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Wed 1 Jun 2016
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A Lion At The Door
"We're approaching the target zone, Admiral." says the Diligence, his voice taut, worried. "This passage is keeping us from telling what's up ahead. I don't like it."

"Don't be so negative, Dili." replies the Belisarius, her holographic avatar joining you on the bridge. "We'll be fine."

"I have told you before not to-" starts the Diligence, before suddenly stopping. "We have something up ahead. Something large; it's distorting the warp to a high degree."

"I'm getting it too. Hold on; trying to cross-reference..." she shakes her head. "Not sure. Got to be big and nasty, though."

You slide out from the warp in an uneven transition, some distance out from an ongoing battle - Thorne's squadron skirmishing with a vessel of truly colossal proportions. Larger than a battleship - larger by far - the humongous bulk of it is matched only by the number of guns and hangar bays that dot its surface.

"Oh, my." mutters Bell as she stares at it. "That's a big chicken."

"Admiral, we're having some issues over here." says Thorne, looking rather dishevelled. "Enemy boarding parties on all ships, two in critical state. We're attempting to withdraw, but that's not going to fix these problems."