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40745 Update [Turn 9]
40745 Update

Major Actions:

[X] Build List

You have dedicated a considerable amount of resources to construction over these years, and with good reason. Some has gone to replace the freighters lost to mysterious circumstances, and also to prepare for evacuation, should such be required. Other resources have been diverted towards the continual expansion of your industrial base, four more asteroid mines now constructed to bolster their production. A farm and enough support bays to maintain your robotic forces are joined by a biotech research facility, something that has already proven its worth in collaboration with the Eldar.

By far the most resources have been used in expanding your military forces, including the first standard cruiser constructed by you since your arrival. Far more dangerous than a Ruin, the Malta is a vessel capable of simultaneously engaging two Imperial battleships, likely successfully. Other ships have been built, as well as planetary defences, to give a reasonable expansion to both your offensive and defensive capabilities.

[X] Update our Anti-Warp Defenses to integrate the Pallas-series innovations, updating our current slapdash methods to the new standard (Any new structures necessary will have the IC reserved for it) (Precog Successful, 9 + 8 = 17, +2 on the check here)

With massive strides in anti-warp technology – and the demonstrated need to employ it – you implement your advancements as rapidly as you can. Current methods are outdated and patchwork – and though they functioned, they were always vulnerable.

Threading the new Pallas series of defences throughout vital infrastructure is expensive, but necessary, especially this close to the Eye. Psychic wards are layered alongside mechanical devices, both designed to disrupt or deny warp-entities entrance, and to sap the power of any that may try.

Though they will likely never be truly impregnable – there are too many large and powerful warp-entities for that to be the case – they will now be considerably better at defending from the lower-level examples of their kind.

[-30,000 IC, Critical Threat Halved]

[X] Continue Overseeing Hades Uplift

Hades Secondus remains an unpleasant world, and it will take many years to fully convert it to a truly habitable one. The domes that have been constructed there assist in cleaning the air within them, but outside still remains a hellish quagmire of smoke and acrid fumes; the result of millennia of poorly-run industry. Atmospheric processing stations are gradually undoing the damage, but they will take many years to complete this task.

Trapped within, a billion people are stuck on a world that would be considered barbaric to keep the worst prisoners on. Elysium is an option, but resettling hundreds of millions quickly is not easy, and the birth rate on Hades remains high, at least for now.

Living longer than before, the older generation are not quite sure what to do; their jobs are taken by growing automation and the younger generation, while the private sector remains a relatively small portion of the global economy. They have food and medical care in greater quantity than ever before, but they lack a purpose. Their world slowly grows in sophistication, but they do not grow with it.

[X] Try to straighten Elysium out and get it smoothly integrated

With all of the effort being put into dealing with Elysium, almost any issues that are brought up are dealt with before they become a problem. Without an entrenched culture, hazardous mores can be curtailed and new ones implanted while not overly disrupting their growth as a world.

Their slight distrust of new immigrants has now been eroded and the planet is moving towards being a model - if slightly low-tech - colony. With time and effort it will continue to expand in size and scope, and could eventually provide enough food for a fair portion of a sector, if it remains untouched by any enemy.

[X] Propaganda to help mitigate morale losses from the Campaign

With access to the colony datanet and plenty of AIs, you can distribute propaganda quite easily. Conversations are rife, and you put in a fair amount of effort is put into shaping the discussion towards more useful ends. You cannot control what they think, however, and the general mood is not quite what you might wish. They do not exactly blame you, their overall response being one of anger directed at the enemy. The fact that you could not save the world was a regrettable one, and it does send some to grumble at the fact that you are permanently seeming to respond to enemy strikes, rather than actively deal with them in advance. You don’t really lose any standing over this, but nor do you gain any, either

[X] Joint work on the Life Sciences Structure with the Eldar
[Resolved Previously]


The sector is more vulnerable now than it has been at any time before. Although most of their fleet's ships are intact, half of them are uncrewed and lie silent in dock. With most of the tech-priests busy on Ataraxia, they will slowly start to degrade over time.

With only enough ships to guard the critical strongpoints of the sector, patrols will suffer, and any attacks that come will be met with limited force at best. While you have obliterated any pirates you can find, more may come from other sectors, and there remains the ever-present risk of chaos raiders emerging from the Eye.


Though you have had some warning, the arrival of the Martian Fabricator-General still raises concerns. Two dozen battleship class ships – and above – have jumped out with close to two hundred smaller escorts, and now reside above the forge-world of Ataraxia. The Fabricator-General has been in continuous meeting with the leading tech-priests of the world since he arrived, though as yet no decisions have been made.

The fact that no summary judgement has been raised against you is a good thing, but you have no guarantee of a good outcome. Attempting to influence the situation may prove helpful, but to do so would require passing under the guns of the Martian fleet.


Current Resources: We currently possess a relatively large stockpile of 596,434 IC.

Hades Secondus is rated as a Class III Industrial World, with an output of approximately 360,000 IC per turn. It remains somewhat undeveloped but critical infrastructure is being fabricated on-site. For the moment it retains the supply penalty of 9, due to running as the equivalent of a Class-IV world, but this is slowly beginning to change. Currently this entire deficit is being supplied by Elysium.

Elysium is a planet now slowly growing, and is rated as a Class II Agricultural World, costing 60,000 IC per turn and producing a net supply surplus of 14. Although your freighter links were disrupted it has not overly influenced overall exports. .

Marienne III currently produces 418,000 IC per turn, and is supply-neutral.

Navy: With continual expansion of resource gathering operations and the ever-increasing scale of the threat you face, your naval forces once again are expanding. With a new cruiser and a pair of light cruisers, you have more than replaced the losses suffered in recent years.

In addition, six stealth frigates have been created, designed for use with your advanced stealth fields. These cannot operate at the same time as their shields, however, making their employment in a direct combat role a tricky one at best. Their utility in covert or strike operations cannot be understated, however.

With the loss of the Illustrious and the many experienced hands aboard, combined with the expansion that you are currently undertaking, recruiting additional crew from Marienne is starting to become a problem. Your colony simply cannot support the thousand-strong crews required in sufficient number, and more will have to come from either Elysium or Hades.

With the help of your Necrontyr allies, the Due Diligence has been restored to a reasonable condition. Not quite up to original specification, he is nonetheless the most dangerous complete combat unit you possess. Belisarius is still undergoing repairs, and remains a poor choice for combat deployment, however much firepower she may be able to bring to bear.

Your conventional forces now total a combat power of 2037, with an additional 700 in defensive fortifications. Beyond this you possess the repaired Due Diligence [425] and the Belisarius [600/800].

Beyond this there are also a half-dozen stealth frigates, totalling 360 combat power, but they are not standard line combatants.

Army: The army has been busy, and has had a considerable expansion in firepower - if not numbers. An additional Titan Legion has been built, along with a pair of transports sufficient to drop them in a hostile combat zone.

With four of the groupings, your ground forces can drive off anything short of a battlecruiser, and put up a good fight against even that. Any unsupported enemy assault will suffer severe casualties against such forces.

On Marienne, this is considerably better; with the colony shield generator and the addition of three multipurpose silos, ground-based weapons could destroy a battleship so long as it was within range.

Strategic: You possess a Strategic Weapons Facility capable of constructing Sunburst-class antisolar weapons. You also possess four unstable antisystem singularity charges, though not the codes to reformat their targeting parameters.

Industry: Marienne III possesses six mines and six factories on-planet, with nineteen mines and nineteen factories off-world within the system. They produce 418,000 IC per five years. Two Utility Robot Divisions are present, enabling the construction of two buildings a year.
With such an expansion in number of mines and factories, easily exploitable space and available resource deposits are starting to become rarer, and the transport of materials is becoming more complex. While not yet an issue, it is only a matter of time before this begins creating efficiency penalties.

Industrial Worlds:
Tier III: 1

Ecology: Marienne III remains ecologically stable, vegetation and animal life covering the scars from past attacks to the point they can barely be seen. Much that the Eldar do is built to last, and this world is no exception, capable of healing itself from all but the most grievous damage in time.

With growing uncertainty over exactly how likely another attack is - and whether or not you will stay in this place - the population growth rate has fallen considerably. Your overall population growth rate has been abnormally high, however, and this may seem to simply signal a return to the norm of a developed civilisation. With long lifespans and advanced medical technology, there is no risk to waiting for even several centuries before having children, and at least for now people seem willing to do so.

[~+0.5% Population, now stands at 460,000]

Hades Secondus remains in a deplorable condition - worse than many industrial accidents - but has begun to be slowly put right. Atmospheric processors are working to gradually clean the air to a healthy state, though the soil is another matter. Extensive heavy-metal poisoning would require every ton to be sifted to produce usable farmland, and this is simply an implausible task, given your current priorities.

Elysium is slowly expanding fields across one of the main continents, covering large portions of pseudo-grassland with fields and cattle-farms. Swathes of the original biosphere are being protected - either those areas unsuited for farming or deemed too valuable to simply turn over to farming. More than sixty million live on the world now, and it will likely soon be upgraded in classification, so long as Hades immigration remains constant.


The enemy has been crushed, though once more you have lost many in dealing with it. Far from crippling morale, however, the loss of the Illustrious has seemed to galvanise the population. People stand defiant against an enemy that seems determined to destroy worlds wherever it goes. That you achieved a decisive victory is enough to give them the knowledge that the enemy can be defeated, even in the worst situations.

Morale: Great, [80/100]

The initial gains you have made on Hades have slowly slid back as a younger generation has grown up used to the comforts you bring. Immersed in the history of an interstellar empire advanced far beyond the Imperium, and worlds lush and numerous, they find themselves growing dissatisfied with the lot that they seem to have been assigned. Even with the domes, the planet is unpleasant to live upon, and has no greenery. It is a barren rock compared to the wonders that can be found amongst the stars, and the envy is slowly eating away at them.

Meanwhile, the older generations were used to a life of constant toil and drudgery, and without that are somewhat purposeless. The cultural divide between themselves and their children is not an easy one to bridge, though it is one that is hopefully not irreparable.

Morale: Poor [45/100]

The colony-world of Elysium is slowly forming its own identity, though it has not been without problems over its short history. The promised land to those that arrive from barren Hades, the world offers beauty that few have ever seen before. Even a field is an indescribable marvel to see in person for one who has only ever seen dull green algae before. Vivid colours and a life that promises both a purpose and a future adds to produce a happy and productive world, that will hopefully only expand further as time passes.

While not the work they are used to, the knowledge that they are assisting those on the planet they came from, as well as providing vast quantities of a desperately needed material, has been enough to overcome the shock of transition.

Morale: Great [80/100]

Diplomatic: The giant Chaos fleet that threatened to engulf the sector has been defeated by a combination of your own forces and the local navy. While the eventual outcome of these events has been classified, along with the specifics, people know that you have defended them from the enemies of man, and they thank you for it. [Good: 65/100]

Negotiations with the Imperium, however, went about as poorly as could be expected. They wanted more than you would give, and you didn't really want to give them anything. Further events have muddied the waters, but generally your standing has dropped a little. It has not dropped so far that you may yet risk invasion, so far as you know. [Fair: 48/100]

Maya has returned from her trip to Ataraxia, and her work there has done much to improve an already good relationship. Working with them to produce better schematics has set the world humming – even if there are rumours of darker deeds which they would rather keep private. They are currently still extremely favourably disposed towards you. With the amount you've given them, you now have a degree of hold over them, as well. [Excellent: 90/100]

With the Eldar somewhat isolated on their Craftworld, your general relations with them have mostly frozen. While specific Eldar may have better relationships with you, overall you have only barely managed to escape a degradation. [Good: 70/100]

Survey: The Janus has been dispatched on a number of missions, though remains undamaged and continuing regular duties. Deep surveys of a number of worlds across the galaxy have been completed thanks to the Webway, which allows access to plenty of worlds that would be too far to easily reach otherwise.

Local points of interest are Typhon, Ataraxia, and the local entrance to the ‘Eye of Terror’. Further points of interest are Sol, the Mechanicus digsite and much of the rest of Subsector Promethii, now that most of the Chaos forces have been destroyed. A final point of interest lies within the Eye, recovered documentation referring to something on one of the Eldar homeworlds.
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Re: 40745 Update [Turn 9]
Research Report
(Turn Nine)

The good news is that we made greater progress than I had hoped.  Between my research and Arthur's breakthrough in mathematical Psionic modelling, we've managed to develop a potent, psycho-reactive metamaterial that's every bit the equal of Wraithbone.

It's just... Almost comically expensive to produce, almost unjustifiable if it wasn't for the strength of our economy.  Limited production runs will be made available as we synthethize Primium, but it won't be practical for production beyond personal gear for some time, until we can develop more efficient means of producing it.  And when you couple how we'll need a fair portion just to build the tools we need to actually study more advanced applications...

Yeah, this is going to be a long-term project ahead, but there's things we can do even with our current production.

Breakthrough! Psi-Engineering has been completed!

New Resource Acquired: Primium Unit

(Generated by the work of Psykers folding conventional materials into a dedicated psychoreactive alloy.  Average exchange rate is 10,000 IC to 1 Primium Unit.  May be used to produce powerful equipment, or build facilities to permit further Psitech advancement

Further Psitech development is impossible until an appropriate facility can be constructed

Aside from Psi-technology, we've also made a breakthrough on the study of advanced genetic engineering, by combining what we recovered in the expedition last decade with our current knowledge and data extracted from the Adjutant.  Currently, our capacity to manipulate genetic codes is essentially complete, with only applications and efficiency barring us from doing largely what we want in the long term.  Our joint facility with the Eldar is additionally generating vast amounts of research data, permitting us further study in this field, while also leaving enough capacity open for us to conduct more dedicated projects, along the lines of the Novus Decoding, or trying to tinker with the Astartes gene-seed we've captured in our battles to date.

Breakthrough! Advanced Genetic Engineering has been completed!

New line of Inquiry: Rapid Bioalteration
New line of Inquiry: Simple Biomaterials

New Resource Acquired: Genetic Data

(Generated by studies of exotic lifeforms, and produced by High Life Science facilities, this is used to fuel research in the Biotechnology Tree, as well as fund major Genetic Projects)

And finally, we have the completion of our analysis of future AI programs, and the highest "Safe" level that had been found before the fall of the Federation.  This is the same calibre as Due Diligence, and possesses the same level of potential involved.  I have a few ideas that are opened up by this architecture, but for obvious reasons, I've put a moratorium on further development in this field until we have a better understanding of what went wrong.

Breakthrough! Hyper-Silicate Artifical Intelligence Cores are now available!

Personal Report:

The Academy's going well, the trip to the Mechancius went well, and while I'm screaming internally at the presence of the Fabricator General and his fleet, it's not to the point where it's interfering with my work.

We're fully up to date and code with our defenses, and I plan on spending time updating our weaponry in preparation for the storm that may or may not be on the way.  One way or another, the question as to whether we stand our ground or withdraw from the Marienne System is due--and I'll do my part, whatever option we decide to go with.

That's all for now, I'll keep you all up to date, I'm busy synthethizing as much Primium as I can get away with for future study.

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Re: 40745 Update [Turn 9]
Current Research Priorities:

[X] Electromagnetic Weapons
[X] Dark Matter Manipulation
[X] Rapid Bioalteration

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Re: 40745 Update [Turn 9]
Build List Priorities:

Starting Turn IC: 543,934 IC (Approx)
Starting Yearly Income: 207,600 IC
Upkeep: 59,402 IC


Transport Capacity for the Bug Out Plan
Initial Settlement of the Bug Out System.
Additional Escorts for Navy/Transport Fleet
Recommission Belisarius (200K IC for the remaining repairs, start paying upkeep from then)

Income: 207,600 IC
Upkeep: 59,402 IC
Total Available IC: 692,132 IC
Primium Reserves: 0
Genetic Data: 1

Voidstar Station:
Belisarius Full Recommissioning (200,000 IC)
Nebula-class Frigate (25,000 IC)
Nebula-class Frigate (25,000 IC)
Nebula-class Frigate (25,000 IC)

Basic Shipyard
Bunyan-class Freighter (30,000 IC)

Marienne III Constructions:
Primium Foundry x2 (60,000 IC)

To Stockpile: 327,132 IC

Income: 207,600 IC
Upkeep: 91,502 IC
Total Available IC: 443,230 IC
Primium Reserves: 2
Genetic Data: 2

Voidstar Station:
Atlantis-class Assault Carrier (120,000 IC)
Nebula-class Frigate (25,000 IC)
Nebula-class Frigate (25,000 IC)
Nebula-class Frigate (25,000 IC)

Basic Shipyard
Bunyan-class Freighter (30,000 IC)

Marienne III Constructions:
Slush Fund (50,000 IC)

External Colony Constructions
Elysium Upkeep (60,000 IC)

To Stockpile: 108,230 IC

Income: 207,600 IC
Upkeep: 99,602 IC
Total Available IC: 216,228 IC
Primium Reserves: 4
Genetic Data: 3

Voidstar Station:

Basic Shipyard
3x Heavy Fighter Wings, 2x Light Fighter Wings (2,800 IC)

Marienne III Constructions:

External Colony Constructions
Hestia Core Settlement: 100K

To Stockpile: 106,228 IC

Income: 211,200 IC
Upkeep: 100,018 IC
Total Available IC: 214,548 IC
Primium Reserves: 6
Genetic Data: 4

Voidstar Station:
Custom Frontier-class Survey Cruiser (Stealth Tag) (75,000 IC)

Basic Shipyard

Marienne III Constructions:
Seconded to Hestia

External Colony Constructions
Hestia Mine (9,000 IC)
Hestia Factory (18,000 IC)

To Stockpile: 112,548 IC

Income: 214,800 IC
Special Income: 380,000 IC
Upkeep: 100,468 IC
Total Available IC: 606,880 IC
Primium Reserves: 8
Genetic Data: 5

Voidstar Station:

Basic Shipyard

Marienne III Constructions:
Seconded to Hestia

External Colony Constructions
Hestia Mine (9,000 IC)
Hestia Factory (18,000 IC)
Hesperus Exterminatus Munitions (8,000 IC)
Security Overhaul Funding (15,000 IC)

To Stockpile: 556,880 IC

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Re: 40745 Update [Turn 9]
[X] Build List
[X] Mandatory: Conduct a Referendum on the question of whether the Federation Remnant should remain based on Marienne III, or if steps should be taken to relocate our center of government elsewhere.
[X] Complete Hades Uplift
[X] Begin recruiting additional personnel from new planets
[X] Commence initial exploration and settlement of Hestia (5,8 world that was surveyed)
[X] Set up a 'Mental Health' program.  Things are pretty harsh in the fourty-first millenium, and while we're maintaining a stiff upper lip so far, we should probably incentivize getting checked up on (Tentative)

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