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Character Creation
The .pdf we're using is completely free online:

Skills, attributes, ect., are explained in further detail in the .pdf.

Basic outline:

1) Character Concept: Have some idea of what sort of character you want to play. Do you want to be a grizzled road warrior? An inquisitive and proud wasteland barbarian? A devilmay-care autogyro pirate? A two-fisted scholar? You donít need anything particularly detailed at this point. As needed, skim over the various Rearings and Pursuits (pages 23-29) and see if any of them inspire you.

2) Assign Attribute Points: Consider what your characterís natural abilities are likely to be. Are they going to be strong or frail as a result of a childhood disease? Persuasive or shy? Intelligent or slow-witted? Bear in mind what sort of character you want to play, and which Attributes are most likely to characterize them. A scarred pit fighter, for example, is likely to be stronger and tougher than normal, or a feral savage may have developed sharper senses. First, look over the Attribute descriptions (pages 30-31) to get a good grasp of what they are and mean, and then split 18 points among them, with at least 1 and no more than 5 in any single Attribute.

3) Calculate Health: Unless modified by Mutations or Flaws, calculate a characterís Health as follows: (Muscle + Tenacity + Toughness) x 2

Shade in any boxes on the characterís Health Track (see the character sheet) beyond that number, leaving the unshaded boxes to show their Health.

4) Record Natural Skills: All characters have Natural Skills, which are Skills that everyone has at least some rudimentary proficiency in such as swinging a punch, running, and jumping. All characters start with the following Skills at Novice level (1): Athletics, Brawl, Melee, Notice, Persuade, Shoot, and Stealth.

5) Select and Record Rearing: What sort of upbringing did your character have? What kind of environment did they come from? Where they live now might not be where they were born and raised. They might have left their home willingly or not, whether they loved it or loathed it. Pick the most appropriate Rearing template, make any necessary choices, and record any Skills or other details.

6) Select and Record Pursuit:
What has the character done for most of their adult life up until this point? What are they most experienced or proficient at doing? Although they can develop in any way once the game starts, their Pursuit gives you a clear idea of where their skills and interests primarily lie. Pick the most appropriate Pursuit template, make any necessary choices, and record any Skills, Gear, or other details.

7) Customize!: You have 4 points to buy new Skills for your character or improve existing ones, though again, remember that level 4 limit! Some humanoid animals have no Skill points with which to customize.

8) Personalize!: Give your character a name, describe their appearance and gear as necessary, and briefly outline their life, personality, and motivations. You donít need to overdo it; a few good descriptive sentences are better than pages of material youíll barely reference.

Completed Character Example

Name: Iron Ghost (originally Marcus Lanner)
Player: Dan
Race: Human
Rearing: Remnant
Pursuit: Brave

Description: Athletic and deeply tanned, with dreadlocked brown hair, narrow brown eyes, and many dark ritual scars forming swirling patterns over his skin. Personality: Convinced that returning to a more primitive existence is less destructive and far more honest. Iron Ghost eschews his past, and is loyal, forthright, and thoughtful.

Background: Marcus left his remnant community in disgust at their over-reliance on technology, and was adopted by a tribe when he was found dying in the wilderness; he struggled hard to become a valuable member of the tribe, eventually earning the name Iron Ghost and becoming a Brave.

Muscle 3
Understanding 3
Tenacity 2
Appeal 2
Nimbleness 3
Toughness 3
Senses 2

Athletics 2
Brawl 2
Drive 1
Intimidate 2
Lore 2
Melee 2
Notice 2
Persuade 1
Ride 3
Shoot 3
Stealth 2
Survive 2
Tech 2
Zoofinity 1

Health: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Armor: None.
Weapons: Knife, heavy vicious bludgeon (large carved wooden club set with animal claws), short bow (12 arrows). Clothing: Hide pants, leather vest (decorated with bone beadwork), bearskin cloak, hide boots secured with leather strips.
Gear: Gas mask, Geiger counter.
Funds: Start with 50 Units. Once you're in game, roll 1d100 and add the result.

Transport: Horse with saddle blanket and harness.

*Feel free to describe your clothing however you like, you don't necessarily have to conform to what is listed in the book archetypes.

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