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40765 Update [Turn 11]
[X] Sweep for any remaining nasty surprises left behind and any surviving cultists or Space Marines.  (Maya Precog Support Prepared), see if we can get advice from the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor at identifying telltale signs of potential corruption (And be willing to provide appropriate 'Gifts' as a token of our appreciation.

You search, scanning with powerful sensors and probing with shielded minds, but despite the thoroughness of the search you find little either way. The enemy had only a short amount of time on the ground - and anything in orbit is slowly demolished anyway, having been prevented from impacting with the world below.

Your knowledge of their rituals and capabilities remains limited, both out of a lack of information and simple necessity - none of you are entirely immune to the potentially damaging memetic hazards such knowledge would represent. And so you cannot truly say what they may or may not have been able to do over their brief time on the surface, or what those few that remain may be able to accomplish with such limited resources.

The Legionnaires that remain have certainly discarded anything too detectable, for you have not found them and you doubt that they have vanished, and while you are reasonably certain you have found most of the cultists, some small amount may still be hiding. Hopefully they will not be too great a problem - the Imperium often has more on a world much larger, and they do not spontaneously suffer major problems without some warning signs in advance.

And unlike their society, yours is not so porous.

Still, they were and remain a threat, and so must still be looked for carefully. That they have not caused any noticeable trouble in these years is a concern, for you do not think that they could restrain themselves for so long unless they were planning something; what that is, you cannot say.

[X] Provide a token of our appreciation for Ataraxia's support in the Midnight Tide Campaign in the form of the schematic for the construction and maintenence of our old-model FTL Communicators.  Stress how it is a supplement for astropathic communications, and not a replacement due to its limited bandwidth and comparably slow transmission speed, but can be relied upon for simple messages.

You didn't think it was possible for Ataraxia to like you further than they already did, at least not while still belonging to the Mechanicus. But with the general approval of the Fabricator-General and your continued showering them with devices and technologies they thought lost, or nearly so, they have only grown closer.

The latest device is one that even they did not truly think possible before your return; their methods are unknown, but still warp-based, and almost as low-bandwidth as your early FTL comm systems. While not technically an improvement, the fact that they rely wholly on material technology and cannot be easily jammed makes them by far a superior platform. That it conforms to their own technocentric viewpoint is quite helpful as well, even if they are becoming considerably less orthodox due to continued exposure to yourselves.

[X] Launch a major attack of opportunity on the world that Kharanar came from, with the goal of destroying the automated ship production facility that was present there.  Make heavy use of the remaining advanced automata units that are still warded from the Midnight Tide, and if breaking through and eradicating the facility itself (And salvaging anything that can be salvaged) becomes untenable, be prepared to detonate a Sunburst to finish it off.  It should be relatively vulnerable with the master having spent so many of his forces on us.

Your fleet sets out, the webway itself leading to the world, dropping your ships out into the raw Warp of the Eye of Terror. Shuddering, buffeted by the winds of chaos and the claws of daemons, they push onwards, safe behind the technological walls of their defensive fields.

For mile after mile they plod onwards, pushing through space warped by subjective experience, by entities seeking to wear down your ships and the morale of your crew, to destroy their allegiance or simply to end them, to tear them apart and destroy all that they are. They have no clear goals, for they have no real minds.

And so your forces push on past them, forcing them aside into a trail behind them, a wake of creatures pounding with futility upon shields meant to keep out things far stronger than they.

It takes longer than you might have wished for the forces to arrive, and the enemy have much more time than you would have hoped to prepare themselves for the assault, enemy ships moving out from parking orbits, from hastily-reassembled slipways and rising from the world below. Without their dark master present things are slower and far less dangerous, but his spirit is dispersed, not dead and gone, so they still follow his will.

So too does the world, twisting and turning with boiling-over rage at your approach. Screams of rage and hate emanate out, blunted by your wards, and closed-off comm systems. They find little purchase upon your people, prepared and guarded from enemy contact, and with a mission to perform.

The enemy strike with whatever forces they can muster - surprisingly powerful for a group depleted such a short time before, but a powerful master can attract many servants, and perhaps he did not throw every vessel to assault your world.

Whatever it is, however, it is no match for your own assault fleet - even the same forces that he attacked you with would not be - and so you push onwards, unable to raise shields beyond minimal levels, but even so your armour is far beyond them, and their weapons are pitiful.

Before their longest-range weapons can attack you have fired upon them, sniping vessels from tens of thousands of kilometres away, carving great holes into frigates and cruisers. Even as you close and they engage with their guns, they do little more than crater your armour. Certainly, you suffer no losses from their fire, while they suffer greatly in return, your vessels bringing greater and greater amounts of weaponry to bear upon them with each passing moment. Soon they begin to detonate, drive-cores unable to hold together with the sheer weight of fire, the ablative effect upon their ships as they evaporate under withering barrages.

One after another they shatter, until there is no more facing you in space, only a growing band of debris, slowly disintegrating into the warp, worn away as rocks by the tide.

And so they move to the next phase. Powerful sensors are turned upon the world, the shipyard scanned and dissected from orbit, looking for some advantage, to see what you may steal from it.

What you find, however, is not good news. The place itself - shifting world below - makes any thought of salvage impossible. The shipyard itself is infested with daemons, and though they may not yet have corrupted it, they are legion, and a full siege would be needed to force them out, something you have neither the time nor the numbers to perform, especially on a world so manifestly dangerous, where reinforcements might spring from the raw warp.

There is little option, therefore, other than to end it as thoroughly as you can. Your vessels strike with cleansing blue flame, plasma-beams burning through the protections of the shipyard and evaporating all within, while the order is given to deploy a weapon of far greater danger.

A small thing, no large than a standard missile warhead, it slowly drops from the launch bay, making a leisurely pace to the world. Its speed a counterpoint to your ships, their engines flaring as they put as much distance as they can between themselves and the planet.

They recede into the distance, a scant few dozen stars blazing bright in a blood-red sky, as another drops from orbit, a trail of ionised air bright behind it as it sheds energy and speed.

And then, in one single moment, it flickers, and the world explodes.

Gravity is a weak force, but a world is a very large thing indeed. Even here, where the fundamental forces of the universe are guidelines and little else, there is enough obedience for it to be a terrifying weapon indeed.

The wave expands at the speed of light, moving across ten thousand miles of space. Meant to destroy a sun, it is more than enough to demolish a world. The sudden loss of gravity brings every speck of energy to the fore, and it expands at a considerable pace for the few moments that it is gone, before the effect dissipates and much of the matter begins to fall back. It will take time to reassemble into a world - and perhaps a third of it has escaped to the warp itself - but whatever solid structures, people or artefacts that were on the surface are now dead.

And the task is done.

[X] Begin settling the worlds in our immediate neighbourhood.  Carefully screen potential colonists drawn from Hades and other worlds for mental and emotional stability, and make heavy use of effective warding schemes to filter out as much of the radiation and influence from the Eye as our technology allows.  Set up trade routes via Columbus Drive across our space, focusing on reliability of transport over speed, let's try to escalate to something closer to a subsector over this next stretch of time.


With Yggdrasil already working hard on setting up colonies using the acclimated Imperial population, you start getting to work on additional settlements beyond the immediate sight of the Imperium. With better drives and sensors, and far better technology to colonise worlds, you manage to drop seed populations on a dozen planets in the buffer zone between the Eye and Imperial space. There are worlds there that are suitable, and you already have extensive survey data on them, making colonisation relatively easy.

Without any real opponents in the area you are able to grow the colonies to a reasonable size, displacing millions from Hades to them over the course of years, carefully ensuring that they do not grow too quickly, but also that they do not suffer any kind of slowdown at any point. With careful AI oversight they are managed in such a way that few real problems occur, and with most of the colonists being from those generations that have only grown up under your governance, they have little problem with your ways. Perhaps they are not quite the model citizens that you may wish, but they are far closer to a standard that you might expect than any else you might find elsewhere.

New Sector Established: [Unnamed]
Capital: Marienne III
Current Worlds: 4I/7B/2A
Current Fleet Groupings: None Assigned
Current Goals: Increase Infrastructure
Control: 100%
Current Profitable Trade-Routes: 0
Industrial Surplus: 300 KIC / Turn

[X] See about charting semi-stable Warp routes between our outlying settlements.  The Webway can't be relied upon without the Eldar colony present here, and being cut off from them unexpectedly could be disasterous.  Fortunately, our Warp Drives are--and remain--excellent, but navigation remains a serious concern. (Maya Precog support prepped)

For now, at least, you retain Webway access, with a number of non-replicateable access devices enabling you to activate any gate not specifically locked by a high authority. It is not impossible that with time they may become lost or damaged, and you will have to find some other way to enter the Webway if you wish to continue to have such access. This seems unlikely, but perhaps not impossible.

As such, you have to prepare to fall back upon well-used and trustworthy drives - ones with a history measured in millennia. While the Eldar may have used the Webway for far longer, you have not, and your understanding of it is minimal.

This area of space is turbulent, but luckily you have both the sensors and the ships to map out the area. Warp routes are not always stable  - especially so close to such a massive disturbance - but you have had the time needed to plot out how it generally affects the region and use this to forecast warp weather over time, and thus predict the routes in the future.

Each one is a route that may cover large distances in realspace, but is calibrated to take advantage of the discontinuous nature of the warp, moving through stable folds and around eddies, both cutting out any delays, and reducing the time needed to spend in the warp. It isn't perfect - nothing involving the warp could be - but the routes are good enough to use by almost any ship, and should remain stable for many decades. They are not, however, resistant to warp-storms or any direct intervention by entities native to the warp (friendly or otherwise) and so can still be disrupted in extreme circumstances.

With this you have ensured that your colonies should suffer no disruption, barring the most powerful warp-events. In addition to this you have managed to chart out an additional trade route for the sector, beyond those that you already possess.

[+1 Trade Route]


[X] Once our forces have been repaired with the salvage from the Midnight Tide fleet (Chiefly the Orks, but anything that can be vouched clean through our current processes from the other wrecks is fine too), contribute in a crash building system to repair our fortifications and augment them further.  Voidstar Station in particular should be completely overhauled with our current best available technologies to bring it fully online.

Once the Marienne System is a proper Fortress System, remaining funds should go towards our army, navy, and colonial efforts (Including fortifying our colonies appropriately.  Perhaps they won't necessarily require the Marienne Treatment, but anything that discourages pirates or opportunistic raiders can't be denied)

You get to work recycling the materials and reprocessing them into usable elements and alloys. You cannot salvage everything, with severe enough warp-contamination on some of the materials that you have to discard it as best as you can to prevent any residual infection.

With the materials to hand you start to construct and alter your defences. Voidstar is the first, but the station itself cannot really be overhauled, so much as completely rebuilt. Most of its components could only be replaced by slightly improved variants without completely reworking the internal infrastructure, which would also require the external structure to be altered.

In the end, this is what you have to do, discarding most of the structure and salvaging what you can, recycling the rest for whatever meagre resources you can extract from it and reprocessing them into heavier, tougher alloys.

Soon a new station takes shape over what little is left, similar - for the design itself is a descendant of your own stations - but different enough to be noticeably changed. Less angular, smoother and comprised of more solid materials, it is a considerable improvement over the previous station in every way. Tougher, larger and far more heavily armed, it is also capable of limited self-propulsion, something that it previously lacked. It can move without a tug but inter-system transit is extremely slow.

Reconstructing the station has consumed a massive amount of resources and suffered a number of false starts but has eventually produced a superior end-product.

Voidstar Station [2,000/50]
[4 Capital Ship Construction Bays]


Current Resources: Counting all recycled materials and expenditure on colony worlds, we possess a total stockpile of 1,000 KIC

Sector/Subsector Control:
[Unnamed]: 100%
Important Worlds: Marienne III, Elysium
Net Output: 300 KIC/Turn

[Ceuta]: 90%
Important Worlds: Hercules, Ataraxia
Net Output: 250 KIC/Turn

[Astren]: 5%
Important Worlds: Hades Secundus
Net Output : 500 KIC/Turn

Navy: With a considerable amount of time now spent patrolling and guarding, your fleet has had to expand considerably over the course of the last fifteen years. With a number of craft damaged or destroyed, your crews have had to reshuffle and expand their own numbers to man an increasing number of ships. What was once a core of a few tens of thousands is now a considerably greater amount spread across hundreds of cubic light-years.

Mobile assets currently total 6000 CP.

[Please select what units you wish that to be, and how they are distributed.]

Army: A significant amount of time has passed and a large number of new troops have been recruited from a growing population. Your ground forces now consist of fifty standard divisions and twenty heavier ones. With ten Titan legions providing the heaviest punch you have enough to garrison most planets above and beyond the PDF that can be raised on each in an emergency.

Strategic: You possess a Strategic Weapons Facility capable of constructing Sunburst-class antisolar weapons. Your arsenal currently consists of seven Sunburts and four Singularity charges, though you still lack their arming codes.


Following the destruction of the enemy assault forces you have entered a period of quiet and expansion, something reflected in your people. With your polity no longer confined to only a few worlds they feel somewhat less concerned about the enemy wiping you out quickly, and with the increased resources these bring, your navy should continue to expand quickly, providing you with a boost to your defences.

Although there was something of a dip in morale following the attack - so many ships and people attacking at once, and the losses you suffered making that impossible to avoid - this has recovered in the intervening period, and the success of the counter-strike and the lack of any enemy retaliation for your victories has led to a growing confidence in your ability to do something about the myriad problems that face the galaxy.

Morale: Great [85/100]

Hades has largely been used as the source for the various seed populations that you have spread in the last fifteen years, its large and increasingly well-educated population having an outlet for their most creative and talented individuals. This does, however, lead to slight resentment amongst those that remain, the older generation now ageing rapidly due to the sheer amount of damage to their bodies, and those that are not quite good enough to get onto a colonisation mission. Effectively trapped on a world that is improving only slowly, they are somewhat resentful of this.

Morale: Fair [45/100]

Elysium remains a model colony, now that its problems have been sorted out. Though it is not as productive as an original Federation Agri-world the increased population represents its own resource, and an interesting change of pace to those that settle there. A considerable amount of the world has now been patterned into agricultural land, although much space has still been set aside for the original biosphere.

Morale: Jubilant [90/100]

Diplomatic: With Intelligence defusing the entirety of your local opposition, any form of coherent resistance to your stealthy takeover of the sector has vanished. With direct marriage ties to the Sector Governor, and business relationships with most of the higher nobility, you have enough strings to pull and blackmail material to practically take over the sector completely.

While an outright takeover may be unwise, you can easily divert policy and alter almost any facet of life in the worlds that make up this region, though this extends mostly to administrative governance; your grasp of the military is somewhat less secure.

[Total: 100/100]

With your diplomats and representatives taking a much more active role in local politics your relations with the Imperium have gradually improved, the stabilisation of a sector wrought with war for the last few decades a major boon, given the conflict still occurring all around. The Imperium has cleared much of the damage that Chaos has caused, but some will surely linger for many years to come.

With your own repairs, trade and administrative efforts, and the backing of the Mechanicus as a whole, you may not always be liked but your efforts are not inhibited and at least for now you are well-vetted by the Inquisition. The fact that you fought off a major Chaos assault - and permanently destroyed at least one daemon - is a great aid to your standing with that organisation, and a helpful asset in your relations with the greater Imperium.

Your overall relationship remains somewhat mixed, however. Some branches like you, others only tolerate you.

[Average Fair: 40-70/100]

Relations with Ataraxia have reached their zenith, almost to the point where you might be able to convince them to secede from the Mechanicus themselves and join with you. Your continuous trade and gifts have led to a new generation of Tech-priests who know little else but the technology once thought lost. With their world gradually undergoing a rebuild to more advanced standards and the approval of the core of the Mechanicus itself, at least for now they will stay.

[Near-Perfect: 99/100]

The Eldar have largely retreated through the Webway to an unknown location; their Craftworld has departed and contact is now limited, at best. It is highly unlikely that you will have any further major interactions with them.

Survey: A significant proportion of the Survey Corps departed with the Eldar; you no longer have access to either capital vessel. However, you retain both the data that they gathered and the technology utilised to construct them. Over the period since their departure you have constructed an additional pair of Survey Cruisers to make up for their absence.

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40765 Update [Turn 11]
Research Report
(Turn Eleven)

The last decade has been a period of great advance in several highly important fields, refining many of the arts that we had in early production--and developing new technologies to help address known threats.  I'll begin with the basics--our preliminary work with Dark Matter derived technologies has borne fruit, and we have successfully gained the ability to harness Dark Energy using it.  Such is effectively the Last Word with regard to non-exotic energy production, and for all intents and purposes, power supply bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

Breakthrough! Dark Energy Reactors is complete!

On the flipside--now that we actually have such a glut of power, what better thing to do with it than to break out expensive, experimental devices to use it all up again?  Experimentation has become far more practical as a result, and many exotic technologies are now something we can make reasonable headway in developing.

New Line of Inquiry: Basic Exotic Devices
New Line of Inquiry: Advanced Chronotechnology
New Line of Inquiry: False-Axis Sensors

The High Life Sciences have also reported a major breakthrough, developed through study of the Gene Seed captured through autopsy of the slain Legionnaires.  Though actually using said organs directly would be foolish, given how long they've been marinating in the stuff of the Warp--we've managed to safely extract the method they use to turn a normal human being into something else, and refine it to our purposes.

In short we now have the ability to safely perform major biological alterations--and to do so within perhaps a year or so.  I've already completed a proof of concept in the form of reproducing my own genetic modifications and setting up a package that can implement them on others--though only on a limited scale so far, further work will be required to do this to more people.

Breakthrough!  Rapid Bio-Alteration is now available!
Project Complete!  "Prototype Novus Conversion" is now available!
New Line of Inquiry: Simple Biomaterials

On the psionic front--I called in my markers from the Eldar before they departed, and got a few months with one of their relic toolkits.  I may have gone a little mad with power, because when I came to a few weeks later, I found myself literally sitting on a small hill of Primium.

Fortunately, I take good notes even in a fugue state, and while I'll never match the actual tools I used there (At least not for a few more centuries), I can reproduce several of the methods easily, and have taken the liberty of implementing them across our Foundries.  Our production of Primium--as such, has increased to the point where we can actually make limited use of it outside of the laboratory.

Also, I took the liberty of using some of it to build a facility that can safely study advanced Psionic phenomena.  You're welcome.

Breakthrough! Efficient Primium Smelting is now available!
Aetheric Research Centre constructed!  Psi-Tech Research Slot Opened!
New Ship Modification Available: Primium Circuit (5% of IC cost in Primium, enables Psitech Mods)
New Line of Inquiry: Improved Psi-Engineering

Beyond that, most of the rest of my work was all cleanup of our old backlogs, getting some old theories revised and made practical, and not actually worth a special note beyond the fact that 'Yes, it's done, and you can do things with it now without costing the earth'.

Breakthrough! Miniaturized Power Fields are now available!
Breakthrough! Early Solar Sails are now available!
Breakthrough! Superheavy Alloy Applications are now available!
Breakthrough! Enhanced Teleporter Systems are now available!
New Line of Inquiry: Basic Self-Reconfiguring Armour

Have fun integrating all of this, I need to get back to my lair.

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40765 Update [Turn 11]
[X] Conduct detailed surveys beyond simply Marienne III's initial region.  We know there are potential problems around Hestia for instance, and Hades' neighbourhood is only moderately mapped.
[X] Councillors Arthur and Cheng have come up with the idea of developing a senate, housed in a well defended ship with good mobility to prevent it from being an easy target for our enemy.  Conduct research and development to design a hull that can meet these qualifications.
[X] Ensure that colonial worlds are well protected.  While achieving the Marienne System's level of security is likely impractical, ensuring that they can put paid to any hostile raiding fleets now, rather then later, is a good use of our time.
[X] We have excellent surveyors and good drives--sound out the idea with our contacts throughout Ceuta and abroad to see if there is any market for that kind of data.  We certainly can't make use of all of it after all, and getting some return for the excess can't hurt.
[X] Subversion is a constant threat--and while we're not as paranoid or determined to rule by fear as the Imperium--we also can't afford to be spending most of our time and focus keeping an eye out for those kinds of attacks every time we make contact with someone.  Begin forming an Internal Security Division out of the best and most trustworthy agents we can accumulate, to begin to work against the threats lurking in the shadows. (MAYA PRECOG SUPPORT PRIMED AND SUCCESSFUL)
[X] Continue putting in the effort to maintain good relations with our neighbours.

One Cartright Cruiser Squadron: 200 KIC (1 Cartright Cruiser, 2 Nebula Frigates, 3 Yeti Corvettes)
Local Construction: 130 KIC

[X] Plasma Drive
[X] Intermediate Laser Weapons
[X] Simple Biomaterials
[X] Perfect Psi-Defenses

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