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Vernin's Rebel Alliance
The Rebel Alliance on Vernin is at it's weakest in years. There are large gaps in the command structure, which has forced the General to take a more Active role than what would be normal for a man of his Rank.

These are the Major Players of the Rebellion.

General Gestes Warch

Age: 54

Bio: General Warch is a weathered man, who's hair has grayed from the stresses of his life. It is rumored among the lower ranks of the Rebellion that he was an Officer from the Grand Army of the Republic During the Clone wars. A cunning strategist and fair man, he tries to live true to the Ideals of the Rebellion. General Gestes has been doing his best with what he was supplied with by the rebellion, but do to the blockade the only one third of the supplies that were promised made it into the hands of the rebellion.

Lieutenant Colonel Farse Corwic

Age: 35

Bio: Farse is dark skinned man who a shaved head and face, who handles his job with a professional efficiency. The Lieutenant Colonel is the highest Officer other then General Gestes and as such has become his Second in Command by default. High in the mountains if where Farse's base is located using, various methods of communication, relying on old codes and encryption provided to him by General Gestes, the Lieutenant Colonel has managed to set up a reliable and discreet communications network between the Rebel cells. Some say that the Lieutenant Colonel was once an Imperial Communications Officer who defected when he realized what was truly happening to his people, being a son of Vernin. Knowing their technology and Methods has allowed the Lieutenant predict and evade their moves at every turn, staying one step ahead of them. If Farse's position were to fall it would truly be the doom of the Rebellion, it would be the destruction of their communications and global organization.

The Oak Hearts

The Oak hearts are one of few independent Resistance cells lead by Arenao Halcyo a Zabrak of tanned skin, with traditional tattoos of Iridonia marking his face. Their influence only extends as far as the city limits of Yarak City, which they've been using as their base to attack local Imperial Patrols and Convoys. Which has been under the watchful eye of the local Imperial fort. It is said that Rebel Command wants to incorporate the Oak Hearts into their larger organization, but the Imperial Occupation of the small city has made things difficult.
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Vernin's Rebel Alliance

Salenora is a planet in a nearby system that has been a close ally of Vernin since the Empire first invaded. Due to the power of their own military they have been capable of keeping the Empire out of their system and remain "diplomatic".

Salenora is a temperate Planet run by a rigid aristocracy, which is led by a King.

Leader: King Lapasc XVI

Primary Exports: Food stuffs, Art, and Weapons

Brief History: Salenora was a divided on whether to remain loyal to the Republic or Join the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the clone wars. But after activists began to march on the King's Capital, the aristocracy caved to the pressure and opted to stay with the republic, much to the dismay of the Aristocracy. Salenora is not fond of third parties interfering with the established system.

Modern History: With word of the Chamber of Lords speaking of joining the empire, citizens are angry and beginning to push back. Though nothing major has happened yet, Salenora is in a position to be overthrown, but for now the King has an iron grip on his people.