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Thu 23 Jul 2015
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House Rules - Mandatory Reading
Rules: Pathfinder. I'm not banning any sources explicitly but I do have a preference for keeping things simple. Basic Classes and Races are preferred feel free to Multi-Class if you like. Any Prestige Classes will need to be approved.

Character Sheet: Use Please send me a PM with a link as we get your sheet squared away. When it's done you'll post the link into the Character Sheet section for your PC. No other sheet will be accepted.

Setting Info: Forge of Kings Wiki. Please look over it before applying. The setting for this game will pretty much guarantee it's not for everyone, and that's okay, but there's no use wasting anyone's time if you're not going to like the setting.

Please do not post in the Updates Thread and remember to check it every time it has a new post. After an update hits about a week (sometimes more) I will delete it so only the most current updates are there.

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Character Creation
Please use the following rules when creating your character:

  1. All character sheets need to be stored in, linked in the post above.
  2. Use the Pathfinder info linked above. There are no deviations except for a few racials. Please see the Races page of the Wiki for more information.
  3. Characters are level 10.
  4. Take Max HP.
  5. Stats are rolled: 4d6 7 times. Reroll ones. Drop the lowest. The 6 highest totals are your stats.
  6. Characters start with 79,000 GP worth of items. If there is any left over it is yours.
  7. Character Bio lines need to be structured as follows:

    Biography pt 1 : HP: AA Saves: BB/CC/DD
    Biography pt 2 : Init: +W AC: XX/YY/ZZ
    Variables, of course, become stats from your sheet.


Everything is open right now. We have at least 1 Fighter, probably an NPC Fighter as well bringing the total to 2, but do not let that deter you if you want to play a Fighter. Fighter is arguably the most versatile of all the Classes. Think outside the box, don't be a one trick pony, and be Bad Ass.

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Fri 7 Aug 2015
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Re: Character Creation
In reply to The 400 Pound Gorilla (msg # 2):

4d6 7 times. Reroll ones. Drop the lowest. After all your rolls are done drop the lowest total. The six remaining are your stats.