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The Setting and RTJ (read me second)
This chronicle will start in Constantinople in the year 1197. The player characters will either be native to the city (and possibly childer of one of the ruling families) or a newcomer. From there it will branch out. Perhaps the characters save Constantinople from It's fate. Perhaps they take part in it's demise. They may build an empire from it's ashes or move on to different lands. Only time will tell.

The basics of what a character would know about the city are...

Constantanople is one of the last vestiges of the Roman empire. It holds great wealth, old knowledge, and is the heart of the Byzantine empire. It is the largest city in midieval europe and holds great opportunity for any enterprising and savvy cainite. It is ruled by an ancient  toreador named Michael who long ago with two other cainites tried to create a utopia, which is usually referred to as "the Dream". Those other two have either left or died and Michael is in torpor. The city is ruled in Michael's stead by three main families, each descendants of the three founders. Each family has some lesser families that swear fealty to them. In order to get anywhere in the city, or even survive you must either be part of one of these families or be under their protection, and thereby comply with and support "the Dream" at least nominally. Many claim Constantinople is either falling from promenency (and thereby ripe for the taking) or the jewel of the east and will never fall, the same goes for the Dream. Only time will tell.

Only toreador, venture, and tzimice can be descendants of the main three ruling families.
Only lasombra, nosferatu, settites, brujah or, gangrel can be descendants of the minor families.
All others as well as any of the above clans that are not direct descendants of the families are considered outsiders and must seek honorary membership or protection from one of the families during their say in Constantanople in order to have any real influence, no longer be restricted to the seedy, impoverished, districts of the city, and have protection from the more chaotic and dangerous cainites of the city. They may also come from the minor factions in the city (listed below).

(Once you send your RTJ I may give you more information concerning what your character's clan knows and what your character specifically knows depending on their reason for being in Constantinople)

RTJ and Character Creation Guidelines

All clans are allowed, but please keep the following in mind.
Salubri and cappadocians will have a harder time the further along they get. Survival is not impossible, but it will be extremely hard.
Tremere will start out having a hard time, almost to the point of being killed on sight by any tzimice, but will have an easyer time in certain parts of europe.
Ravnos and assamites will be rare with the majority being in India and the middle east.
Bloodlines will be extremely rare.
Former ghouls and ravenants arr allowed
All roads and paths are allowed

All characters will be neonates. Each character will be created using the rules in the V20 Dark Ages book. If you do not own that book, I would reccomend purchasing a pdf, if that is not feasible that's ok we can figure something out.

The unboundable merit and true faith merit are not allowed. Vampires cannot have true faith, even if they believe and follow all tenants of their religion.

Character death is always a possibilty. Conflict and risk build a good story, so there will be both.

In your RTJ include a short character concept (one or two paragraphs). Nothing fancy or even that detailed is required, just the basics. If you're new or just don't have an idea for a character that's cool too, we can figure something out. That's it. Once you are approved make a sheet.

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Factions of Constantinople
The Founding Families
The Michelite Toreador
       The derect descendants of the founding toreador Michael. They are largely in charge of the art and culture of the city though they also work to maintain a cult centered around Michael.

The Obertus Tzimice
       The direct descendants of the Dracon. They are in charge of the city's religious aspect (namely monasteries) thought the obertus monks.

The Antonian Ventrue
       The direct descendants of Antonius. They are charged with ruling the political realm of the city.

The Minor Families
The Magnus Lasombra
         Mostly under the control of the toreador they manage michael's cult as well as a large portion of the eastern orthodox church.

The Malachite Nosferatu
         The Malachites are keepers of secrets first and foremost, though unlike the rest of theor clan they use such information to keep Michael's fragile dream from collapsing.

The children of Judas (settites)
          The children of Judas exist as a sort of wager between their founder and Michael. "What is Eden without the serpent to tempt?". The children are that serpent and they play their role expertly.

The Lexor Brujah
           Mostly under the control of the Antonian Ventrue the Lexor brujah run a complex beurocrasy that keeps Constantinople running. They are law keepers and philosophers in the courts of the undead.

Baron's Gangrel
           Baron's gangrel are the martial protectors of the city. They are the soldiers, the keepers of Elysium,  and ensure that the traditions are kept in Constantanople.

Minor Factions
NOTE: These outsiders still hold sway, despite the families refusal to recognize them.

Narsene Lasombra
     Lasombra who support Narses. They may be direct descendants or siblings of Narses or not, but theu are largely opposed to the Orthodox Magnus Lasombra. Some are cainite heretics.

Cainite heretics
     The Cainite heresy is a small corrupting influence in Constantanople, headed largely by the lasombra prince of Venice, Narses. This group has some overlap with the Narsene Lasombra and other Venetian cainites though there are some heretics who disagree with Narses.

      The Giovanni are relative newcomers. Some support Narses, others support their parent clan of the cappadocians (h opeing to bolster their presence in Constantanople or take thier place), others are strictly independent.

The Tremere
       Up until the departure of the Dracon the tremere were unable to get a foothold in Constantanople. Now they have thay opportunity and are seizing it wholeheartedly in hopes of mining the ancient archives for occult knowledge.

Malkavian flagellants and oracles
       The city is full of prophets of doom and self flagellating madmen. While these alkavian don't have any real political clout they are closely knit and largely left to their own devices.

The Ashirra
        Muslim cainites exist in constantanople, thought their influence is rather restricted and their numbers are few. There is no "holy war" between christian and Muslim cainites thought the former hold much more sway and thereby have the ability to push the latter around and into conforming with Michael's dream (Michael the angel is mentioned in the Qur'an after all). They have a working relationship and their dealings don't go much beyond trade and exchange of knowledge.

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