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Okay, so what now?
So once you're in.  Feel free to pick a portrait and write a character description.  I'll set up your character sheet right away so you can get started with character creation.
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Re: Okay, so what now?

1) Attributes:

 There are two (2) ways to determine ability scores:
  - Point Buy system.
 All ability scores will start at 10. Players will have 28 points with which to buy ability scores as they see fit. No ability score may be above 18 or below 8 (before racial adjustments).


  - Roll for ability scores.
 Using the "Dice Roller App", Players roll 2d6 and add 6 to the sum of each. Do this six (6) times and assign the results to the ability scores of your choice. If the average die roll is 12 or lower, Players may reroll the entire set of ability scores one (1) time only.

2) Race:

 If you want to be a race other than what is in the Core Rulebook, just run it by me first.

3) Class:

 If you want to use an archetype or a class not in the Core Rulebook, just run it by me as well.

4) Leveling Up:

 Max hit points at first level.  Use the "Dice Roller App" for all hit points beyond first.

5) Traits:

 Feel free to use up to 2 traits.  They must be from different categories and they must fit your character background.  If you want to use a drawback, just run it by me.

6) Resources:

 If you don't have any pathfinder books it's fine.  Here are some links to everything you'll need:



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Re: Okay, so what now?
Favored Class

Don't forget to choose your favored class.  I almost missed it myself.  Basically when you gain a level in your favored class you get either +1 skill rank or +1 hit point.  You have to choose the bonus when you choose your favored class.