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RTJ and character creation rules
Characters in Paleomythic are very quick to create.

Here is an example of a canon character from the book:

Zan is male and aged 41. Zan is a powerful
warrior, and although no longer in his prime,
is still a fearsome opponent. Zan is married to
Munia, and is the father of Nuala and Sefia.
Spirit 12, Accurate, Strong, Awkward. Hunter,
Savage, Trapper
Bow +2, Flint knife +1

The example above includes a brief character description, a Spirit Score, talents, flaw, classes, and equipment.

The Spirit Score represents a power, life force, and will to live. Beginning characters have a Spirit of 9 by default. A player may optionally generate a Spirit score by rolling. Characters may never possess more talents nor classes than their current Spirit Scores.

Talents are distinctive characteristics which aid in some dice rolls. Zan's talents are listed in bold. Beginning characters may have two talents for free. Talents are listed on Page 8 of the rulebook.

Flaws are characteristics which make dice rolls more difficult. Zan's flaw is underlined. Characters may take a second flaw which makes it possible to choose a third talent.

Classes are roles which the character has in the tribe. Each class grants its own unique class ability or dice rolling bonus. These include mundane jobs like Gatherer but also mystic roles like Shaman. Zan's classes are italicized. A beginning character should have only one class for now. Classes are described beginning on Page 9 of the rulebook.

Starting equipment should be purchased. Each player should roll a six-sided die six time  and add the rolls together to represent a starting budget. The rolled number is the value of the character's equipment in gems. For example, a hand axe of wood and flint costs 7 gems. Playing characters who do not purchase clothes may get a loin cloth or hide bikini for free.

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Sat 25 Jul 2015
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Re: RTJ and character creation rules
Let's walk through character creation one step at a time.

Step #1: Name

Make up a name, any name. If you name your caveman Leroy Jenkins, I won't complain. Additionally, picking a sex at this stage would greatly help the grammar because many cave people names leave me guessing about which gender pronouns I should be using.
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Sat 25 Jul 2015
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Re: RTJ and character creation rules
Step #2: Spirit

Spirit is a stat which represents the character's life force and will to live. In game terms, Spirit is used to resist some effects, and many classes have abilities which use Spirit.

The default score for beginning characters is Spirit 9.

Players may optionally roll for beginning Spirit. The formula is 1D6 + 6 = Spirit.
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Sat 25 Jul 2015
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Re: RTJ and character creation rules
Step #3: Talents and Flaws

Each talent has an opposing flaw, so a character may be either Accurate or Inaccurate, Brave or Meek, Strong or Week. Beginning characters have two talents and one flaw by default. These are picked by the player. A character cannot have a talent and its opposing flaw at the same time. Optionally, the player may roll 2D6 and add the rolls to determine a random trait numbered from 2 to 12.

Here is a list of talents. The corresponding flaw appears at the end of each talent's description.

2 Accurate (the ability to aim, throw and
shoot). Inaccurate
3 Agile (the ability to leap, balance, climb,
tumble and dance). Clumsy
4 Aware (the ability to notice, search,
eavesdrop and detect hidden items). Oblivious
5 Brave (the ability to fight, brawl and use
melee weapons). Meek
6 Charismatic (the ability to persuade,
negotiate, inspire and sway others). Dull
7 Dexterous (the ability to work delicately, do
sleight of hand tricks, steal). Awkward
8 Guileful (the ability to be sneaky, to remain
hidden, to conceal things). Careless
9 Resilient (the ability to resist pain, illness,
poisons and other hardships). Sickly
10 Strong (the ability to perform feats of
strength, to lift, carry, shove and so on). Weak
11 Wilful (the ability to resist failure, coercion,
stress and to keep trying). Passive
12 Wise (the ability to deduce, learn,
comprehend and conclude). Ignorant

Optionally, a character may take on more talents and flaws in pairs. A beginning character will have either 2 talents & 1 flaw, 3 talents & 2 flaws, or 4 talents & 3 flaws.
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Sat 25 Jul 2015
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Re: RTJ and character creation rules
Step #4: Stay Classy

A class defines the character's role in neolythic society and special abilities.

Here is a list of classes available in the game. Most of these classes are self explanatory, but the gamemaster has detailed information on each class upon request.

11 Ape Man
12 Barbarian
13 Beast Master
14 Brawler
15 Cannibal
16 Caster
21 Cave Painter
22 Crafter
23 Cultist
24 Dancer
25 Fire Maker
26 Fisher
31 Gatherer
32 Head Shrinker
33 Healer
34 Hunter
35 Medicine Man
36 Mystic
41 Priest
42 Prowler
43 Ritualist
44 Savage
45 Scavenger
46 Seer
51 Shaman
52 Slave
53 Slaver
54 Snake Charmer
55 Soothsayer
56 Storyteller
61 Summoner
62 Tracker
63 Trapper
64 Warrior
65 Wild Man
66 Witchdoctor

Characters may gain additional classes through adventuring, but at creation, each character has one and only one class.
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Sat 25 Jul 2015
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Re: RTJ and character creation rules
Step #5:  Double-Check

Count the number of traits that the character possesses. These include every talent and every class. A character in Paleomythic should never have a number of traits (talents + classes) which exceed that character's Spirit stat.
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Re: RTJ and character creation rules
Step #6:  Equipment

Players may pick out starting equipment from the book. This includes all of the character's tools, weapons, and clothing.

Characters begin with an item of clothing, a hide loincloth if male, or a hide 'bikini' if
female. If a player would rather that the character be naked, I don't care.

Characters also have other items with a value in gems equal to the roll of 6D6, added together. The value of the total pile of starting equipment is this amount. This is a budget, not a pile of actual gems, so leftover gems are not kept by the character. Use the average cost stat of an item to determine its character creation stage cost.

For example, an antler pick is described as thus in the rulebook:
Antler pick +2, 2d, 7
The +2 stat is an indication of how much damage a weapon may inflict. Ignore that for now. The 2d is a variable price which shows how available can be a factor when trading for such an item. The 7 is the average price. Use the average price.

If a player does not want to roll and cherry pick equipment manually, this package may be selected instead.

flint knife +1, fur cloak, loin cloth or bikini, leather pouch, bone necklace
total cost = 20 gems