30
Champion 100 gp Recovery +2d8 hp 60
Epic 200 gp Recovery +3d8 hp 100
Iconic 300 gp Recovery +4d8 hp 130

Potion of [Energy] Resistance
When you drink one of these potions, you gain resistance to
a single specified energy type dealt by creatures or hazards
of a specific tier for the rest of the battle or for five minutes.
Resistance from a potion is always 16+. Attackers of the tier
covered, or lower, must roll a natural 16 or higher on their attack
roll to overcome your resistance and do full damage of a type
you’re resistant to, otherwise they deal half damage. Damage
from a source that’s a higher tier than your potion will blow
through your resistance. The types of resistance available include
any in the Other Damage Types section on page 160.

Tier             Resistance   Cost

Adventurer Resist 16+ 100 gp
Champion Resist 16+ 200 gp
Epic Resist 16+ 400 gp

Magic Potions

Heroism: Drinking this potion gives the character a temporary
incremental advance. This advance lasts for five minutes or the
rest of the battle. You can’t double up on advances – if you’ve
already taken your +1 to skills, you can’t take it again. You also
can’t gain a new spell or power with one of these potions, unless
the GM’s in a generous mood. Costs 150 gp/300 gp/600gp.

Fortification: For the duration of this potion, you get a +1 bonus
to saves against effects caused by foes and hazards of the same
tier or lower as the potion. Saves against higher-tier threats
aren’t affected by the potion. Costs 150 gp/300 gp/600gp.

Salvation: You may immediately make a save against an ongoing
save ends effect caused by a foe or hazard of the same tier or
lower as the potion. Costs 50gp/100gp/200gp.
Rejuvenation: A draught of this potion removes fatigue, hunger
and thirst. It’s as if you’d slept solidly for eight hours and had
a square meal afterwards. You still need to wait until you get a
full heal-up before you can refresh your powers and recoveries,
but this potion takes care of basic necessities like sleep and
food. Costs 100gp.

Trollblood: Trollblood potions give almost the same healing
effect as a healing potion, but spread it out over time. When
you drink a trollblood potion, you spend a recovery, and that
recovery’s healing effect gets spread out over several rounds.
With an adventurer-tier potion of trollblood, you regain one die
worth of hit points at the end of each turn until that recovery’s
exhausted. If you’ve got a Constitution bonus, then that applies
to the first die roll only. For example, if a 3rd level character with
a recovery of 3d8+3 drank a potion of trollblood, she’d regain
1d8+3 hit points at the end of the turn, then another 1d8 at
the end of the next turn, and then a final 1d8 at the end of the
third turn. Champion-tier potions restore two dice worth of hit
points per turn; epic potions do three dice of healing.
The trollblood effect ends when you’re reduced to 0 hit points.
Despite the name, there’s more than troll’s blood in these
brews. In fact, troll blood is probably the most palatable
ingredient in there.

Costs 50gp/100gp/200gp.

Elemental: Elemental oil doesn’t give a bonus to attacks or
damage, but causes the weapon to deal a particular type of
energy damage (fire, cold, lightning, acid, poison, holy, negative
energy, force, thunder and the like). Elemental oil only works on
weapons, not on implements or armor. It costs 150gp per vial.

Quelling: Oil of quelling temporarily suppresses the magical
spirit of an item, for the duration of one fight or about
fifteen minutes, whichever is shorter. The item still functions
normally, but doesn’t have any quirks. When the oil wears off,
though, the spirit wakes up cranky and mean, and is especially
hard to control for some time afterwards. Champion-tier
items need champion-tier oil of quelling to lull them into
slumber; otherwise, they just get briefly drowsy. Costs

Oil of Torment: This sticky unguent is hot to the touch. If you’re
a magic item spirit, it’s agonizingly painful. Applying oil of
torment to a weapon, implement or armor increases its bonus
by +1 for the duration of the battle (turning a +1 sword into
a +2 sword, for example) by whipping the spirit into a frenzy.
The weapon also becomes cursed in some fashion, and this
curse may linger even after the temporary bonus fades. Again,
you need sufficiently potent oil of the right tier to affect an
champion or epic-tier item. Costs 100gp/150gp/300gp.


Scrolls are pre-prepared rituals. You cast them in the same way
you perform a ritual, only you don’t need to expend a spell while
doing so. Ritual components may still be needed, though, and

you still need to make a skill check with an appropriate mystical
background to successfully enact the ritual.
Any spellcaster can use any scroll – an arcane caster can use
a divine or druidic scroll without penalty. Even non-spellcasters
without the Ritual Casting feat can try their luck with a scroll, if
it fits the story, but they’ll need to make a hard skill check at the
very least and face magical blowback even if they succeed.
You can buy scrolls in advance, if you know what sort
of ritual you’ll need on your adventure. For example, if you’re
heading into the demon-haunted Red Wastes, then a scroll that
wards off demons is a sensible precaution. (A kind GM might
even let you buy a bunch of scrolls in advance, but only ask you
to specify what they do when it comes up in play.)
You may also find scrolls as treasure. Sometimes, the
purpose of these rituals will be obvious - like, ‘use ritual to rebind
eldritch evil; save world’. Other scrolls lack clear instructions, and
their purposes can only be guessed at without actually casting
the ritual.
The costs of scrolls vary considerably depending on the
complexity and legality of the ritual, but as a rule of thumb:

1st level scroll: 50-150gp
3rd level scroll: 100-200gp
5th level scroll: 150-300gp
7th level scroll: 200-400gp
9th level scroll: 300-500gp.

Magic Oils

Tier        Bonus    Cost
Adventurer +1 Oil 100 gp
Champion +2 Oil 200 gp
Epic +3 Oil 400 gp

Magic Runes

Tier        Bonus      Cost
Adventurer +1 Rune 150 gp
Champion +2 Rune 300 gp
Epic +3 Rune 600 gp

Random Rune Effect on Armor

01–20 The bonus also applies to PD
21–40 The bonus also applies to MD
41–60 The bonus also applies to both PD and MD
61–80 As 41–60, and you can reroll one failed save while the
rune is active
81–100 You can take your first rally this battle with a quick
action (if you can already rally with a quick action, the
action is free)

Random Rune Effect on Weapon

01–20 +4 bonus to opportunity attacks
21–40 Weapon gains an energy damage type such as fire, cold,
etc., and deals +1d4 damage (champion: +2d6; epic: +5d6)
41–60 +4 attack bonus on first round of combat
61–80 Weapon deals +1d10 damage while escalation die is 3+
(champion: +4d6; epic: +3d20)
81–100 Reroll one missed attack roll with weapon

Random Rune Effect on Spellcasting Implement

01–20 +1 additional attack bonus if spell has only one target
21–40 Implement gains an energy damage type such as fire,
negative energy, etc., and deals +1d4 damage (champion:
+2d6; epic: +5d6)
41–60 +1 additional attack bonus with daily spells
61–80 +1 additional attack bonus if spell has more than one target
81–100 Reroll one missed attack roll with implement

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