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40770 Update [Turn 12]
[X] Conduct detailed surveys beyond simply Marienne III's initial region.  We know there are potential problems around Hestia for instance, and Hades' neighbourhood is only moderately mapped.

The Survey Corps may have been reformed, but they lack the same institutional experience that they had before, and as such end up repeating some of the same work before they realise their mistake. Further scans and missions are plagued by raiders, false readings and worlds so resource-poor that you would swear they were hollow - if the sensor readings you have didn't disprove such.

While your charts are ultimately updated, they are quite slow to complete this task, and find almost nothing of any interest - only dead worlds and dust.

[X] Councillors Arthur and Cheng have come up with the idea of developing a senate, housed in a well defended ship with good mobility to prevent it from being an easy target for our enemy.  Conduct research and development to design a hull that can meet these qualifications.

While the administrative groundwork for the Senate has already been completed, their actual location has been hotly debated. To place it on Marienne would solidify your control - but also make it clear who was in charge. Any other would would gradually have the political leadership gravitate towards it, and eventually you would find yourself displaced from command; lesser decision-making begetting more serious ones by simple dint of assumed responsibility.

Placing it on a ship - one that you control - removes most of the issues, and keeps the government firmly under your thumb, to have whatever power you allow, and no more.

The vessel itself must be designed and created swiftly, but without overmuch haste, that might introduce flaws into the ship, causing either damage or embarrassment - both to be avoided with this at all costs.

Luckily you have a robust series of design tools and the experience - and facilities - to create a large, advanced craft solely for this purpose. Lacking the need for the same amount of weapons that an equivalent military vessel would be equipped with, such a craft is somewhat cheaper - if obviously not as dangerous.

The best balance between survivability, cost and mobility would seem to be a standard cruiser - there is little that can harm such without numbers that should not be seen far from the front lines of a war, and it can carry the support staff, facilities and supplies needed to keep the Senate operational for extended periods.

Eventually, you create a design that is not dissimilar to your other cruisers. Somewhat more rounded, with only those weapons needed to defend itself, it is both somewhat larger and tougher, but not massively so. Capable of carrying a senate chamber of up to a thousand - though not so many at this time - the design is capable of carrying out medium-scale interstellar government on its own, FTL-commlinks and adminstrative computer-stacks able to perform every task needed to run an empire.

[Unnamed Senatorial Cruiser Design: 100 KIC / 10 KIC, CP: 150]

[X] Ensure that colonial worlds are well protected.  While achieving the Marienne System's level of security is likely impractical, ensuring that they can put paid to any hostile raiding fleets now, rather then later, is a good use of our time.

With the enemy having demonstrated a continuous willingness - and ability - to attack your worlds, and new threats emerging from otherwise long-forgotten sources, the necessity of defences has been made self-evident. In the past, a minimum of one Titan Legion was stationed on each world, along with highly mobile fleet assets, to harass the enemy and deny them until a nodal fleet could arrive to engage and destroy them.

You lack the resources and the numbers to do such, as yet, and must rely on static defences and simple manpower - though you have better both by far than the locals.

With the order given, each world starts work on their defences, planning based on likely threat, terrain and population distribution to produce the best array of defences and weapon that they can, before breaking ground on each.

With local labour and factories producing the lower-technology and simpler components, and out-system factories producing the more complex technologies required, soon you have a formidable defence grid on every world. With Hades Secondus now producing large quantities of modern equipment, it is possible to redirect some of that flow to service the defensive needs of the colony worlds - though it can hardly handle every single task itself.

Still, each colony now finds itself with Void Shields over every major conurbation, bunkers and shelters to protect them from the enemy, and a robust array of anti-orbital guns, capable of driving off anything up to an enemy battleship.

[All Current Colonies set to Defensive Level 2]

[X] We have excellent surveyors and good drives--sound out the idea with our contacts throughout Ceuta and abroad to see if there is any market for that kind of data.  We certainly can't make use of all of it after all, and getting some return for the excess can't hurt.

Proper charts are a vital part of interstellar navigation - whether star charts or warp-phenomena charts. Even in your time the warp was not perfectly calm, and necessitated some assistance in navigating it. Your sensors can only reach so far ahead, and while a Navigator can assist a starship through the warp, they generally require some assistance to make a speedy passage.

Luckily, with neural-interface technology, this is something they can do. Imperial Navigators likely do the same, but as a whole they are secretive and extremely independent. Their willingness to defer to authority was already poor when you departed - those that you had among the most loyal - and this seems to have only degenerated further since that time.

Thus, charts are not so commonly available, nor necessarily as detailed as those you can make. Your navigators are also far more stable than those used by the Imperium.

Yours lack the many thousands of years of institutional experience that theirs do, however, but possess far better support equipment.

The charts that yours produce are of a superior quality, but they do not cover quite the same area, and are not as useful to Imperial vessels as your own, due to the differences in shipboard equipment and sensor arrays. They at least serve as a useful starting point for Navigators - and perhaps most importantly, while they are for sale, they are not so jealously guarded as those that the Navigator houses usually retain.

Probing around for places and people to sell them to leaves you with two options - you can sell them to the local Navigator Houses, who maintain a monopoly on such. They will likely pay a reasonable amount to keep them out of the hands of anyone else.

The second option is to sell them more generally. This will give you a larger number of potential purchasers and yield considerably more income, but will almost certainly earn you the ire of the Navigators.

[X] Subversion is a constant threat--and while we're not as paranoid or determined to rule by fear as the Imperium--we also can't afford to be spending most of our time and focus keeping an eye out for those kinds of attacks every time we make contact with someone.  Begin forming an Internal Security Division out of the best and most trustworthy agents we can accumulate, to begin to work against the threats lurking in the shadows. (MAYA PRECOG SUPPORT PRIMED AND SUCCESSFUL)

Your external relations and intelligence department has been running overtime trying to perform every task assigned to it - from diplomacy, espionage and other operations within the Imperium, to internal security. While they have made admirable efforts to expand, they have been limited by a lack of good recruits and the simple difficulty of understanding the threats that they face - Chaos itself being hazardous even without direct exposure. With such a large number of external threats to monitor, internal security has been a lesser priority - until recently, you had only a small population to look after, and nearly the totality were trustworthy. The acquisition of colonies has changed this, and now internal security is a priority once more.

Setting up a department is a simple enough task - those agents from Intelligence that are deemed trustworthy and competent enough are selected and given a building of their own to work within, along with the necessary analysis and surveillance data, as well as a set of AIs of sufficient complexity to sift through the vast quantities of data that will need to be processed to perform their jobs.

You are quite lucky to have Maya available to perform some precognitive miracles, however, as she manages to predict a number of holes that this would generate - and the fact that the person originally slated to act as the director for this division would not have been able to handle the responsibility (fine as they were otherwise). Without her intervention, the department would likely have struggled along, barely enough to avert any more dangerous threats. As it is, it will likely have a shaky time, but should be able to perform its task relatively well. With time, effort - and above all, practice - they should improve.

[X] Continue putting in the effort to maintain good relations with our neighbours.

Your relations with your immediate neighbours are very good, and those further away reasonable enough.

With continued patrols, trade and a gradual tweaking of local policies - either extorted, bribed or persuaded - the population seems to be shifting into a more comfortable mood than it has had for a very long time. While those worlds ravaged by war will take decades to recover, those that have not are slowly shifting into a better mindset.

Imperial policies are variable things, but often oppressive - especially this close to the Eye. They are necessary in some ways, for a civilisation as large as it is, with as poor communications and transport links as it has, cannot maintain coherent government across a galaxy.

You have far less of an issue in this regard. Your communications are better, your drives are more reliable, and your government is built on a solid base - at least for now.

With your inherent and technological advantages, you have managed to stabilise the local sector as well as can be expected at this time, with future improvements largely reliant on your ability to properly uplift and overhaul the sector's worlds, and also enact major shifts in societal structure. At this time, the majority of power remains in the hands of the nobility. This is useful for maintaining tight control, but also leaves single failure-points. Democratic or semi-democratic systems are more robust, but are harder to control.

At some point in the future you will have to decide on how to proceed with this, but at least for the moment, it is unnecessary.

[+5 to Ceuta Control]
[+10 to Scylla Control]
[+5 to Calrex Control]


Current Resources: Our current resource stockpile across all worlds totals approximately 1000 KIC

Sector/Subsector Control:

[Unnamed]: 100%
Important Worlds: Marienne III, Elysium
Net Output: 300 KIC/Turn

[Ceuta]: 95%
Important Worlds: Hercules, Ataraxia
Net Output: 265 KIC/Turn

[Astren]: 5%
Important Worlds: Hades Secundus
Net Output : 500 KIC/Turn

[Scylla]: 25%
Important Worlds: Naythren, Enryst
Net Output: 50 KIC/Turn

[Calrex}: 10%
Important Worlds: Ostrecht
Net Output: 20 KIC/Turn

Navy: The Navy has not had to fight a significant engagement for some time, and as such is slowly growing in numbers and resources again. The latest addition is a full squadron, lead by a Cartright-class cruiser.

Mobile assets currently total 6700 CP.

Army: Your ground forces have been deployed on several mercenary campaigns, and although they have suffered some losses, these have been replace with relative ease. The morale losses are not so easy to repair, however, and they are somewhat less well-inclined than they were before.

Strategic: You possess a Strategic Weapons Facility capable of constructing Sunburst-class antisolar weapons. Your arsenal currently consists of seven Sunbursts and four Singularity charges, though you still lack their arming codes.


With an extended period of clearup and expansion, morale has increased slightly, but not by a massive amount. Until an extended period of time has passed without a major attack - or one that is blunted without losses - then you are unlikely to see any great improvements. The difficulty of living so close to a massive warp-breach is not something that can be so readily overcome.

Morale: Great [87/100]

Hades continues to green at a reasonable rate, but planetary improvement takes time, especially on one so abused. Internal environments are faster, but cannot replicate the experience of a living world completely.

While the improvements so far are better than anything they have expected before, the overall speed of the terraforming efforts has left something of a poorer impression on the population. Though they recognise the impossibility of it (barring effects that you would not wish to inflict upon them), they simply wish it was faster, and for now at least this impairs any morale growth. Their mood does not, however, get any worse.

Morale: Fair [45/100]

The world of Elysium moves from strength to strength, the planet pleasant and relatively advanced, high technology largely manufactured off-world, limiting pollution and other issues. With enforced biodiversity zones and massive fields of crops, the planet is somewhat contradictory, but a very nice place to live for all of its inhabitants. Morale can hardly improve further than it already is - the majority of the population is ecstatic, facing no threats and living on a somewhat paradisical world (at least compared to anything that they have known).

Morale: Jubilant [90/100]

Diplomatic: Your control over the Ceuta Sector remains nigh-absolute, only tightened by time and the enactment of policies. With the degree of independence granted to local authorities, you have yet to have any real opposition from the higher echelons of the Imperium, and until that time you will have little issue continuing.

[Total: 100/100]

Sector Scylla is the next major target for interaction and subversion. Several operations have already been completed, though to varying degrees of success. The sector itself is still badly damaged from the major Chaos incursion, and is receiving only minor support from the Imperium as a whole. Local opinion is divided on you, though largely positive.

The sector is, however, home to the Astartes Chapter, the Silver Scythes, who are considerably less well-disposed to your presence. They seem to view you as a distraction at best - at worst, an active threat.

[Scylla: 50/100]
[Silver Scythes: 30/100]

Relations with Ataraxia remain unchanged; there have been no major incidents that might have degraded it, nor anything that would boost it beyond the levels that they are at already.

[Near-Perfect: 99/100]

Survey: The Survey Corps has been reconstituted and are now once again performing survey and scientific duties across the galaxy, at your order.

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40770 Update [Turn 12]
Tentative Turn Orders

[X] Tighten up security--with the revelation of the Devourer and the history behind it, we must consider that they have the potential to actually properly infiltrate us.  This can't be allowed. (PRECOG SUPPORT PRIMED AND READIED)

[X] To that end, we've been putting together an elaborate spy network in Ceuta over the past several years--the time has come to put it to use for good by intercepting the worst enemy plots and extracting VIPs as needed.

[X] Reinforcing the defenses of critical facilities will be important, and Ataraxia remains one of the major points of contact between our tech base and the Imperium at large.  Since we're already aiming towards a potential release, assist them in bolstering their defenses against subversion and military attack, releasing Military Technologies as needed to optimize accordingly.

[X] Establish fast evacuation policy for outlying worlds and our allies in the Ceuta Sector--a crash program of Caravels to move what people and industry we can to safer locations, and help keep the supply lines running should help reduce the damage.

[X] Dig out the old records of the lost ships and personnel, and see if we can gain some insights as to our enemy by figuring out where they came from. (PRECOG SUPPORT PRIMED AND READIED)

[X] Shift to a proper War Economy--we're in a position now of an actual existential risk.  Most production should be committed to military forces and defenses until the Devourer has been brought down.

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