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Industrial Index
Building / Construction list.

Colony Core: Contains the STC and the administrative centre of the colony; also contains emergency facilities and light shield generator.

Effects: Provides Administrative support, produces a Shield of Strength: 10

Shield Generator: Provides an additional level of Void Shields above the colony. Only affects the local area; it is not planetary-grade.

Cost: [45,000 / 9,000]
Effects: Provides a Strength 50 Void Shield to the Colony

Robotics Support Bay: Services and recharges robotic units. Each building can support five units. Robots without this service facility require 300% upkeep compared to standard units.

Cost: [18,000 / 900]
Effects: Maintains and Houses 5 Divisions of Robots.

Factory Complex: One can be built for every Mining Facility within the system. Produces 10,000 IC.

Cost: [18,000]
Effect: Generates 10,000 IC per year.  Ecological Damage possible if overused, requires a Mining Facility

Mining Facility: Produces 1,000 IC per unit of mineral content.

Cost: [9,000]
Effect: Produces (Minerals x 1,000) IC per year.  Ecological Damage possible if overused

Farm: Produces enough food for 10,000 people per unit of habitability.

Cost: [4,500 / 900]
Effect: Feeds (Habitability x 10,000) people

Habitation Complex: A large series of prefabricated housing units, this can house 100,000 people each.

Cost: [27,000 / 900]
Effect: Housing for 100,000 people in fair comfort

Research Facility: A series of laboratories and testing facilities, this can handle most low to mid level research with relative ease. More complex experiments will require further upgrades.

Cost: [45,000 / 9,000]
Effect: +1 Research Slot, +5 to Research Rolls

Basic Shipyard: A light orbital installation, this is capable of producing either a frigate, two corvettes or ten fighter wings at once.

Cost: [45,000 / 9,000]
Effect: Permits construction of Escort class voidships

Psi-Academy: A facility built to provide safe and effective training for Psi-Active individuals up to the Delta classification.

Cost: [10,000 / 2,000]
Effect: Dramatically reduces the danger of having Psykers in the populace, produces a small number of true Psykers per turn of varying levels of power.

Gellar Field Network: An array of modified Frigate-grade Gellar Field generators angled and structured to filter most forms of Warp Radiation that can get through the atmosphere.

Cost: [20,000 / 2,000]
Effect: Dramatically reduces the risk of Mutation and Warp based phenomena

Adderson Wards: A further extension of the Gellar Network, derived from Councillor Adderson's studies.  Provides significant resistance against even direct psychic or daemonic attack.

Cost: [10,000 / 1,000 per structure upgraded]
Effect: Dramatically increases defenses against Daemonic and Psychic attack.

University: A center of learning that would be a match for anything in the Core Worlds during the time of departure.

Cost: [9,000 / 900]
Effect: Maintains an educated society, +5 to Research Rolls

Pharmaceutical Production Facility

Cost: [27,000 / 2,700]
Effect: Produces sufficient medical supplies for approximately 100 Billion humans.

Repair Station

Cost: [10,000 / 1,000]
Effect: Capable of repairing ships up to Heavy Cruiser classification.

Multipurpose Silo

Cost: [9,000 / 900]
Effect: Provides a CP 15 attack from the planet.  Resistant to counterbattery fire.

Current Industrial Exploitation Level:

Marienne System:

Marienne III Factories: 6/6
Marienne III-1: 4 Factories (Maximum before Maintenance)
Marienne III Farms: 5 (430,000 population can be sustained indefinitely)
Marienne III Mines: 6/6
Marienne III Cities: 4 (Room for 400,000 people)
Marienne III Robot Bays: 4
Marienne III Multipurpose Silos: 4

Additional Structures:
Colony Core: Provides 10 Shield Strength, contains administrative core and STC Archive, Must be defended at all costs if we hope to survive in this galaxy
--Adderson Wards

Fourth Generation Void Shields: Provides 60 Shield Strength to Core Colony Facilities

Psionic Academy: Provides safe, shielded facilities for Psi Instruction to be executed up to the Delta Level (Psi 5)
--Adderson Wards

Education Complex: Provides advanced education for colonial residents.  +5 to Research Rolls

Basic Shipyard: Provides 1 Escort Grade Ship Construction Slot

Research and Development Facility: +1 Research Slot, +5 Research Rolls, Critical Failures for core technologies eliminated.

Military Base: Foundation for military command and control

Gellar Array: Filters 99% of ambient Warp Radiation, neutralizing the possibility of significant mutation from proximity to the Eye of Terror.

Pharmaceutical Production Facility: Provides mass production ability for medicines up to Panacea-classification, capable of output for one billion people.

Repair Station: Capable of conducting repairs on Heavy Cruiser sized vessels and below

Naval Academy: Provides advanced training for naval officers, ensuring at least a minimum standard of crew quality in newly commissioned vessels.

Intelligence Headquarters: Permits better recruitment and organization of Intelligence Operations.

Organizational Hubs: Ensures that local AIs can get their shit together and have a meeting hall

Cybernetic Facilities: Permits mass production of cybernetic augments, implants, and replacements

Strategic Weapons Center: Permits deployment of superweapons, use with care!

Titan Base: Permits maintenance and deployment of Titan Legions

Military R&D: Allows for Army-based military research and development.

Asteroid Belt:
Minerals: 6, 5, 5, 4, 7
Habitability: 0
Maximum Mining Facilities: 2 each

Mineral 7: 2 Mines
Mineral 6: 2 Mine
Mineral 5: 1 Mines

Outer System Moons:
Minerals: 8, 6, 3, 7
Habitability: 0
Maximum Mining Facilities: 5 each

Mineral 8: 5 Mines, 5 Factories
Mineral 7: 5 Mines, 5 Factories
Mineral 6: 5 Mines, 5 Factories

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