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 That GM Guy
Fri 31 Jul 2015
at 21:41
Away Thread
If you will be out of contact and know this ahead of time, please let us know. We worry.
 Cloud People, 18 posts
Fri 31 Jul 2015
at 21:42
Re: Away Thread
In reply to Gamemaster (msg # 1):

Limited Access from Aug 1st and Back Aug 17th -- I will try and post when i get reception during the week.

If needed please push me along.
 Cloud People, 54 posts
Fri 30 Oct 2015
at 17:08
Re: Away Thread
Hi all,

I'll be off travelling in the next few days and my internet access will be intermittent (Morocco). Its therefore safe to assume that I may not get a chance to post until I get back (UK) in about a week or so.

Have fun!
 Fire People, 64 posts
Sat 31 Oct 2015
at 01:49
Re: Away Thread
In reply to Balhek (msg # 3):

November will be a slow month for me.
 GM, 139 posts
 That GM Guy
Thu 19 Nov 2015
at 07:07
Re: Away Thread
For anyone who did not see it in the Campfire thread, Jaldor is taking a knee. He will be out of the game for an indefinite amount of time due to significant injuries.
 Fire People, 56 posts
Tue 24 Nov 2015
at 17:14
Re: Away Thread
I will be spending the next few days playing hostess, chef, sommelier, referee, maid, therapist, and bartender to my family.  I will try to check in as often as I can, but I can't promise any more updates until Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
 Cloud People, 84 posts
 Cloud Tribe
 Caster, Crafter
Tue 24 Nov 2015
at 17:31
Re: Away Thread
Do what we do at home buy a bunch of pizza's the day before, warm them up in the oven and eat them the next day, going to your favorite pizza place to order them.
 GM, 171 posts
 That GM Guy
Sat 9 Jan 2016
at 07:33
Re: Away Thread
I received a message from Sulea's player. Real life got another one.
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 That GM Guy
Mon 1 Feb 2016
at 07:45
Re: Away Thread
Hey guys, I'll be gone for a few days. Early Tuesday morning, I am leaving to help my father paint his house. He doesn't have internet access there, and I don't have a wireless plan right now. Depending on the weather, I might be staying there for upwards of four days. While gone, I will be out of touch the entire time.