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Sun 22 May 2016
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Basic overview of ideas, rough design "sketches"
Okay, first we need to decouple progressive aspects from classes to generic (bab, saves, etc), and this ties into tiers and DCs.

The tiers I envision go something like this,
lvls 1-5 = Natural Tier
lvls 6-10 = Enhanced Tier
lvls 11-15 = Supernatural Tier
lvls 16-20 = Demi-divine Tier

Of course, I'm thinking characters should start at a level appropriate to the desired tier of play rather than always starting at one a grinding through every level.

For magic, what I am thinking is to build an alternate casting system that uses spells in d20 as they are.

I am thinking that a MCB (magic casting bonus) which works much like BAB, can be used to roll a check for casting a spell. The DC is set by spell level and can be modified by metamagics, which are always available to any trained caster. The spell always start with effects at CL 1, and any points of the casting check above the DC set the CL (meaning that a tie is CL0, fail), thus rolling doesn't just determine success, but also how successful. I.E. if casting a level 1 spell has a DC of 12, if the casting check was a 15, then the spell goes off as though the CL was 3 (15-12 = 3).

There would be no spell slots, but fatigue and exhaustion impart penalties of -3 and -6 respectively to casting checks.

Optional rule, vitalizing, a caster can make a fort save to negate all penalties to a casting check, they become exhausted automatically, failure and they fall unconscious, fail by 5 or more and the spell also fizzles, fail by 10 or more and they become dying from overexertion, only magical healing can help, otherwise must stabilize on their own (since it isn't a wound).

I'm thinking the DCs for the spells should be SL*4 + 10.

I'm thinking that BAB should instead be BCB, base combat bonus, and apply equally to AC and ATK, along with decoupling the equipment requirement for AC. Thus both atk and ac would improve from level. Important to note here is I'd like to change how armor is used somewhat so it doesn't simply add ac.

Equipment and wealth,
The Ironman principle, there is a difference between what tony stark can do and what ironman can do.

Currently, certain rules such as AC and CR are built to assume certain levels of wealth and bonuses from magic items, and indeed, AC doesn't even improve except by equipment.

One thing, as with AC/BCB above, is to decouple wealth/equipment from level. Thus you can play low levels and still gain awesome equipment, or play high levels with good equipment remaining rare, and do so without unbalanceing everything. However, this is gest done by having a wealth level, so a character's cr is their character level and wealth level. Thus a gm knows that with a wealth level of 5, they should improve ancounter's monster's AC upwards by 1 and dmg by 1 die step, etc.

Of course, cr is just a guide anyway, but with wealth lvls, it'll be easier to judge proper cr even without making assumptions about wealth tied to level.

Also, hopefully allows for a more sensible in game economy.

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The Spark
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Sat 4 Jun 2016
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Basic overview of ideas, rough design "sketches"
Okay, alternative idea for tiers.

Let tier be separate from levels.

For the natural tier, maximums don't grow as fast, nor do certain progressions, thus even level 20s are still within the realm of gritty fantasy, for example, each character gets only one hit dice, then gains 1 hp per level plus con modifier, min 0, thus never gaining superhuman hp. CL and Bab also stay low. In essence, leveling is more about growing in versatility than in raw power.

On the other side, the superhero tier can start with con score * 2 in bonus hp, CL starts at 10, etc. Thus even a level 1 superhero starts out as far more than a mundane could ever be.

I think having much slower progressions period, then different tiers will either get bonuses to start, or modify the progression (such as getting double hp, or bab +5) that way each tier stays in it's zone with both lvl 1 and lvl 20 feeling like a good fit for that tier, yet the lvl growth adds versatility over the course of 20 levels allowing characters to still feel like they are growing.

What do you guys think?