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Creatures Encountered
 For a reference point here is a comprehensive list of creatures the party has encountered and defeated

1st-2nd level

Goblins (Warriors/Bards/Rangers/Fighters)
Goblin Dog
Giant Centipedes
Tsuto (Half-Elf Monk/Rogue)

2nd-3rd level

Goblin Snakes
Sinspawn of Wrath
Koruvus (mutated Goblin Fighter)
Rat Swarm
Erylium (Quasit Witch)
Wren Familiar
Fiendish Leopard
Fiendish Viper
Fiendish Wolf
Giant Rock Crab

3rd-4th level
Gogmurt (Goblin Druid/Rogue)
Tangletooth (Leopard)
Chief Ripnugget (Goblin Fighter)
Stickfoot (Giant Gecko)
Kyrie (6th Evoker)
Skivvers cat familiar
Yeth Hound
Nualia (Aasimar Fighter/Cleric of Lamashtu)

Before leveling for 5th exp
Bruthazmus (Bugbear Ranger)

4th-5th Level
Malfeshnekor Advanced Greater Barghest
Giant Hermit Crab
Erin Habe 7th Human Expert
Gortus 2nd Tiefling Rogue
Gurna 2nd Tiefling Rogue
Caizarlu 7th Human Necromancer
Roger Craesby Ghast

5th-6th level
a Variety of Haunts
Iesha Foxglove Revenant

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