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Threat Analysis and Planning [Archival]
Federation Threat Analysis {Records / Recovered Data}


The species classified as “Orks” is a widespread species of unknown origins. Found on [3759] Worlds at current count they show little sign of deviation on an individual basis but also lack the necessary cohesion to present as a unified polity. Initial contact was suspected to be during the [Chandra-9] expedition to [Jotunheim], later confirmed to have an active Ork infestation. The first recorded contact was [12.03.16890] during the deceleration burn phase of [Battlegroup Aquila]. Conflict was swift and the enemy was rapidly destroyed; third contact with intelligent life and the first conflict spawned a brief period of concern; the lack of response from the enemy led to greater scouting efforts.


Orks appear to operate on a combination of seniority and applied strength; additional observations suggest an unprecedented ability to genetically self-augment (or express). While individuals are relatively weak, group cohesion allows for greater expression than on an individual basis. This effect is small at first but appears to sort into a self-ordering (if somewhat unstable) hierarchy as numbers increase. These early societies are primitive and tribal – though the innate capabilities of each should not be underestimated when contacting them,

After a certain (the exact point as yet undetermined) point they coalesce into a significantly more militaristic structure, dictated by the largest – and thus strongest – Ork present. At this phase they commence preparation for interstellar flight, absorbing weaker tribes into the whole with little issue.

They do not appear to be able to comprehend peace except in the broadest terms – as a time when they are not fighting. Indeed, they seem to have an inbuilt drive to avoid it. No attempts at negotiation have succeeded, and even in the case of the destruction of all available combat assets in the vicinity attempts to force them to surrender have failed.

Examination of their genetic structure has proven two things: one, that it was clearly engineered, for that level of sophistication, redundancy and error-checking could not come about by mere chance – and two, that it makes no logical sense. Many strands appear to serve no real purpose, or at least none that can be determined.

In light of these facts we can do little but assume that they are a form of biological weapon designed to self-replicate and scatter. Their creators either lost control or are otherwise deceased. No common ground can be found with them.

Current standing orders: Exterminate on sight.
Recommended Combat Deployment [3 Strike Battlegroups / 5 Titan Assault Groups]


Revision [23059]


Hostile forces have been purged from 103,055 worlds at this time. Additional deep scouts are searching for additional Ork systems; re-infestation rate minimal. Enemy resistance increasing to moderate levels; current losses are above projections at [0.57%].

Galactic sterilisation operation will be concluded within [1027 Terran Standard Years] at current rates.


Revision [40775]

Ork forces are nigh-omnipresent across the galaxy. Scouting runs and analysed Imperial records suggest a presence on [7.9%] of all potentially inhabitable worlds. Infestations are largely unchecked and regularly attempt to expand into inhabited systems. These levels are far beyond initial Terran expansion estimates and new expressions of Orkoid subtypes are becoming known; why the Imperium is not engaged in an eradication campaign is unknown.



Situation: Limited conflict with the Eldar Empire or a fraction thereof.

Since contact with the Eldar in [18598] they have served as the measure against which we place ourselves. In almost all metrics they exceed us - numbers, technology and scientific knowledge - however they have sustained a position as galactic hegemon for a sufficiently long duration to become complacent.

Extensive observation of Eldar technology suggests a number of systemic weaknesses relating to vessel integrity (curiously lacking given their sophistication). In normal situations this would be negated by Holofield technology, however recent breakthroughs in complex warp-displacement sensor arrays allow limited bypass of such, and wide-area spacetime eruptor technology enables engagement within the remaining envelope.

Over the course of the last three hundred [300] years we have experienced a sharp upturn in the number of "rogue" Eldar attacks on our colonies. Such are not limited to the immediate vicinity due to the isolated transdimensional domain designated "Webway" (search operations ongoing for potential exits). Given the number and increasing sophistication of such attacks we are either in or likely to soon be in a low-grade conflict with the Eldar Empire (or factions therein). In the latter case it may also be a signifier of imminent collapse. In such a situation fragmentation and civil war are inevitable.

To this end ninety-three Mobile Fleet Groups have been assigned to this plan, should it prove necessary to enact. More are to be made available as the situation clarifies.


Revision  [40775]

They weren't entirely wrong, but none of the analysts saw Slaanesh coming; to be fair, apparently they Eldar didn't either, not until it was too late. The remaining factions are certainly in a state of low-grade civil war, but are too small to inflict major losses; only those classified as "Dark" Eldar have the numbers, but much like the old Empire they seem to lack the will to impose any form of actual Hegemony.

Certainly with our current assets we are unable to execute this plan; even if we had them it would now seem like overkill.



Since contact with the Eldar there has existed an updated file within High Command detailing the actions necessary if the situation devolved into full-scale conflict with the Eldar. Until recently [~21059] this has largely dictated the terms for planetary evacuation to [Galatic Fallback Designation Redacted]. However, recent developments in advanced weapons technologies [Complex Singularity Device // Sagittarius-class munitions] have allowed full-scale warfare to become a practicable - if abhorrent - reality.

Given the increasing instability of the Eldar Empire and their offensive capabilities, it is necessary to strike first and with extreme efficacy to prevent our utter destruction. To this end, 78% of the fleet is designated for munition deployment and screening [expected casualties: 63%], while 12% of the fleet is assigned to clearing all known Webway gates. The remainder is assigned to core-world defence.

Eldar casualty projections are extreme [85% of known population] and will severely hamper any counterstrike. Full polity militarisation is to be mandated if this plan is enacted; even reduced their capabilities are not to be underestimated.


Annotation [40770]

At the time we thought that this was too dangerous; unthinkable from both a practical and moral standpoint. Given the state of the galaxy right now, I wonder if it wouldn't have been better if we'd gone through with it.


**Due to weaknesses in traditional cladistics, the category "Xenothere" is designated a Kingdom classification, though bears little to no connection to existing Terra-derived life [Or other biospheres].**

The parallel reality designated [The Warp] is a realm that differs from our own in a number of key ways - most notably in the decoupling of space/time relations, the expression of probability waves on the macro-scale and psychoactive response to these factors. Conventional life is nigh-impossible without rapid decoherence, rendered possible only by reinforcement of local reality.

The state of the dimension is of continual high-energy flux, speculated to be caused by dynamic interchange with our own, comparatively ordered, universe [Entropy transfer / Energy siphon].

The environment is not uniform, however, fragments of input and pressure waves within the semi-liquid medium coming together in a manner similar to the early conditions of life on most terrestrial biospheres. Emergence conditions have not been observed (and possibly cannot without adding aberrant factors) but can be speculated to produce life-forms. These are classified as "Xenotheres", as aliens native to a differing space-time continuum.


[Revision 19059]

The Science Vessel [Octal Sunrise] has reported an encounter with such a lifeform. Sensor readings have been analysed and confirmed to correlate with expected patterns for such.

Attempts at communication have failed, and lifeform behaviour has proved disappointingly subsapient [Class IIA], capable of little more than instinctual responses. Lifeform appeared to resemble a vague humanoid shape, however was extremely degraded if based on our template. Further study is advised; the Science Vessels [Elysian Fields], [Europa Point] and [Word Salad] are to be deployed to assist.


[Revision 20735]

Extensive observation of the [Warp] across multiple galactic sectors has given us a greater insight into the complexities of Xenothere formation; viz. the fact that a number of them tend to congregate (or are possibly created by) high densities of psi-active life.

This should not come as a surprise, but in general it serves as a confirmation of a number of theories that were previously unproven. Somewhat disappointingly, however, no lifeforms have thusfar been observed that have displayed more than basal intellect; capable of rote behaviour and pattern-mimicry and little more.

It would appear that evolution of intelligence in that realm is at an early stage (assuming it is in fact possible at all?).



[Revision 20948]
[Logs: Cerulean Star]

Previous contacts with Xenotheric life have been cautious and minimal. Their lack of mental capacity reduces the ability to converse with them to a probing tool and little more; we have created limited mental maps to attempt to understand their function, and they are surprisingly static for life in such a hostile environment [nb. speculation: the rigidity of the mental pattern serves to self-reinforce the physical structure).

Recently there have been other things, however. A variant of large - though somewhat indeterminate (lensing effects make exact determination difficult: suggest planetary-scale?) - creatures have been seen in formation. While they do not appear to be particularly intelligent they are considerably more complex than any previous life observed in this environment.

[ERROR: VESSEL LOST [11:03:20948]


[Revision: 21053]

Increasing numbers of vessels are reporting contact with Xenotheric entities and thirty-five have now been lost during or shortly after such; recommended counters are no longer sufficient.

Additional design cycles are now authorised to counter these; current warp-drives and defences are insufficient.


[Revision: 23153]
[Logs: Cerulean Star(?/LOG MISMATCH)]

...close observation of the Leviathan was somewhat closer than anticipated; however we have obtained extensive scans of the interior of the creature. It is uncertain at this time as to whether it is a single life-form or a composite of multiple life-forms or whether the others serve as some form of symbiotic internal flora (possibly parasitic in nature instead?).

Unexpectedly, the creature appears to be at least partly matter-based. Confirmed elemental returns for the lifeform include Carbon, Oxygen, Iron and Magnesium. Additional readings are unconfirmed at this time. It is uncertain whether this indicates consumption of matter that has fallen into the [Warp] or whether it indicates that the Leviathans are able to persist in normal space for sufficient time to consume matter; it attempted to consume the Star however, even if it did not appear to expect our defensive response.

Curiously, the number of Xenotheric creatures we have encountered has increased since that time (speculation: attracted to Leviathan material?). This information will have to be relayed when we arrive at Arcadia.



Revision [40775]

Evolution of Xenothere lifeforms accelerated rapidly during the events leading up to the collapse of the Federation, complexity rapidly increasing in response to the mass psyker blooms and final self-destruction of the Eldar.  Best described as sapient memes existing to spread the influence of a given Prime within the [Warp], and into conventional 4D Space--debate currently is underway as to whether Prime aligned Xenotheres now qualify as a seperate species from those recognized in pre-Fall scientific documentation, with the modern "Daemons" having consumed or destroyed those of their competitors that were not subsumed by a Prime.



Theorized to be a self-perpetuating cluster of ideas and memes, a Xenothere Prime is distinct due to its colossal sphere of influence within the [Warp], and the ability to bud fragments of itself into independent operators, with the aim of spreading the Prime's influence through memetic attacks--and if should that fail, removing disagreeable or noncompliant influences through violence.  All four presently identified Primes take on the trappings of divine beings, and have a sufficient recognition of punishment and reward mechanisms to be able to draw additional followers into them through offerings of personal might, influence, or simply the removal of common stressors.  Such rewards tend to warp the recipent in ways to draw them closer to the Prime's "Ideal State".  Intelligence gathered suggests that the ultimate result of this is either the eventual destruction of the subject through a biological collapse, or a new Xenothere crafted through a destructve breakdown of the subject, creating a new individual that retains some resemblance to the original.

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