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Tone, Chronicle Manifesto, and House Rules. (read me first)
Tone: Cinematic and gritty
         Vampires are both powerful and cursed. Gritty amd cinematic consists of the balance between the two. It's hard being one of the damned, the nightly struggle, the morality plays, the backstabbing but with all that comes moments of glory and power. That moment when (after years of subtle planning) you sit atop of your throne built upon the ashes of your rivals, when you ride into battle with your broadsword held high, when you male an entire kingdom crumble with a well planted rumor.

Chronicle Manifesto: What is this game
         This will be a long term chronicle, spanning from the medieval period to the modern nights, focused mostly on politics and drama, with some action and personal horror (depending on the characters' s actions and abilities)

          This chronicle will focus on your character's choices. History and the metaplot are changeable. That being said the player characters should be proactive as well as reactive. They can hatch schemes of their own but it is up to them to execute them. If you want to be railroaded and given mission after mission this chronicle is NOT for you.

          This is your chronicle. I just make the world move around the player characters. Your characters are catalysts, not spectators, the world reacts to them just like they react to it. They will not be outshined by NPCs. This is their story first and foremost and they are free to do whatever they want and must except the consequences.

          This is a troupe style game, meaning that there will be moments you won't play your characters. You may play their ghouls, their enemies, their pawns, or something unrelated (at least not immediately). This is to offer an occasional change of tone, scenery, or to offer a different perspective on events.

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House Rules
House Rules

Concerning languages
Most important cainites speak latin, as do most well learned people in the dark ages (clergy, academics, and most nobles). If your character has either academics 1, theology 2, politics 3, occult 2, or law 3 you can speak latin. It may not be perfect, but you can speak it. Many sires teach their neonates how to speak latin early on.

Animalism (at one dot or higher) functions as a language that can be understood by other animalism users as well as animals. It is not a pretty or eloquent language but it can get your point across. It is also seen as very improper to speak it in a formal gathering.

Concerning combat
You do not roll damage It's that simple. You go off of description. I will not tell you how many levels of damage you did, it will be all in the description. This is for the sake of immersion, speeding the game along, and because it adds an element of mystery to a fight.

No initiative rolls. Whoever posts first goes first, just do not post again until everyone else has gone. This keeps things moving.

Tzimice clan weakness
Any Tzimice with vissisitude is no longer bound to their homeland as strongly, however, they are given a strange desire to experiment with the ability, having to make a willpower roll every night befor rising. If they fail then they must use vissisitude to alter something's appearance or biology and study it's effects on a living being (a mortal, animal, ghoul, or itself). These changes are usually monsterous and rarely ever for the benefit of the subject. The further they get from their homeland the higher the difficulty, sleeping in their native soil greatly reduces the difficulty.

Settites on other roads
Settites on the road of sin (and it's variants) are common. These are often viewed as misguided tempers or as serpents who have adapted typhonist doctrine to better bring in more kindred. Those who walk infernal paths are seen as heretics. Walkers of the road of the beast and the road of kings are more rare, but they still exist. These are seen as a little more heretical, but still understandable (Set was a king after all, and the beast is set dwelling inside the undead form according to some tales) though more honorable paths are as despized as the road of humanity or the road of heaven. A small cult of settites who follow Lilith have also emerged, but whether this is some elaborate lure or a genuine heresy has yet to be seen.

All Nosferatu have 1 free dot in obfuscate
Nosferatu have one free dot in obfuscate. This is taught to them almost immediately after the embrace. In game terms this is to make their weakness a bit more balanced.

Concerning Clan Variants
Salibri healers, warriors, and watchers are not separate branches. In other words, a healer can embrace a warrior, a watcher or a healer. This is seen as being attuned to the mortal's soul. People who are agressive tend to be warriors. Peaceful people tend to be healers. Scholars become watchers. While there are exceptions the clan simply trusts that "the blood knows".

Assamite warriors, viziers, and sorcerers are the same as the salubri. A warrior can embrace a vizier, a sorcerer, or another warrior.

Settite warriors of glycon, witches of echidna exist, though they are very very rare and may not be recognized as "true" settites by younger members of the main clan. Most settites are standard settites.

Gangrel variants (city gangrel, country gangrel, mariners, and Greek gangrel) are pretty much indistinguishable. All gangrel have protean. They also have two of the following (player's choice): celerity, animalism, obfuscate, or fortitude. The stranger bloodlines (the ahrimanes, akunanse, anda, lhiannan, and noiad) are still considered gangrel (albeit odd ones) by their cousins despite their different disciplines and weaknesses. This mutagenic property of the blood is usually described by the clan as "the wildness of the blood".

Concerning the Cainite Condition
frenzy rolls are not required for a fire that is small and not a threat to the character in question. Torches hanging on walls do not cause frenzy, torches in the hands of angry peasants can cause frenzy.

Cainites do not have to spend blood for "blush of health". As long as they are not extremely low on blood. This, of course, does not apply to cappadocians. Likewise, you roll awareness plus perception to tell if someone is a cainite, or use auspex.

All roads claim to lead to golconda, just differing versions. Becoming human, becoming the perfect predator, becoming a walking demigod, etc.

There is no unified mythology, the Caine story is just the most widely accepted story in Europe.

Cainites from Distant Lands
There are no kue jin. There are weird clans in Asia with their own culture and beliefs, but they are still vampires. The Anda are the only ones that have made any significant contact with the west, though there are others out there. Most prefer their homeland over the strange and uncivilized lands to the west. Some individual members may face exile or choose to travel to the west but they are rare.
 Likewise the Laibon of africa exist (both those in V20 dark ages and kindred of the ebony kingdom) though without the morality system of Aye and Orun, which is a bit of an exadurated myth concocted by european cainites. They tend to follow roads simmilar to those of European cainites though the name and dogma attached to them are different, some even number themselves among the ashirra as Islam presses south into northern africa and as the Mediterranean nations begin trade with northern africa for luxury goods. They are uncommon, but not as rare as other bloodlines. This is due to the fact that they tend to stay in africa, preferring there homeland over the strange lands to the north.

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