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40775 Update [Turn 13]
The sector is once again at war, Chaotic forces led by the Dreadnought labelled the Devourer by your Imperial contacts, after the many ships it has - quite literally - consumed. The near-total destruction of several sectors have been attributed to this vessel, its fleet and its leader, and while strengthened by your advancements, Ceuta has suffered a number of incursions in recent years that have led to it being weaker than it otherwise might have been.

The enemy fell upon the capital, Hercules, arriving in close proximity with over a hundred warships. While well-trained and on alert, the defences were unprepared for an assault so close to the world and were isolated and destroyed with relative swiftness, only a few vessels able to escape before the world was cut off completely.

Thousands of Legionnaires, and millions of cultists and daemons have been deployed to the surface of the planet, quickly overrunning the upper hive structures and the PDF counterparts. Your forces on-planet have been forced to withdraw, either by ship where possible or through the still-active Webway gate in the underhive. As of three days after enemy planetfall there are no remaining friendly assets in contact with you on the planet or in the inner system. Long-range observation reveals a large amount of activity, but is unable to determine what they are doing there.

Tentative Turn Orders

[X] Tighten up security--with the revelation of the Devourer and the history behind it, we must consider that they have the potential to actually properly infiltrate us.  This can't be allowed. (PRECOG SUPPORT PRIMED AND READIED)

You already possess quite strong internal security measures - stronger than much of the old Federation - but several attempts at infiltration have lead to a continual tightening of this, and you are rapidly approaching a limit to how much further you can easily push it without instituting a universal monitoring regime. While people may understand the need for safety, this may be a step too far. Humans under intense observation can suffer severe mental damage, and doing so covertly will likely impair trust in the event it is discovered.

Still, you enhance background checks (to what degree you can with native Imperials) and force anyone who can get anywhere near any sensitive equipment to be tested for mental and physical contamination. A baseline taken before or during is used to judge - and has caught a few normal individuals with some minor cases of mental influence (likely ambient, simply based on your location). Despite the increase in psychic incidence your population is on the whole genetically stable, compared to the hordes of mutants that the Imperium produces. It seems likely that their own lax safety standards contribute to this - the amount of mutagenic and teratogenic compounds produced by some of their equipment defies belief.

Spiritual - for lack of a better term - corruption is much harder to discover. Often it manifests in mental and physical manners as well, but not always - and in some cases is deliberately suppressed. Only direct psychic probing can reveal this (and this carries the risk of contamination itself), and you have relatively few psychics of the needed strength to do so, at least compared to your population and the required number of screening targets.

Still, you believe you have accounted for everyone that may be a direct risk, and neither their physical nor digital presences show any signs of tampering. You believe - though cannot be entirely certain - that you are free of infiltration. More intense screening would require a large-scale intrusion into the minds of the populace - something only possible by an extremely powerful psychic, and with the risk of possible damage if their focus drops for even a fraction of a second.

[X] To that end, we've been putting together an elaborate spy network in Ceuta over the past several years--the time has come to put it to use for good by intercepting the worst enemy plots and extracting VIPs as needed.
You activate the spy network at its highest alert status, and task it to observe for preliminary enemy activity or other suspicious actions. They find little, unfortunately, your own previous assaults having driven what little might be left deep undercover - if the enemy have cults here to destabilise the world they are not ones that you are aware of.

Still, they are not capable of miracles - and when the attack comes, sudden and swift - they are unable to evacuate everyone from their places of residence before the enemy makes planetfall. The Sector Governor died during the assault - and the current location of his eldest two sons is indeterminate. The younger of the pair is currently serving as captain of the Navy vessel Hammer of Flame, which is currently in Warp-Transit, while the eldest was on-planet with his father at the time.

While not strictly speaking enforceable, for the interim the Lady Celina is currently the acting Sector Governor. It remains to be seen what that means, in context.

A few managed to make it off of the world, swept up by your own ships or evacuated by their own - or for those that could not get off-planet before the world was blockaded, sent by Webway. They represent a mix of high and low nobility, though you have not managed to evacuate any entire houses from the world.

Thus far, at least, the enemy has not struck any other worlds, and this has allowed your assets on them to move into a higher alert posture, ready to evacuate the most necessary individuals at little more than a moment's notice.
[X] Reinforcing the defenses of critical facilities will be important, and Ataraxia remains one of the major points of contact between our tech base and the Imperium at large.  Since we're already aiming towards a potential release, assist them in bolstering their defenses against subversion and military attack, releasing Military Technologies as needed to optimize accordingly.
If there is one thing you can do well, it is military technology. From great engines of destruction to shields capable of resisting the fire of enemy battleships, all can be fabricated from your forges with speed and efficiency. Ataraxia remains at a notably lower level of technological sophistication, but they have already advanced to the degree needed to produce some of the lower-end hardware that you normally utilise. To the Mechanicus this is likely seen as the province of select Forge-Worlds, but you are hardly used to such a degree of secrecy within an organisation that should nominally be about constructing technology. Their secrecy and paranoia is beyond even your own (and at least partially religiously motivated) and is thus quite unhelpful. You are not so hindered, and so the disbursement of some of these devices will shore up the defences of Ataraxia greatly. Already they have retooled from the production of lance cannons to more sophisticated plasma devices, and have increased the yield of their standard infantry weapons by nearly 150%. While they may be poor scientists  - if at all - they are excellent engineers when not overly bound by dogma, the institutional experience of working with wildly dissimilar devices and bizarre errors having given them a stable base to work from.

With the assistance of your own foundries, a series of powerful defensive shields have been erected, along with force-barriers on the most vital sections to restrict enemy assaults. Combined with a growing grid of refitted orbital platforms the world is - relatively - safe. It is still possible that it could be overrun, though the enemy would surely lose much in the effort.

[X] Establish fast evacuation policy for outlying worlds and our allies in the Ceuta Sector--a crash program of Caravels to move what people and industry we can to safer locations, and help keep the supply lines running should help reduce the damage.
Many of the worlds in the sector are ancient - some dating back to your era, though perhaps with only intermittent habitation - but have suffered millennia of poor infrastructure and large-scale conscription. Raids by Chaos have also culled portions of the population, leaving a large number of worlds with below-normal populations. Their numbers will recover in time, and thanks to the Imperium's odd mannerisms, creates only a small dip in productivity.

This is, however, something of a boon for your evacuation efforts. It takes time to move large numbers of people, even with stasis-vaults and the cavernous hulls of the Caravel-class. While a city could be placed within almost whole, the population must file in through doors smaller than that, and must be supplied all the while. With many outlying settlements thinned out, the time needed to do so is lower than it was before, and so they are being relocated to preprepared sites that the enemy will - hopefully - have little to no intelligence of.

It will take some time to fully rebuild their industry, but you have already managed to move several billion people out of harms way, and evacuation efforts are ongoing.

[X] Dig out the old records of the lost ships and personnel, and see if we can gain some insights as to our enemy by figuring out where they came from. (PRECOG SUPPORT PRIMED AND READIED)
You have full personnel records for all of this ships that were lost, but they do not prove particularly enlightening, or all that helpful. The captain and first officer of the Apoidea - a vessel that you know has fallen into Chaos hands due encountering its former sensor officer - were both little more than average officers. The captain was competent enough, but was insufficiently skilled to progress to any fleet command position, and his first officer showed all of the signs of ending up in a similar position. Much of the rest of the crew was the same - largely solid and dependable, but with little in the way of outstanding talent. The only exception was one Miranda Lin, now erased from the spacetime continuum, who was apparently a former researcher from one of the foremost warp-research institutes of the entire Federation.

The Tarsus - although not confirmed to have fallen into chaotic hands - has a crew with a considerably greater pool of talent. A small core of highly skilled veterans was accompanied by the brightest graduates of the Luna II naval academy. Though with only limited practical experience the crew as a whole were qualified in a number of areas - astrophysics, starship engineering, tactical manoeuvring and strategic planning. Though inexperienced they were expected to eventually yield twenty-five captains, seven commodores and three admirals - based on career projections.

You cannot, however, readily identify who it is that you face. The name that was given occurs on none of the crew manifests; it is likely that it is either an assumed identity, or that it is a local warlord that took control of the vessel.

[X] Shift to a proper War Economy--we're in a position now of an actual existential risk.  Most production should be committed to military forces and defenses until the Devourer has been brought down.

You make efforts to shift the economy further but almost immediately run into issues. Much of your industrial output is already being monopolised by other projects - including a considerable amount of expenditure on military equipment already. Much of what is spent on the general population is either largely useless for military purposes or is in negligible amounts.

With so many temporary colonies and other commitments already in place, you cannot transfer to a full war economy without completely abandoning them - and in doing so leaving them vulnerable and full of people with little to lose. The possible consequences of doing such may be dire.


Current Resources: Our current resource stockpile across all worlds totals approximately 1000 KIC

Sector/Subsector Control:

[Unnamed]: 100%
Important Worlds: Marienne III, Elysium
Net Output: 300 KIC/Turn

[Ceuta]: 90%
Important Worlds: Hercules, Ataraxia
Net Output: 220 KIC/Turn
The Enemy currently occupies Hercules.

[Astren]: 5%
Important Worlds: Hades Secundus
Net Output : 500 KIC/Turn

[Scylla]: 25%
Important Worlds: Naythren, Enryst
Net Output: 50 KIC/Turn

[Calrex}: 10%
Important Worlds: Ostrecht
Net Output: 20 KIC/Turn

Navy: After fighting a significant battle with the Devourer and its subordinate fleet the Navy has suffered losses, both confirmed ships destroyed and those lost in warp-transit. New vessels have been constructed, though they cannot wholly make up for the crew deficit with sufficiently experienced personnel.

Army: Your ground forces have been deployed on several mercenary campaigns, and although they have suffered some losses, these have been replace with relative ease. The morale losses are not so easy to repair, however, and they are somewhat less well-inclined than they were before.

Strategic: You possess a Strategic Weapons Facility capable of constructing Sunburst-class antisolar weapons. Your arsenal currently consists of seven Sunbursts and four Singularity charges, now deactivated and awaiting targets.


The knowledge that Chaos is - once again - assaulting the sector, and in greater numbers than previously found, is enough to blunt the genial mood of your population. Though continually assailed by foes the fact that you have managed to fight them off with only limited losses has kept your people in good form.

That even with such victories it continues, however, is perhaps exposing a vein of weariness in them. It has had little effect thus far but will surely grow if the enemy is not dealt with quickly - or worse, they increase in number.

Morale: Good [79/100]

Hades is far from the combat zone and in a reasonably quiet sector. Though few regions of Imperial space are totally safe, its defences and naval presence make assaulting it a suicidal proposition for any regular force to be found hiding in the cracks of the Imperium.

The world itself is gradually shifting to a habitable sphere. With the air largely processed by mechanical and biological means, the large domes that covered the cities of the world are no longer needed, and are being disassembled. With the clearing of the worst of the cloud and the detoxification of local soils, crops and other plants can be grown near inhabited areas, though significant proportions of the planet remain too poisoned to grow anything but those plants you have specifically adapted to it.

Morale: Okay [55/100]

Elysium remains a pleasant, productive world. Its population increases slowly, but not too fast, and its agricultural output remains high.

Morale: Jubilant [90/100]

Diplomatic: With the attack on Hercules your control of Ceuta has been somewhat disrupted. Beyond the fact that the world itself is no longer directly controlled, a portion of the administrative records and the local governmental structure resided there, as well as the sector governor. Without these, direct control is considerably harder.

[Total: 65/100]

With most of your effort focused on reinforcing Ceuta sector your incursions into Scylla have been largely blunted; you have not lost ground but you have not gained any, either.

The Silver Scythes appear to be mobilising in force; you do not know exactly why, however.

[Scylla: 50/100]
[Silver Scythes: 30/100]

With the increased rate of technological release and the fabrication of enhanced defensive platforms for the world, Ataraxia has been effectively subsumed into your own polity, rather than as a part of the Mechanicus. Though not under your direct control, it is highly unlikely that they will act against you.

[Perfect: 100/100]

Survey: The Survey Corps has been reconstituted and are now once again performing survey and scientific duties across the galaxy, at your order.

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