The Campfire (chat thread)   Posted by Gamemaster.Group: 0
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 That GM Guy
Thu 16 Jul 2015
at 06:06
The Campfire (chat thread)
This thread has been provided for all of your discussion, griping, and jive talking needs. Keep it out of character and civil please.
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Fri 17 Jul 2015
at 23:33
Re: The Campfire (chat thread)
I got the rules just go on-line I snagged the PDF for $1.00 send a PM for the site, its all on the up and up. And this game better be good I spend a whole dollar on it

Anyway I'm playing a starting Crafter not much of a fighter but likely will improve the fighting skills at some point.

Still mulling over if she joined the tribe or was born into it.