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Sat 1 Aug 2015
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Rules (read first)
1. Respect the other players and don't be an all around ass. We're here to have fun and enjoy the game. Any complaints or if I see you being a jerk, I'll kick you out.

2. Respect other player's characters. If they are in the game, it is because I approved them. You do not have to start questioning their backgrounds or saying how things should or shouldn't be. If you want to have a previous history with another player, I'm all for that. Just don't let me see you asking someone to change their character to fit your story.

3. Try to keep dialogue with a colored text, it helps me and others to distinguish when people are talking.

4. This game will be mature, so violence and language are allowed....just don't overdo it.

5. Don't be a canon Nazi or some type of setting perfectionist. This game may have things that are not common or hell, even possible, but this is my game/story. I enjoy character interaction and seeing how the story changes through the actions of the players. I will gladly take suggestions or advice, but I see any negativity on how things are going, you'll end up a plaything for a drow.

6. Grammar does not need to be perfect, but at least try your best. If English is not your first language, give me a heads up before I mistake you for a held back 3rd grader.

7. Any new rule for later.

To show you've read and understand these rules.  Please paste "I CAN READ!" at the top of your RTJ. I don't see that, I will not even bother reading it. CANNOT EXPRESS THIS ENOUGH!!
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Sat 1 Aug 2015
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Game will be starting at fairly low levels and initial player requests will contain the following:

Character Name:
Class/Race concept:
General Personality:

Created characters will all be part of the same guild so will already be familiar with one another.

As this is just for initial applicants, giant backstories or massive detail is not required. I am looking for concepts and character ideas that will fit into the group and setting. Requesting players may need to adjust characters if needed so I would prefer having a loose idea over a set character to provide flexibility.


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