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Federation Navy
Strike Craft

Pinion-class Light Fighter Wing: 1
Eagle-class Heavy Fighter Wing:
Albatross-class Torpedo Bomber Wing:

Escort Ships

Hussar-class Lance Corvette: 6
Wendigo-class Torpedo Corvette: 6
--Columbus Equipped: 6
Star-class Frigate: 4
--Columbus Equipped: 2
Nebula-class Frigate: 11
Cygnus-class Stealth Frigate: 6

Capital Ships

Ruin-Class Light Cruiser: 4
Phantom-class Stealth Cruisers: 2
Malta-class Cruiser: 1
Atlantis-class Assault Carrier: 1

Unique Vessels:

Silver and Lead: Old defense frigates attached to the colony-expedition, Combat Power 50 each, no particular advantages.

Morningstar: Early Star-class Frigate, has earned something of a reputation for gallantry since the Arrival.  Combat Power 75, no particular advantages.

Janus: A state-of-the-art Survey Cruiser at the time of departure.  While its combat ability is not on the level of a main battle-line vessel, it is still a match for most modern Battleships, and can outrun anything that it can't outgun.  Combat Power 150, Scanner, Long-Range

Due Diligence: A late Federation Heavy Cruiser, rebuilt as close to his original specs as possible.  Combat Power 425.

Belisarius: A late Federation Battleship, the prototype of the AI series that eventually turned against mankind, but fought at the side of humanity in the Iron Man Rebellion.  Combat Power 700/800, Warp Drive is currently beyond repair.  Mostly combat ready for Sector-level engagements.

Dauntless: The current Flagship of the Survey Corps, a descendent of the Janus, the Dauntless is a heavily customized and upgraded Survey Cruiser equipped with prototype stealth generators on top of the normal functionality of a Frontier class Cruiser.  Combat Power 250, Scanner, Long-Range, Torpedo, Stealth

Yima: Another recovered late Federation vessel, equipped for high speed patrol and light combat duties.  Combat Power 325/350.

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