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The Boardwalk
for those who are traveling from the bottom of the boardwalk to the northern top, the most likely scenario of you are arriving from the college or the dorms, The first section is smaller, made up mostly of hot-dog stands, souvenir shops, and an ice-cream shop. Walkway then runs beside a large parking lot to the left and a moderately sized convention center on the right, extending out a bit onto the massive sand beach. Past that starts the primary area of the boardwalk, line with t-shirt shops, junk-food stands of varieties you didn't know existed, and stores, restaurants, diners, arcades, and attractions of all variety stretch out across two miles of coastline, standing over the transition between the beach and the concrete of a suburban area littered with brick multi-family homes, hotel, condos, restaurants and bars. The boardwalk also has three piers that extend just out to where the beach meets the water, at least when the tide isn't particularly high. Each of the piers has a few rides, ranging from child friendly merry-go rounds to a fairly large wooden roller coaster. Of course, stretching from the small boardwalk section across from the convention center, to the end of the boardwalk proper, are a pair of yellow, open-air tram cars, blaring the soon-to-be all too familiar woman's voice, politely asking you to "Watch the Tram Cars please," whenever pedestrians come close to the train of tired and lazy tourists.

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The Boardwalk
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 Due to some wacky timing, I dont see anyone else on my way out the dorm. There may be days ahead wherein I act with responsibility or purpose but it is not this day. Today, I reconnoiter.

Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and DENNIS.

I end up taking off in whichever direction leads me to the boardwalk. Whats around?

The quickest path, with the added benefit of being the route with the least risk of getting run over by traffic, is to go south-east until you hit the beach, then follow the continuous sidewalk that runs along it north-east till you arrive. Alternatively you could attempt to navigate through the more traffic heavy section of the city if you truly wish to make good time, though you run the risk of getting, you know, hit by a car, or at least very embarrassed when someone crashes swerving away from you. You also run the risk of just generally getting lost in the maze of expertly designed roads an signs.

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