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Wed 18 May 2016
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Savage World's System Resources
This thread will have all the system reference and help links. All information provided is legal to use.
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Wed 18 May 2016
at 17:30
System Help
This link is for the Test Drive Rules:

This link is for the online system reference document, which includes edges and hindrances not included in the Test Drive:
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Wed 18 May 2016
at 17:30
House Rules
Please list your current Parry, Toughness, Wounds and Bennies in your Biography in Character Details, like so:
P: 6 T:8(1) W:0 B:4
or some such format.

Please list fame in your biography line.

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Fri 20 May 2016
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PDF only costs $4.99 as of May 20th 2016.