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The Midnight Tide
You know that something is coming. You even have some idea of what, thanks to the divinations of Councillor Adderson and Lileath. That idea does not prepare you for what is to come, however, not truly. Even the Daemon Narroth, destroyed on the surface of Marienne, was only present for moments in its true form. That was only a taste of such power, great and terrible.

And now comes the sense of dread, of myriad eyes turned towards you, and the oncoming pressure of a force terrible enough to shake a world to its core without taking a single step upon it. Even with the Gellar Fields and your wardings defending you from the Warp, a pall hangs over the colony, a feeling of oncoming dread.

As time passes, the pressure only grows, and your population grows restless, worried. Like so many before them, they stand awaiting an attack. They do not know what will attack, or exactly when, but that something will is evident from the lowest amongst you to the highest. Even the animals of this world act differently, hoarding food, acting in more furtive manners.

Soon, something appears on your sensors. A great mass distorts the warp around it, something giant approaching. A fleet, yes, but something else, beyond that. Greater manifestations of your enemy travel with them, colossal beasts of almost unrivalled power. They are as much a threat as the ships they move with, titans of psychic might and combat. And as they travel forward, you move your ships into position. You know where they will arrive, and when, but soon something goes wrong.

Your sensors show them moving to one site, the precognition to another. One laid by the fallible hand of man, the other dictated by a god, and one that has never betrayed you. Which is likely true is almost not an argument, for you know that you have been infiltrated by your enemy, and that they have damaged your defences, in anticipation of this moment. Yet they could not touch Lileath.

And so as the enemy breaches realspace, dozens of warp-portals opening, it is with satisfaction that you see them open within the minefield, exactly where Lileath predicted. Mines come alive as they sense their prey, hundreds of ships jumping straight into the middle of a field of death that awaits their coming.

With the first blasts, escorts come apart, shearing into pieces like great shrapnel-bombs. Several warp-cores detonate, tearing at space-time, clawing at their surroundings. More ships die, but so do the mines, torn apart by lambent unreality.

Heavier vessels emerge. A hundred cruisers spill forth from the maw of the warp, plowing into the remnants of their escorts, blasted by mines and warp-tears, scorched and pierced by plasma-bombs and torn asunder by internal explosions. More and more die, hundreds of thousands of souls released out into the warp.

And still heavier vessels follow on behind. Heavy cruisers, grand cruisers and twenty battleships, perhaps not mighty by your standards, but powerful enough to wreck a world by themselves. And aboard are far darker creatures than their mere crew.

And though they arrived last, the minefield is not quite expended. The last few turn, engaging their small engines, and plough into the nearest battleship, burning through its armour, blasting decks and piercing its systems. It flickers, before failing, left to drift until it can be repaired or destroyed.

In the end, of over five hundred vessels that emerged, over two hundred were destroyed, or damaged so severely as to cripple them.

Battleships: 19 [1]
Grand Cruisers: 25 [5]
Heavy Cruisers: 42 [8]
Cruisers: 67 [33]
Escorts: 193 [157]
Estimated Combat Power: ~15,000

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Maya Adderson
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The Midnight Tide
"That went about as well as could be expected"  Maya observed as she recieved the initial reports over her comm-bead.  "I'm going to go complete my preparations.  If they're deploying Warpcraft, I'll need to be in a position to balk them."

Maya Adderson Deployment:
Notes: Combat 5, Psi 8, Equipment 5

Will remain on standby to intercept and engage enemy Warpcraft once we know where they're going to try and deploy, and to help balk any Greater Daemon deployments.  Equipped with the Staff of Forgotten Stars and one of the prototype Arcanist Magnus suits.

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The Midnight Tide
Agrona grimaces as she takes in the numbers. Even winnowed by the mines, it was still a host much, much vaster than anything Hrennsha and Finashwych were in truth prepared to face.

Just a few more decades...

...well, she would simply have to make do. In the end, no matter the outcome, Finashwych would survive and prosper. For the Eldar, all that was in question was how much victory would taste like ashes.

"Admiral Saimshelwe, we are both well aware how inadequate our fleet composition is for this engagement. Yet we owe it to both the humans and Hrennsha to stand by them. Let us fight today where we are strongest, and retreat where we are weakest. For us, there are two goals. To destroy as many of the ships that are in the service of the Enemy as we can, and to bring as many Eldar souls safely back to Finashwych as we can. Remember that even one of our lives are worth a thousand of the slaves of the Enemy."

"I will leave the details of the battle to you and Admiral Thorton. Make us proud."

Eldar Fleet Deployment:
The Skyedge (Heavy Frigate) [CP: 100]
2x Skyedge-class (Heavy Frigate) [CP: 100]
The Sunstreak (Frigate) [CP: 75]
6x Sunstreak-class (Frigate) [CP: 75]
The Sunleaf (Construct-Cruiser [Heavy]) [CP: 450] - Minimal Crew [Functionally Skill 7]
8x One-shot Missile Pods [20 CP]
Total CP: 1275 + 160 oneshot

Location: Close by the predicted entry point of the Enemy fleet, on an intercept course for a brief engagement window.

Eldar Ground Forces Deployment:
Avatar of Khaine
100 Elite Guard w/+5 Equipment
300 Constructs
2000 Regular Guard
7x Light Escort Tank Groups
1x Medium Tank Group
2x Heavy Tank Groups
Enough Transport Groups

Location: Near webway gate of the abandoned Eldar Colony site, ready for rapid response.

Federation Support:
Eldar Psyker Teams embedded with Federation Capital Ships. Provide defensive Psi against daemonic attention and psi-based strikes for Capital Ships. Efficacy theoretically high but untested. Risk of catastrophic failure. Remaining ~200 Constructs embedded as security, armed with Force Weapons.

Agrona Deployment:
Notes: Combat 5, Psi 6 [8], Equipment 5

Aboard the Sunleaf. Can rapidly redeploy to the surface of Hrennsha, but cannot return to the fleet engagement. Acting as Greater Daemon deterrent/bait. Integrated the Shadow Aspect of Lileath, carrying Anaris, a personal-scale webway gate, a set of shadow-knives and the Mask of Denial of Self.

Sword of Annihilation - Wargear:
Psi-focus and vessel of the Old One Progenitor of Khaine. Defaults to Fionnaisling, but is available. Extremely dangerous.

Fionnaisling Deployment:
Inside the Webway, available for anti-Daemon response or emergency deployment, but held back to minimize direct contact with Lileath for the moment.
Allister Cheng
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Sat 3 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
Alister grimaced as he saw the sensor readings of the enemy fleet. He dearly regretted not evacuating when they had the chance.

But he couldn't change the facts, only make sure everyone had the relevant data they needed to do their jobs.

Glancing around him, he saw the analysts paralyzed as the data streamed in. Morale already going down.

Not hesitating a second, he started issuing orders, telling them to do their jobs and get the Fleet and troops all the data they need. To eke out every advantage they could.

He was satisfied that his people went to without hesitation.

Federal Intelligence:

Try to patch the holes in our security the sapper opened, like the sensors.

Keep an eye on events on the colony for more infiltrators or people panicking. Make sure things stay orderly and prepare to evacuate the civilians through the Webway if the situation in orbit detoriates.

Analyze the enemy assets to get Thorton, Schilling and Agrona as clear a picture of their capabilities and intentions as possible.

Alister Deployment:

Within Intelligence HQ, wearing his C'tan Phaseblade, Light Armor and shielding.
Alexander Thorton
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Tue 6 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
Deployment Notes (terribly written IC stuff at the bottom):

Anvil is deployed 'behind' the enemy exit position, at long/extreme long weapons range.

Vast Majority of Combat Vessels [ 4955? ]

Admech Long Range Nova Vessels [ 400?? ] -Only if they can relatively keep up with my forces on the move. If not they are to be part of the Castle group.

The Dancer group is basically all Columbus craft. They are deployed even closer to the enemy, to give them those few seconds of firing while enemy is still transitioning, then they are to harass as necessary until ineffective and they will rejoin Anvil.

All Columbus Capable Craft [ 150+ 150 ] (6 Corvettes, 2 Frigates).


Panther vessels are stealth ships deployed 'in front' of the enemy, to best plant fun gifts* for the enemy. They will then disengage and go to two rally points to await the ork wave, unless commanded by me (or mighty since he is in charge of this group) to do something.

*of the explosive nature.

Dauntless [250 CP + Mightydorf]
All Cygnus Frigates [420]


Castle is basically all the stuff in Marienne orbit/ground silos etc.

All Static Defences/Voidstar. [ 2000~ ??]
Ad mech vessels if unable to keep up with main line.

Other Notes:

Those who can are to wear armour/weapons, given the unlikely but potential for enemy boarding actions.

Have Naesala help me focus/see through any minor enemy tricks.


Pre-Warp in stuff:

"Signal to Dancers:" "You have authority to engage and disengage as you see fit Captain Thorne, but once they get wise to your tactics, rejoin Anvil."

"Signal to Panther:" "After your deployment of the cargo packages, you are to disengage to the sides of the enemy formation and await enemy follow up groups, unless overwritten by fleet command, or if Captain Solheim finds a good moment to do some damage."

"Signal to all ships(Inc eldar):" "Our enemy once again seeks to battle our forces, hoping that perhaps this time they won't be utterly crushed under our boots. Let us continue smashing it in that the results won't change for them, ever. I know full well that each and everyone of us will preform to a standard far superior to that of our foe, and together we shall drive home why our combined forces are the deadliest things in this galaxy. Thorton out."

"Get me Saimshelwe:" "Good hunting Admiral, don't take any risks I wouldn't."

Post-Warp In:

"Honestly. It's like they don't learn." I stated calmly, glancing over the tactical display to see the Columbus group already firing, and the Eldar making their run.

My crew seemed reassured by my tone, even as I shared of some of my worries through my link. <"Time to get to it I suppose.">

"Diligence, send the message, I want to be consistent."

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
"Attention Chaos Fleet. This is Admiral Thorton, Commander of the Terran Federation Navy. You are, as always, outmatched by a superior force. It will save both sides the time if you simply explode on your own efforts, rather than wasting my time."

"Don't bother taking any replies." The captain hummed in assent, well aware that any reply was likely to be an enemy attack vector.


"Signal to Anvil:" "All ships, let's follow the enemy at our extreme firing range. Launch torpedoes."

I looked up <" Captain, Commodore, have fun with your ridiculous guns.">

"Signal to Castle:" "As soon as you deem fit, your forces are to begin hitting the enemy, unless halted by orders from fleet command."

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The Midnight Tide
You strike, the enemy still disorientated after transit and running into an unexpected giant minefield. Blasts from plasma beams and torpedoes smash into their disorganised front and unprotected rear, burning through shields and into fragile hulls. No matter how large the craft, how reinforced by warp-energy, they are still comparatively primitive and comprised of inferior materials to your own vessels.

Even as the first group energise their FTL drives and flicker away, the second group opens fire on the reeling foe. With information surely still coming in and the minefield being recovered from, they are easy prey for a storm of fire from your ships. Plasma-beams and torpedoes repeat what the Dancer group did but with far greater force, pounding cruiser-weight hulls with force to spilt enemies thrice their strength, carving them into pieces.

The great guns of the Due Diligence speak, showing to some extent what a battle must have been like in that great, almost forgotten age. A howling void opens in the centre of their battle-line, carving through a heavy cruiser with its opening shot, before move are drawn in and crushed by the forming fold.

It reaches its peak and collapses, the shockwave turning a dozen vessels into bombs, detonating in massive flashes of light and vapour. A massive hole is opened in their formation, which they are slow to close once more.

The enemy heavy vessels stand proud, edifices to a god both proud and vain. Each a monument to his glory, they sit so far untouched by your attacks. But that is not to be for long, a massive burst of energy carving through one, tearing past the void shields and simply erasing the front half of the vessel. Far too powerful to be simply contained by impacting one, it carries on, carving through a heavy cruiser and projecting onwards into deep space.

Their god does not protect them from the power of humanity's potential, nor your creations. It remains to be seen if it will protect them at all

Further fire is directed at the enemy, but it weakens as the distance between you opens, the enemy moving out of range. Your vessels fire their engines to catch up, but the enemy were already moving on arrival, and your ships were not. The time needed to accelerate took them out of immediate firing range, though not out of danger. Though they lack the time to generate a large minefield, the elements ahead of them have dropped enough warheads to make it an unpleasant experience.

Sane commanders might have broken off, concerned that they were straying into another field of the magnitude of the one they destroyed. But the commander here is either insane, or very confident in their abilities, and ploughs on regardless, pushing through the few dozen mines, taking more damage but losing few ships.

With stealth systems engaged the ships laying those mines cannot be detected, but neither can they be defended from attack, or to fire in return without breaking their cloaks. Even laying mines at more than a snail's pace would be enough to cut through the shroud that surrounds them.

Nevertheless it is enough to damage the enemy, their command structure failing under constant assault, their formation splitting, coherence failing as they turn at different rates. For the moment, at least, they seem to lack a coherent command structure.

But it is less of a boon than it might seem, and your attempts to take advantage of it are far less effective than they might have been, overconfidence on the part of your forces meeting with surprisingly effective long-range gunnery from the enemy. Without extensive knowledge of their exact capabilities, and with so many enemies still intact your ships slow their drives, pulling back from immediate engagement range.

The distraction was not without merit, however, for the the Eldar swiftly slide in through the disintegrating formation, holofields shielding them from detection until it was far too late for the enemy to act. Already disorganised and reeling, they pass through the enemy formation like sharks through a shoal of fish.

But however dangerous they may be, they are few in number and fragile if hit, and so pass by swiftly. Each passing moment brings forth another stabbing laser, another flashing pulsar-lance as they tear into the enemy fleet. But it soon passes, and they sail forth as fast as the solar wind may carry them, soon far beyond the range of their enemies.

A thin trail of hulked vessels pass in their wake, destroyed by their passage.

It is not enough, however, and with fractured coordination, they splinter and reform into smaller groups, each a horde of insane cultists, led by a maniacal individual likely only in charge for their ability to crush the wills of others.

Split into thirty groups or more, they advance towards the nearest targets the most dangerous, the most obvious forces. Some head after the Eldar, but they are chasing ghosts that even your own sensors have difficulty with, but the majority head straight for your main fleet.

With the enemy scattered and uncoordinated, one of your frigate groups and a cruiser take the chance to engage them, moving in a little faster than the main battle-line, smashing an enemy heavy cruiser and its pair of support ships. Soon more fall to their guns, but they almost do not notice the enemy coalescing around them.

They turn to flee, but the enemy nevertheless collapses around the group, overstretched and overconfident as they were. More and more fire pours into overloading shields, and even as they tear through an enemy cruiser, one of your frigates is cracked in two, before the enemy move their fire to another. Its shields drain and flicker, battered by an ever-escalating trail of fire, unable to disengage quickly enough to matter. Its shields fail and the enemy fire smashes into its hull, tearing it to shreds.

Lastly is a cruiser. Your forces have had to move in to cover their retreat, but it is too late to prevent the worst from happening. Enemy fire flickers through shields that continually reassert themselves, powerful enough to abate most fire, but not all of it. Patches of molten armour and destroyed weapon batteries spot its surface, but worse still are the boarding pods. Strange, flitting vehicles moving far faster than any human could survive impact, they smash into the ship and disgorge their payload Chaos Marines, intended to take the ship for their own.

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Maya Adderson
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The Midnight Tide
"The good news is that it looks like we're coming out ahead for the most part"  Maya mutters, still in her ready room while preparing her kit for deployment.  The Staff was obviously neccessary--it was what let her throw down with the likes of Greater Daemons, and there was no way a fleet like this lacked any of them.  She had already donned the Arcanist's first layer, and the Primium plating was currently being given a final check before the rest was put together.

Fortunately, they had allies on hand, and they might have other operatives who could help out, and she was busy tapping up a missive to send outward.  Seeing if that Inquisitor was still around and willing to participate in a...  Mobile Response Force, or something or other.  Taking on the works of the Great Enemy was his job anyway, but she included the possibility of lending her craftsmanship to provide something for him in exchange for his expertise.  The Mechanicus might have specialists as well with their force, which might help for identifying weaknesses, or identifying potential subversion before it could propagate further.

She'd have to be more public than she'd like with her talents, but she wasn't willing to try taking on the greatest of the Enemy's agents with just a force of automata at her side, even if they were specially hardened for the task.
Allister Cheng
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Tue 13 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
"Analyze the data gathered so far. Identify their flag vessels and their subordinate warbands and relay to Fleet Command. Lets see if we can cut off the head."
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The Midnight Tide
Agrona's smile widens with each tiny icon representing an enemy ship that turns into one marking a wreck.

As the fleet shatters and splinters, Agrona turns to address Saimshelwe.

"This seems the best opportunity we may get. At your discretion, let us hunt down fools and stragglers and leave them drifting and dying in the void." She says, tilting her head slightly to the side as she examines the splinter groups, marking them down as she analyses their options.

"My recommendations, Admiral." Agrona says, and shifts her work over to Saimshelwe. Agrona is no great admiral, but she was nonetheless Autarch.

The fleet moves on without her assistance, well-practised movements and commands resonating throughout the great wraithbone hull. She has done what she might. In the meantime, she settles down to wait. And to watch for those enemies few can truly see but her.

Go murder some tiny Chaos Fleet fragments that seem weak to assault by the Eldar.
Alexander Thorton
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Tue 13 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
<"Damn it we're not under a time limit, staying at range and destroying the enemy remains the plan."> I mused sighing visibly, as I transmitted my annoyance to my partner.

The tactical picture -was- good though. This fleet represented a major force investment on the part of the enemy, and it was being annihilated.

The battle was definitely going in our favour, small issues not withstanding. I just hope it is worth it.

"Signal to Anvil..."



Anvil will head down to Dancers present position, and then head at max speed to Marienne perimeter. They are to avoid going right through the enemy formation, unless absolutely necessary. Staying at range remains Modius Operandi.

Dancers will co-ordinate with Eldar attacks, but if anything seems close to reaching the Nova vessels at CASTLE, they will break off and defend those.

Panther unit is to remain out of the fight, awaiting the orks. They are to stay out of the way of enemy fleets. If enemy fleet elements appear to be tracking, they are to form up and max burn towards Marienne defence perimeter, or Anvil.

Castle orders remain the same.

A (Unit? Battalion? Division? Whatever seems reasonable) of MORDS/LORDS/MARINES/WHATEVER is to be teleported onto the boarded cruiser. Said Cruiser is to link up with Anvil if at all possible. If it can't, I want it to take a long long way around back to Marienne, as to avoid combatants.
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Wed 14 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
The main fleet withdraws to the designated point, a considerable distance sunwards, and far deeper into the solar system. At first, it seems that they will disengage with ease, but the enemy shifts unexpectedly, taking them into their own weapons. Changing your own course is not as easy as it might be, the enemy taking far more reckless risks than your own forces would be willing to do. It costs them a frigate rammed out of the way, but they snap off a series of broadsides at your ships as they pull back. Not the most coordinated of attacks, but they spark past the void-shields of a number of your craft, burning into the hull armour and breaking weapons.

No major damage is done, however, and your own return fire is still somewhat damaging, if less coherent than it might be otherwise. A few smaller vessels detonate under your fire, but for once your strikes are less than devastating.

Withdrawing to a far safer distance, outside the enemy's attack range yet also their own, they pepper the enemy fleet with occasional torpedo salvoes, but to little result, the enemy fleets too numerous to attack, even spread out as they are.

The enemy slowly pull their forces back together, whoever is in charge reasserting their authority. The smaller groups start to flow back into a larger formation, leaving one last time to take advantage of the disorganisation.

The Eldar sweep around again, slowing as they tack into the solar wind, rather than travelling against it. It is in this moment that they are the most vulnerable, however, slower and less manoeuvrable, and it is as they slide past the enemy that the foe strikes at them.

Trusting their defences a little too much, they lash out at the enemy, tearing holes through nearby ships...but some force guides the return fire, and all within their little fleet feels the searching claws of their Enemy, looking to claim their souls.

Not so easy as it might have been, but shining bright they inspire the greed of its servants, and draw their attention as much as they hide from it. At this range, and with their ire already raised, they blindly fire at what they think are their enemies, and several shots connect.

Eldar vessels have always been poorly armoured, compared to many human craft, and even these are no exception. Tougher than most, they still cannot stand against the barrage, and so a frigate dies, smashes to pieces. Its crew dead, dispersed into the warp - to escape to Lileath's realm, or to simply be devoured by the dark presence at the heart of this fleet.

The rest move through, damaged but not destroyed, yet disheartened by the fate of their comrades. Death affects humans greatly, but this form of death affects the Eldar far more.


Though they do not know the entrance point for the Orks - that they are coming at all was difficult enough to find, so tangled are the threads of the future, Panther group hangs back, circling around the advancing enemy as they await the arrival of the next wave.

The enemy boarding party slowly moves their way through the cruiser, and reports are grim listening, kept off of public channels for the morale damage it might cause. While they put up a good fight, their weapons and armour better than the enemy may have expected, they cannot face Legionnaires on equal terms for long, and so the crew is pushed back, killed off one after another, to little more than light injury and damage to their opponents.

The addition of hundreds more robots to the craft makes a difference, but by this point the enemy already stands upon the bridge, thinking themselves victorious. Through their destructive urges, they have slaughtered the crew, but this has left them with a ship they cannot control, and a growing force of machines attacking them. Trapped, surrounded and facing a foe they cannot frighten or tantalise, they are slowly killed, one after another. Their numbers dwindle, until one remains, then none, and the cruiser is secure once more.

But it is not back in commission. Half the crew is dead, and many systems have been at least partly damaged. It carries on, mostly on momentum, but is not a combat-viable platform at this time, and may not be for some time to come.


With the enemy now formed back up into a coherent mass, they head for Marienne itself. Your forces move in parallel to them, faster, yet having slightly further to travel. Soon both sides will reach the perimeter defences, and a new phase of the battle will begin.
Maya Adderson
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Thu 15 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
Her kit fully brought together and a shuttle prepared, Maya had relocated up to Voidstar Station, prepared to transit to the Moon for the decoy operation.  With any luck, she might have some backup for the expedition.

Hopefully, she had sent word around, but them responding--or having able assets they can spare--was still up in the air.
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Thu 15 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
Allister Cheng:
"Analyze the data gathered so far. Identify their flag vessels and their subordinate warbands and relay to Fleet Command. Lets see if we can cut off the head."

There are a lot of ships and surprisingly few useful transmissions - though many of a cruder nature or actiing as memetic hazards - but you have an analysis division and the people to staff it, and a reasonable idea of the tribalistic mindset of most Chaos forces. Thus, proper analysis is not a particularly difficult task.

The groups they have divided into are odd, but this may be due to the sheer number of vessels already destroyed. Few have large numbers of escorts, and some are almost entirely top-heavy, consisting of heavy cruisers or above.

In all cases, it is almost certain that their leader will be on the largest ship - the Chaotic mindset forbids anything else, as giving more powerful equipment to underlings is likely to invite betrayal.

As such, the largest vessel in each it given a preliminary flagship tag, though ordering them in actual importance is much harder, given that each is different, but personal power must also be considered.

The largest enemy vessel - and seemingly the most powerful - is flagged as the fleet flagship, but destroying it may be harder than it would otherwise be, if there is indeed a Daemon aboard, coordinating the fleet. Their own ability to affect reality may make this uncertain.

Maya Adderson:
Her kit fully brought together and a shuttle prepared, Maya had relocated up to Voidstar Station, prepared to transit to the Moon for the decoy operation.  With any luck, she might have some backup for the expedition.

Hopefully, she had sent word around, but them responding--or having able assets they can spare--was still up in the air.

The Mechanicus send their condolences, but they apparently cannot spare any from their normal ranks to assist you; the vessels require their full attention to keep running. They could send some from their lower ranks, but they would probably not serve as much more than cannon fodder.

The Inquisitor, however, is a different matter. You stand on Voidstar station, his shuttle landing only shortly after your own. He steps out, stopping in front of you.

An odd gentleman, perhaps, rather gaudy in his manner of dress, he nevertheless carries a serious air about him. He's someone who does what he does because he believes in it, rather than for the power his position brings.

"You require my assistance?" he says, looking at you with one eyebrow raised.
Maya Adderson
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Thu 15 Oct 2015
at 10:28
The Midnight Tide
"I do"  Maya nodded.  "I'm not sure how aware you are of the situation at hand, but the Enemy is here, in force.  Roughly five hundred ships of varying tonnage.  It likely would have swept us aside if we didn't know they were coming, and heavily mine their most likely Translation point."  She smirked.  "Roughly half of their fleet was eradicated there, and we've subsequently hurt them further with our mobile forces, but we're not going to be able to prevent them from making any landings, there's just too many of them, and that means it'll be a ground fight."

She gestured to her shuttle, which was still being loaded for the trip, while also checking to ensure there were no unwarranted ears present.

"The chief problem is that we have confirmed the almost certain presence of high ranking Daemons within their force.  Indeed, we recently had a scare with one being identified attempting to spy and sabotage our defenses.  We were able to catch it and overcame it before it could do any serious harm, but if there's one, there's likely more.  I'd like to request your expertise and assistance to attempt to split their focus.  We can almost certainly overcome a single one per theatre before they can do any serious damage, but to convince them to break ranks, we need to present them a sufficiently tempting bait.  In this case, myself, but for obvious reasons, the number of people who can be trusted to keep their head and protect their heart and mind against this level of threat are limited.  You were one of the first on my shortlist, and you were present anyway.  Are you in, or out?"

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Thu 15 Oct 2015
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The Midnight Tide
Agrona slumps faintly in her seat as the destruction of the frigate is confirmed. It hurts, almost physically.

She knows it must be worse for Lileath.

"...very well. Admiral, we will fully disengage for the moment. The enemy is moving away from us, and we have dead to find, hopefully to bury. Make estimates for the debris, and turn to collect all that we can. A poor substitute, but..." She trails off. There is nothing more to say. All words are bitter. All victory tastes like ash.

No matter what, priceless lives were lost.

But then, life is like that.
Alexander Thorton
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Thu 15 Oct 2015
at 22:21
Re: The Midnight Tide
Maya Adderson:
but we're not going to be able to prevent them from making any landings, there's just too many of them, and that means it'll be a ground fight."

For a brief moment, I felt I had been vaguely insulted. I frowned, shaking my head.

"I hate this part." I stated out loud, echoing the thoughts of much of the bridge crew. Nothing to do. Precise knowledge of what the enemy would do, thanks to basic maths. Hours of simply watching the tactical screens.

At least we'd get to the defence perimeter first.

"Captain, you have the bridge. Everyone should go grab what rest we can before we hit the perimeter."


Head for the perimeter (my rolls from last turn means I get there first).

Firing solutions for everything to prepare for massive sucker punch. By fixed defences, us and Nova Squadron.

Have damaged cruiser retreat to somewhere safe.

Have Dancer rejoin us if it hadn't already.

Firing target priorities are as follows:

Dakka's ID'd target/s.
Clusters of Enemy vessels.
Any other big ships clearly commanding.

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