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Sun 2 Aug 2015
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Daily Log
Day 1

Location: Crimson Spire in Absalom.

Summary: Master Trazen reveals to Nod his plans to send him to Falcon's Hollow and that Crimson Tower was built on ancient elven ruins containing an aiudara.  Nod researches elf gates and goes to bed without eating.  Dreams about Darkmoon Vale and Droskar's Crucible.

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Sun 2 Aug 2015
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Re: Daily Log
Day 2

Location: Crimson Spire in Absalom. Arthfell Forest.  Darkmoon Plain.  The Traveller's Stop Inn.

Summary: Nod has morning tea with Master Trazen.  They go down to the elf gate and open it.  Nod passes through the portal.  Nod investigates the elven glade.  Nod begins to travel through the forest and nearly falls in a sink hole.  Nod continues to travel and encounters the remnants of a druidic ritual.  Nod continues and finally finds his way out of the forest.  Nod encounters a wolf pack hunting deer and gets uncomfortably close to the action.  Nod meets up with Fletcher, Marek, and Wang and they dispatch a few wild dogs.  They travel on together to the Traveller's Stop Inn where they find themselves in a bar room brawl with the Black Banners over a dagger that Fletcher found along the way.  The fight is broken up by Sheriff Cage Blunnde who confiscates the dagger after seeing that one of Professor Crane's valuable artifacts has been destroyed.

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Tue 6 Oct 2015
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Re: Daily Log
Day 3

Location: The Traveller's Stop Inn.  Arthfell Forest.

Summary:  Overnight a gnome Tinker named Lorkyhay Ganderhoddle stole the dagger from the Sheriff's room.  The party was among the suspects, however they managed to clear their name.  They are however held partially responsible for the destruction of the Professor's valuable artifact and are convinced to enter the forest to collect the Panoply of Narven in order to make amends.  They find that the Black Banners have also been charged with this task and the mission becomes a race.  They find the Breastplate of Sacred Fire and a ring of swimming at the Druid's Grove.  They find that the Black Banners have already found the Wand of Earth’s Ire in the bear's cave after dispatching the bear.  They finally decide to go to the heart of the forest at the Spirit of the Wood Inn where they encounter three of the Black Banners and a Wooden Protector.  They emerge triumphant and travel back to the Druid's Grove to camp for the night.
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Sat 17 Oct 2015
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Re: Daily Log
Day 4

Location: Arthfell Forest.

Summary:  Overnight, a storm moves in.  Wang enters a strange trance like meditation.  Nod and Marek move to the bear's cave for shelter.  The party reunites in the morning at the bear's cave.  They then travel to the Forest Pool where they find Pudge.  They then discover the guardian of the Vial of Pure Water in the form of a Nixie.  Nod successfully negotiates a trade for the vial while Fletcher feels a strange affection for the creature.

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