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Federation Army
Federation Army Units:

A single Regiment is made up of Ten individual Divisions of any combination of Automaton and Human forces, filling up a single Transport Slot.

Current Regiment Types:

Basic Federation Combined Arms Regiment: 1 LORD, 1 HORD, 2 Velite, 2 Hyperion, 1 Cyborg, 1 Terminator, 1 Landsknecht.(110,000 IC Raising, 11,000 IC Upkeep)
Size: Approximately 100,000
Skill: 4 (Professional)
Equipment: 3 (Powered)

Automaton Forces

Light Offensive Robot Divisions [LORD] [1000/100]: 11
A division of light drones ranging from human to rat sized, these drone are primarily intended to combat foes with light armaments, and to pursue enemies into areas that cannot be easily reached by larger variants without subjecting the area to high levels of damage.
Can be upgraded to Stealth variants, at which point it becomes LORD/S. Suffers from 200% maintenance costs.

--All 11 are Stealth
---All 11 are also Prototype (Equipment 4, Resistant to Warpy Stuff)

Medium Offensive Robot Divisions [MORD] [2000/200]: 9
Heavy infantry robots, these are designed for both open-field combat and urban assault; their size is sufficient to mount heavy armour and weapons, though this prevents them from entering some buildings. It is advisable to deploy a LORD in tandem with them in case of urban clearance.
Can be upgraded to Shielded variant; at which point it becomes MORD/Sh. Suffers 200% maintenance costs.

--All 9 are Shielded
---All 9 are also Prototype (Equipment 4, Resistant to Warpy Stuff)

Heavy Offensive Robot Division [HORD] [5000/500]:  5
A division of light, medium and heavy tankbots and similar craft, these vehicles carry both extremely heavy weapons and armour, as well as shield generators as standard. They are both relatively quick and resilient, designed to fight enemies on the open field.
Can be upgraded to Hover variant, at which point it becomes HORD/H. Suffers 200% maintenance costs.

--All 5 are Hover
---All 5 are also Prototype (Equipment 4, Resistant to Warpy Stuff)

Human Forces

Velite Division [500/50]: 4
Mobility Enhanced Jumptroopers, equipped with light powered armour and integrated boosters.  10,000 per regiment, Skill 4/Equipment 3 average stats

Hyperion Gunship Wing [4,000/200]: 4
A wing of Hyperion Gunships to provide air-to-ground support for the army.  Skill 4/Equipment 3

Planetary Defense Force Division: 14
Reasonably well trained forces drawn from former Imperial settlements.  Equipped with federation-spec Carapace and Lasweapons, they make a mockery of typical Imperial militia. 10,000 per regiment.  Skill 3/Equipment 2 average stats

Titan Legion [15000/3000]: 4
Manned Titan forces, equipped to the finest standards available to the Federation.  Each consists of three Battle Titans and two Scout Titans, Counts as a full Regiment

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