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Posting Guidelines

When speaking,  or Posting in-game,  here are some general guidelines:
1.  Common will be spoken in BLUE

2.  When speaking in any language other than Undercommon,  please use the "Language Group" section from the "Insert a Private Line" drop-down menu.  This way,  each character only has the ability to speak,  (and understand)  the languages in which they are proficient.

3.  Thoughts will be in "Quotations" in Italics,  in "YELLOW".

4.  Any OoC  (such as Dice Roll Results,  etc.,  etc.)  will be strictly done in a Private Line to the GM  (or any Players involved).

5.  RED is reserved for GM purposes only.

6.   Languages:  Before choosing your languages, look over these lists of the languages of Golarion.

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Re: Posting Guidelines


1.   In the initial combat round post,  I will describe the scene,  and the actions of any NPCs involved in the scene.  Any pertinent effects  (such as ongoing magical effects,  etc.),  will be posted at the top (GREEN for allies, PURPLE for enemies).

2.   Each player gets to make a single post,  describing their character's actions within their post,  along with any necessary rolls towards those actions in a Private Line to the GM  (any spell effects,  etc.  that affect another PC may be posted as OoC at the bottom).  All PCs who beat the NPCs' initiative  (or who are grouped together between different NPC initiative groups)  may act in any order they choose.
    i.e.: Player 1 and Player 2 beat the BBEG's initiative,  Player 3 does not.
 Player 1 & 2 may act whenever they want (Player 2 before or after Player 1). But Player 3 must wait until after the BBEG to go.

3.    For ATTACKS,  include the results of the attack roll,  damage,  damage type  (B/P/S,  Elemental,  etc.),  if a roll is a possible crit,  include the crit confirmation roll in the private line.

4.    For SPELLCASTING,  include damage,  Save DC's,  type of save,  if SR applies,  and any other relevant information,  etc.

5.    For SUMMONING  (such as the various summon monster or summon nature's ally spells),  include a link to the creature's stats.

6.    For anything other than the above-mentioned,  include all information involved,  in the Private Line.  Also include any other factors involved with your actions.

7.    I will give 48 hours time  (from the time of my initial post)  in the real world for all Players to get in their character's post for Round 1.  Once that time's up,  I will post a conclusion to that round,  describing the results of all rolls on all sides.  I will list the results of each character's actions in descending order of their Initiative Score in the concluding post for that round.  If a Player cannot manage a post describing their intent within that time,  I will be describing their action in the concluding post as a "delay" action.

8.    After concluding Round 1,  I will then change the subject line to Round 2 - [location],  and the process will repeat itself until the conclusion of the combat.

9.    During combat, NPC's and PC's health will be listed (next to the PC's/NPC's name) as follows (except for the person directly involved who will know the actual Hit Points of their character). Each one equates to roughly 15-20% health.
◾   Lightly Wounded
◾   Moderately Wounded
◾   Heavily Wounded
◾   Severely Wounded
◾   Critically Wounded
◾   Down (i.e. either unconscious, dead or dying)