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Sun 9 Aug 2015
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Goes here if we need it, will put any extra sessions we are planning in here.

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Sat 3 Oct 2015
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In reply to DM (msg # 1):

Okay, so little recap for James first - feel free to correct me where I'm wrong Chip/Greg - when we returned Drast would have told Dain about the business deal we had.

Needs to be done IC (in character) on the board somewhere, this is part of the point of pbm. You get to do this stuff properly rather than OOC.

When the Queen got crowned - and we were heading from the Palace or whatever to the Church (during the corronation (a while ago)) she got stopped by a man representing the other Arrivigian empire/half-realm/one city and some villages.

Questions that would be beneficial to be answered when making a decision regarding our response to the invasion:

1. How big is the orc invasion force?
Possible resolution: send scouts - maybe recruit that Zhe guy for it (see main post)

2. If the Arrivigian Realm doesn't unify peacefully - will they be too divided to hold the invasion?
Possible resolution: Again, scouts but also assess the strength of both sides of the realms forces

3. Why would the big orc boss give us warning about the invasion?
Possible resolution: Intelligence check?

4. When is the invasion force due to arrive?
Possible resolution: Again, scouts

5. What were the orcs running from that they are basically planning to flee through us?
Possible resolution: No idea

All should be asked and answered IC not OOC

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6. Is John the hero we need, or the one we deserve?
"That man won't quit as long as he can still draw breath. None of my teammates will.  Me, I've got a different problem. I feel like I live in a world made of mithril. Always taking constant care not to establish a banking empire. Never allowing myself to loose control of the mithril, even for a moment, or someone could discover the mithril. But you can take it, can't you big man. What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you, just how valuable mithril is."

Justice league was a great cartoon and superman is a boss

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Wed 4 May 2016
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Longest post to date, i spent my entire lunch break editing it.

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Wed 28 Sep 2016
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Probably gonna leave the action for an OTT if we get to do one again.

P.S. 100th post bitches