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Sun 28 Feb 2016
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Capin's Thread
This is a space for Capin to store whatever information his player would like to keep.

Cave Painter
A cave painter is an artist, able to decorate caves and depict scenes on cave walls. A cave
painter also has the ability to summon animal spirits with his art. The cave painter must
spend a turn drawing the desired spirit on a nearby wall. The success margin of a test
(with wise applicable) then determines if the spirit will appear, based on its' type.

A rat or spider spirit requires a success margin of 0 or higher.

A cat, lizard, or snake spirit requires a success margin of 1 or higher.

A scorpion or wolf spirit requires a success margin of 2 or higher.

When a spirit appears, it will obey one command issued by the character (such as attack a foe). Once it has completed this task, the GM should roll a die to see what the spirit does.  On a 1-5 it will depart the area, to find a place to haunt. On a roll of 6 it will attack the cave painter himself.

When an animal spirit has taken damage equal to its spirit score, it is banished back from whence it came. A character may not bring forth additional spirits until the most recently summoned one has either completed itsí task, departed or been banished.

Cave Painter's Successes
The following is not canon rules but an expansion of the Margin of Success system above. These are the minimum margin of successes that Capin should roll in order to successfully summon different types of spirits. The number in parenthesis is the actual roll required after adding the bonus from his Wise talent.

Capin may declare his intention before rolling or not. If he rolls first, he may choose what type of creature he is summoning based on what his roll allows. If he first declares what type of creature he is attempting to summon and the roll doesn't meet those requirements, he will instead summon a similar but less powerful spirit. I don't care which way it works so long as Capin isn't wasting an action either way.

1: rat or spider spirit or equivalent (4)
2: cat or snake spirit (3)
3: scorpion or wolf spirit (2)
4: megafauna spirit (1)
5: any creature that Capin has seen including monsters and magic creatures (0)

Medicine Man
The medicine man or woman has the power to cause pain and injury merely by pointing an
object called a fetish at a target. A fetish is a focus for the magic, and is typically an object such as a stick or bone decorated with carvings, feathers and animal skulls.

Any single target within sight can be affected, and the target of the attack suffers damage
equal to the medicine mans spirit divided by three (round up). No test is required for this
attack, but if the target possesses the talent willful, he is immune to the effect.
A medicine man can make one such attack per turn, and once a target is affected they
are thereafter immune to further attacks by the medicine man for the remainder of the
encounter. Armour has no effect against the damage caused.

If two medicine men launch their magical attacks against each other, the magic conflicts,
and an opposed test is made. The winner causes damage to the loser, but takes no
damage himself. If either of the combatants has the willful talent, they are immune to the
power of their foe.

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Fri 20 May 2016
at 13:57
Capin's Thread
So if I take Beast Master, could I have them be lingering spirits made by cave paintings instead of criters? Mechanically the same but thematically different.
 GM, 237 posts
 That GM Guy
Sun 22 May 2016
at 11:32
Capin's Thread
Just to check your meaning, you are saying that the critters would have the same stas as natural critters, but their origin would be magic. Mechanically, Capin is only supposed to be able to generate one cave painting construct at a time. We would be bending the rules a little, but I am okay with it. He would still need to settle on a specific species of critters to master.
 Cloud People, 151 posts
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Sun 22 May 2016
at 16:56
Capin's Thread
In reply to Gamemaster (msg # 3):

Great.  Though I thought the critters were randomly rolled?
 GM, 249 posts
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Thu 2 Jun 2016
at 21:52
Capin's Thread
I guess that I never answered this question. Critters are supposed to be rolled randomly, but I have been allowing Beastmasters from the beginning to choose the type of animal they want if it helps to fulfill a specific character concept.