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Game Information Thread
Heres where I will post game information for the players to go back to

Rise of The Runelords Part I: Burnt Offerings


Area around Sandpoint;ithint=photo%2cjpg


NG small town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +1; Law +0; Lore +2; Society +0
Qualities prosperous, rumormongering citizens
Danger + O
Government autocracy (mayor)
Population 1,240 (1,116 humans, 37 halflings, 25 elves, 24 dwarves,
13 gnomes, 13 half-elves, 12 half-orcs)

Notable NPCs
Kendra Deverin, mayor (female human Aristocrat/Expert);ithint=file%2cjpe
Belor Hemlock, sheriff (human male Fighter);ithint=file%2cjpe
Abstalar Zantus, town priest (male human Cleric of Desna);ithint=file%2cjpe
Titus Scarnetti, noble (male human Aristocrat)
Ethram Valdemar, noble (male human Aristocrat/Expert)
Ameiko Kaijitsu, owner of Rusty Dragon (female human
Shalelu Andosana, local ranger (female elf Fighter/Ranger);ithint=file%2cjpe
Brodert Quink, Thassilonian expert (male human Expert);ithint=file%2cjpe

Base Value 1,300 gp; Purchase Limit 7,500 gp; Spellcasting 4th

(Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6
Additional specific magic items for sale in Sandpoint are
detailed in the pages that follow. Every month, roll 3d4 to
see how many new minor items are for sale, and 1d6 to see
how many new medium items are for sale. Healing items
that might be offered by the Sandpoint Cathedral or other
individuals do not count against these limits.)


Most of the buildings in Sandpoint are made of wood, with stone foundations and wood shingle roofs . The majority are single-story structures, with a few noted
exceptions. The town is often thought of as two districts by the locals. Uptown consists of areas where the ground rises...High Street and Main Street move between Uptown and Downtown. Most of these buildings are relatively new, and the
streets are open and less crowded. This section of town is also physically above the
rest, situated on a level bluff overlooking downtown, which consists of the balance which is only slightly higher than sea level The majority oft he town's buildings can be found downtown, which grows increasingly crowded as available space is claimed by new arrivals. Downtown is built on a gentle slope that runs from a height of about 6o feet above sea level to the west, down to only a few feet above the waterline to the east and south.

Sandpoint Harbor is a modest-sized natural harbor, 30 feet deep for most of its expanse, with sharply rising slopes near the shore. The languid waters of the Turandarok River wind down from the hinterlands, skirting Devil's Platter to empty into the harbor-the river is often used to transport lumber harvested far upriver
down to the local sawmill. South of town rises another bluff on which Sandpoint's most affluent landowners have staked their claims. Only a few hundred feet north of town rises an upthrust spur of rocky land topped with a few trees-this tidal
island is now known as Chopper's Isle, and was once the home of Sandpoint's most notorious criminal. The remote outcropping is accessible only by flight or by a skilled climber, and locals now believe the isle to be haunted by Chopper's ghost; children often dare each other to go out to the isle's base at low tide and touch the barren cliff face that surrounds it, but no one's visited the top in years.

The sight that proves most striking to visitors of Sandpoint at first is the ruins of the Old Light. The original height of this tower is unknown, but those who
have studied the ancient architecture of the crumbling remains estimate it might have stood more than 700 feet tall. Today, less than a quarter of that remains. The Old Light rises from sea level and is built into the face of a 12o-foot-tall cliff, with the tower extending another 50 feet above that level to culminate in ragged ruins. The remaining shell is yet another reminder that neither the Chelaxians nor the Varisians are the first settlers of this land, yet apart from a few badly weathered carvings signifying that the peak of this tower once held a brilliant
light, no insight into the tower's true purpose remains.

1. Sandpoint Cathedral
Absatalar Zantus (Cleric of Desna);ithint=file%2cjpe
2. Sandpoint Boneyard
3. The White Deer Inn
Garridan Viskalai (Sherrif Belor's Brother)
4. The Way North (cartographer)
Veznutt Parooh (Gnome Cartographer)
5. Jeweler
Maver Kesk (Foul Tempered Jeweler)
6. Junkers Edge
--Garbage Dump
7. Gorvi's Shack
Gorvi (Entrepeneur Half-Orc Garbage Collector)
8. Sage
Brodert Quink (Sage on Thassilonian History);ithint=file%2cjpe
9. Locksmith
Volioker Briskalberd (Flamboyant Dwarf Locksmith)
10. Sandpoint Garrison
Sheriff Belor Hemlock + Militia and Deputies;ithint=file%2cjpe
11. Sandpoint Town Hall
Mayor Kendra Deverin;ithint=file%2cjpe
12. Savah's Armory
Savah Bevaniky (Shrewd Weapon Seller)
13. Risa's Place (Tavern)
Risa Magravi (Near Blind Arcane Spellcaster Tavern Owner with 3 older kids)
14. Rovanky Tannery
Larz Rovanky (Workaholic Tanner)
15. Red Dog Smithy
Das Korvut (Dwarven Smith with 3 Red Mastiffs)
16. The Pillbug's Pantry (Herbalist)
Aliver Podiker (Shady Alchemist- Szcarni Frequent this establishment)
17. Bottled Solutions (Alchemist)
Nisk Tander (Half-Elf Alchemist)
18. Cracktooth's Tavern
Jesk Berinni (Looks like a Thug- but has a taste for fine entertainment)
19. House of Blue Stones (Monastery)
Sabyl Sorn (Monk of Irori)
20. Sandpoint Glassworks
-----out of business temporarily owned By Ameiko Kaijitsu
21. Sandpoint Savories (Baker)
Alma Avertin (Expert baker. Twin daughters Aneka and Arika run store under her guidance)
22. The Curious Goblin (Bookstore)
Chask Haladan (older man. frequented by Brodert, Sabyl, and Ilsoari)
23. The Sandpoint Theater
Cyrdak Drokkus (Bard and professional director);ithint=file%2cjpe
24. Carpenter's Guild
Aesrick Battlehorn (Dwarven Merchant and Carpenter Guildmaster)
25. Sandpoint Lumber Mill
Owned by The Scarnetti's Banny Harker and Ibor Thorn (Hard working)
26. General Store
Ven Vinder (Straight Laced merchant) Daughter Katrine seeing Harker at Lumber Mill. Shayliss a flirt looking to find a suitor to take her away.
27. Turandarok Academy
Ilsaori Gandethus (Wizard who trains students in many subjects. also takes care of Orphans)
28. Madam Mvashti's House (Fortune Teller)
Madam Niska Mvashti (Varisian Seer and oldest and probably most experienced person in town);ithint=photo%2cjpeg
Daughter Koya helps out but is a Cleric of Desna
29. Grocer's Hall
Olmur Danvakus (Halfling Guildmaster)
30. Vernah's Fine Clothing
Rynshinn Povalli (Half-Elf Expert Seamstress)
31. Wheen's Wagons
Bilivar Wheen (Lanky Drunk)
32. Scarnetti Mill
Courrin Whesterwill (Suffers from Alergies)
33. The Hagfish (Tavern)
Jargie Quinn (Talkative and interesting) Hagfish-Norah
34. Valdemar Fishmarket
Terch Sterglus (Retired Fisher with a lazy eye and a wild white beard)
35. Sandpoint Market
2x a week fills the square with vendors from farms and travellers.
36. Sandpoint Meat Market
Chod Bevak (Exaggerates with tall tales. but a good butcher)
37. The Rusty Dragon (Inn)
Ameiko Kaijitsu (Half Minkai Bard Ex Adventurer);ithint=photo%2cjpg
38. Goblin Squash Stables
Daviren Hosk (Ex-Ranger. hates Goblins. Colorful)
39. Two Knight Brewery
Gavin Deverin (Paladin of Abadar and brother to Mayor)
40. Sandpoint Mercantyle League
Sir Jasper Kovaski (Paladin of Abadar and Senior Guild Member for merchants. Flamboyant)
41. Sandpoint Boutique
Haliss Korvaski (Sister to Jasper and Cleric of Abadar. despises the Scarnettis)
42. Fatman's Feedbag-rowdy bar
Gressel Tenniwar (heavy set and in the pocket of the Sczarni) Real owner- Jubrayl Vishki
43. The Pixie's Kitten (Town Brothel)
Kaye Tessarani (Lover of The Sheriff and entrepeneur)
44. The Feathered Serpent (Hedge Wizard)
Vorvashali Voon (odd Looking but interesting Mage---creates trinkets and alchemical items)
45. Hannah's (Healer/Midwife)
Hannah Velerin (Elvin Cleric of Gozreh and true healer in town)
46. Sandpoint Shipyard
Belvin Valdemar (Nice guy but hard worker)
47. Valdemar Manor
Owned by Belvin
48. Scarnetti Manor
Owned by Titus Scarnetti
49. Kaijitsu Manor
Owned by Ameiko Kaijitsu
50. Deverin Manor
Owned by Kendra Deverin;ithint=file%2cjpe

Aldern Foxglove (Maginmar Noble);ithint=photo%2cjpg

Tsuto Kaijitsu...villain (2nd Rogue/3rd Monk Half-Elf Male)

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Re: Game Information Thread
Current year-4711 AR (Absalom Reckoning)

---Months past---
Abadius <January>
Calistril <February>
Pharast <March>
Gozran <April>
Desnus <May>
Sarenith <June>
Erastus <July>
Arodus <August>

Rova <September>
31st [Swallowtail Festival---beginning of adventure]

Lamashan <October>
1st [Party Deputized/Desecrated Tomb/Get horses from Aldern Foxglove]
2nd [House by house search/Glassworks]
3rd Harvest Feast[Catacombs of Wrath]
4th [Leveled and prepared to go to Thistletop]
5th [Thistletop]
6th Ascendance Day For Iomedae [day they slew Malfeshnekor]
7th- end 1st module
8th-30th downtime

Neth <November>
1st-30th downtime

Kuthona <December>
1st Sawmill Murders discovered. Habe Sanitorium Investigated.
3rd Left for Misgivings
4th Misgivings Exploration [current Day]
11th Start of Winter Week and Ascendance Day for Cayden Caileen
12th Winter Week
13th Winter Week
14th Winter Week
15th Winter Week
16th Winter Week
17th Winter Week
31st Night of The Pale/Crystalhue for Shelyn/Ritual of Stardust for Desna

Next Year-4712 AR (Absalom Reckoning)

Abadius <January>
Calistril <February>
Pharast <March>
Gozran <April>
Desnus <May>
Sarenith <June>
Erastus <July>
Arodus <August>
Rova <September>
31st [Swallowtail Festival]

Lamashan <October>
6th Ascendance Day For Iomedae

Neth <November>
23rd Seven Veils Day

Kuthona <December>
11th Start of Winter Week and Ascendance Day for Cayden Caileen
12th Winter Week
13th Winter Week
14th Winter Week
15th Winter Week
16th Winter Week
17th Winter Week
31st Night of The Pale/Crystalhue for Shelyn/Ritual of Stardust for Desna

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Re: Game Information Thread
History of The Region

Thassilonian Empire

Over 10,000 years ago, much of modern-day Varisia was ruled by one of the earliest human civilizations on the Avistani mainland, the Thassilonian Empire. Formed by Azlanti exiles, and ruled by the runelords, wizards of tremendous power who practised sin magic, this nation built enormous stone monuments to its own vanity using giant slave labor. The Thassilonians were also served by the indigenous humans, whom they divided into two castes: the militia and the providers. The militia were trained in martial techniques to serve in the nation's armies, while the providers worked as farmers, craftspeople, miners, and mystics.

Already weakened by corruption and warfare, Thassilon quickly crumbled during the destruction and chaos brought on by Earthfall. The runelords, having foreseen this apocalypse, hid in numerous protected sanctuaries to escape death, entering a deep sleep in which most still lie.

The elven city of Celwynvian in western Varisia's Mierani Forest was also abandoned just before the impact of the Starstone. Its inhabitants, along with all the other elves of the Inner Sea region, left Golarion for their realm of Sovyrian.

Age of Darkness

With the runelords powerless and slumbering, the surviving people of Varisia were left to create their own destiny. The human militia caste broke into clans and eventually developed into the Shoanti people, who began settling all over modern-day Varisia. The provider caste transformed into what are known today as Varisians, from whom the land takes its current name, and took on a more nomadic lifestyle.[6]

It was also during this time that the dwarves emerged on the surface at the completion of their Quest for Sky. They established the Sky Citadel of Janderhoff in the western Mindspin Mountains

Chelish Expansion

Thousands of years passed, and the land and peoples became more stable; the Shoanti battled giants and orcs, while native Varisians roamed across the region and spread out across Avistan. Varisia itself was largely ignored by the empires of the south because it was simply too far away, while the Jarls of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings preferred to raid further south, as Varisia lacked any major coastal settlements.

This came to an end during the period of rapid Chelish expansion, known as the Everwar. Southern exploration of the largely wilderness region began in 4405 AR, when Chelish colonists entered the land through Bloodsworn Vale. This sparked a war between the settlers and Shoanti that last nearly a century before the Shoanti were pushed back onto the Storval Plateau and other less desirable regions. With the native inhabitants removed from the most fertile land near the coast, Chelish colonists began to arrive in much greater numbers, under the pretense of bringing "civilization and culture" to Varisia.

Death of Aroden

Another upheaval occurred upon the death of Aroden and the civil war which tore apart Cheliax for decades. After the House Thrune took the throne, a large part of the population left Korvosa and founded Magnimar on the southwest corner of Varisia. These two city states have since been vying for resources, though not openly warring, while the Shoanti grow strong, and ready for war in the north.
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Re: Game Information Thread
Languages in Golarion

Abyssal (Demonic)
Aklo (Ancient Fey/Darklands Creatures and Aboleth)
Aquan (Water-Speak)
Auran (Air-Speak)
Celestial (Angellic)
Draconic (Dragons, Kobolds, and their kin)
Druidic (Gaelic)
Dwarven (Dwarves)
Elven (Elves)
Giant (Giants, Trolls, Ogres, and their kin)
Gnome (merger of Aklo and Sylvan)
Goblin (Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears)
Gnoll (Hyenakin)
Halfling (English)
Ignan (Fire-speak)
Infernal (Devilish)
Necril (ancient forbidden tongue...tied to The Whispering Way)
Orc (Chaos-speak)
Orvian (cross between Aklo and Terran)
Sylvan (Fey)
Terran (Earth Speak)
Undercommon (Merger of Orvian and Elvish)

Human Languages
Common [Taldane] (Roman)
Hallit (German)
Kelish (Persian)
Osiriani (Arabic)
Polyglot [Dialects of The Mwangi Expanse] (African)
Shadowtongue (Infernal/Azlanti/and Common) <Nidal>
Shoanti (Varisian/Giantish/Thassilonian)
Skald (Norwegian)
Tien (Chinese)
Varisian (Balkan)
Vudrani (Hindi)

Ancient Languages
Ancient Osiriani (Egyptian)
Azlanti (Greek)
Cyclops (Ancient Giant)
Jistka (Latin)
Tekritanin (Mongol)
Thassilonian (Russian)
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Re: Game Information Thread

1. Cure Light Wounds (Creamy White)
2. Cure Moderate Wounds (Creamy White with Gold Flecks)
3. Barksin
4. Enlarge

as potions always look the same in my world, once youve identified will always know...come here to refresh your memory

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Re: Game Information Thread
A Recount of The Ranger Shelalu Androsyn's description of The Goblin Tribes around Sandpoint

There are five major goblin tribes in the region. in addition-You see, goblins generally live short, violent lives. It’s unusual for a single goblin to achieve any real measure of notoriety, but when one does, it’s well-earned. Currently, five goblins enjoy the status of “hero.”

The closest to Sandpoint are the Birdcruncher goblins that live in caves along the western edge of the Devil’s Platter, although traditionally these goblins are the least aggressive of the five.

To the south are the Licktoad goblins of the Brinestump Marsh, pests that are excellent swimmers. Vorka is a notorious goblin cannibal who lives in the Brinestump marsh, a “hero” mostly to goblins other than the Licktoad tribe.

East are the Seven Tooth goblins of Shank’s Wood, goblins who’ve secured a place for themselves by raiding Sandpoint’s junkyard and rebuilding the stolen refuse into armor and weapons. Koruvus was a champion of the Seven Tooth tribe, who was as well known for his short temper as he was for his prized possession—a magic longsword sized for a human that the goblin stubbornly kept as his own (despite the fact that it was too large for him to properly wield). Koruvus vanished several months ago after he supposedly discovered a “secret hideout” in a cave along the cliffs, but the Seven Tooth goblins remain convinced that he’s out there still, a ghost or worse, waiting to murder any goblin who tries to discover his hideout.

Further east are the Mosswood goblins, likely the largest tribe but one traditionally held back by feuding families within their own ranks. Big Gugmut is an unusually muscular and tall goblin from Mosswood who, it is said, had a hobgoblin for a mother and a wild boar for a father.

And finally, there are the Thistletop goblins, who live on the Nettlewood coast atop a small island that some say holds a passing resemblance to a decapitated head.  Ripnugget is the current leader of the Thistletop goblins and controls what the fi ve tribes agree is the best lair. And then there’s Bruthazmus, an infamous bugbear ranger who lives in northern Nettlewood and often visits the five tribes to trade things he’s stolen from caravans for alcohol, news, or magic arrows. Bruthazmus has a particular hatred of elves, and we've fought on several occasions. To date, neither of us has managed to get the upper hand on the other, but I won’t be the first to fall in their private war.I questioned the Goblin you captured and he mentioned the name 'Bruthazmus'. Bruthazmus is what I… grudgingly… call a 'goblin hero'.
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Re: Game Information Thread
The region around Sandpoint

Ashen Rise: The smaller of the two lime stone escarpments in the area is the so-called Ashen Rise. Unlike Devil's Platter, Ashen Rise is relatively safe. The only peril that explorers are likely to face up here are flocks of stirges or uncommonly aggressive ravens and crows.

Biston's Pond: Named after an eccentric Varisian druid who lived his whole life on the western shore, this pond lies at the convergence of Weasel Creek and the larger
Turandarok River. Goblins from Mosswood often fish along the eastern shore, and the dilapidated shack that once served as Biston's home still sits on the western shore, supposedly haunted by the old druid's spirit.

Brinestump Marsh: This tangled, overgrown swampland is infested with giant insects , goblins, and other unpleasant monsters . The marshland is relatively unexplored as a result, despite its close proximity to the well-traveled Lost Coast Road.

Devil's Platter: The edges of Devil's Platter are known haunts for the Birdcrunchers - a small tribe of relatively nonaggressive goblins that dwells in
numerous caverns along the Platter's we stern edge. Deeper in, it's rumored that the place is controlled by devil-worshiping bugbears who avoid the light of day but emerge at night from caves to light their fires.

Dragon's Punchbowl: This bowl-shaped island is little more than a series of stony ridges surrounding a small lake. Wyverns roost in caves here, and rumors hold
that a dragon visits the place once or twice per year for unknown reasons.

Egan's Wood: This small copse of trees grows along the lee of Ashen Rise, a thick tangle of pine trees once owned by a local eccentric named Egan who forbade any
clearing of the land for farming. His shack lies hidden somewhere in the woods. Although Egan died long ago, the giant spiders that infest his beloved woods remain
very much alive.

Farmlands: The farmlands south of Sandpoint are relatively safe, but farmers are always getting into trouble with local wildlife or various local dangers, particularly goblins or mites. At any given time, at least two or three farms need help in running off predators or mischief-seeking troublemakers.

Foxglove Manor: Abandoned Manor recently reclaimed by Aldern Foxglove out of Maginmar.

Grubber's Hermitage: Notorious as a generator of shipwrecks, Grubber's Hermitage is a small, isolated island containing a thorp of a dozen fishing families. Insular folk who generally don't welcome visitors. Sandpoint citizens theorize that lepers, ghosts, or worse infest the island. Of late, little has been heard from the Hermitage; with no love lost between this thorp and Sandpoint, no one has gone to investigate the silence as of yet, despite sightings from passing ships of strangely large numbers of carrion birds nearby.

Habe's Sanatorium: A reclusive Man who claims to aid people with mental illness'.

Hag's Plummet: Old Varisian tales recount the tragic story of young Bevanaka, who found a gray hair and sought out an old witch for an elixir of beauty. The witch
gave her the potion, but warned her that the effects would last only as long as she didn't fall in love. For many years, Bevanaka lived as a lonely but beautiful woman, until the day her loneliness grew too great and she fell in love with a young man. Bevanaka grew old in the blink of an eye, but hoped her true love would still remain true. Alas, she was wrong. Horrified by her sudden age, he spurned her. In a fit of despair, Bevanaka threw herself from the cliffs at Hag's Plummet. Since then, these cliffs have been a popular place both for young lovers to sneak away and profess their love and for suicides.

The Moors: The three moors that stretch through much of the hinterlands consist of poor quality soil and stony ground. The northern most is Ashen Moor, a stretch of low-lying land that slopes gradually to the west toward Hag's Plummet. On the far side of Brinestump Marsh from Ashen Moor lies Bleak low Moor, a higher-altitude swath of land said to be infested by ghouls below its barren expanse. Whisperwood Moor, the largest of the three moors, lies to the southeast and is often shrouded in fog well into the day. Goblin dogs, wolves, worgs, and worse hunt here, often coming north to prey on the livestock of outlying farmlands.

Mosswood: Mosswood's primary inhabitants are goblins, and the Mosswood tribe remains the largest of the Sandpoint goblin tribes today. Part of the Mosswood goblins' tenacity doubtlessly comes from the tribe's chieftain, Big Gugmut, who claims to be the son of a hobgoblin and a wild boar. The Mosswood tribes are numerous, and bickering over which of the goblin hero gods (or Lamashtu herself, for that matter) is the best god leads to more goblin death in Mosswood than all the adventurers and misadventures combined. Mosswood's trees tend to be larger, mostly redwoods, resulting in much more open forest floor than exists at undergrowth-heavy Nettlewood to the north.

Nettlewood: North of Mosswood lies Nettlewood, a frustratingly tangled forest. Whereas the trees of Mosswood grow tall and stately, those north of the Lost Coast Road in Nettlewood are lower and share their forest floor with snarls of nettles and thorny underbrush.

Paupers' Graves: Before Sandpoint was settled, Varisians often visited the coastline here, one of their many traditional graveyard sites in the region. When
Sandpoint began construction, a large influx of poor and desperate laborers from Magnimar came to the region, hoping to be rewarded for helping build a new town by being given a place in it; tho s e who died during construction were buried here. Today, these bodies are gone, devoured by the ghouls now inhabiting the twisting warrens beneath the area.

The Pit: The most notorious site on Devil's Platter is a dark, circular pit hidden somewhere near the escarpment's center. From above, the Pit is only accessible by flight or via a winding network of mazelike furrows in the Platter's surface, while from below, the numerous caves that branch off of the Pit's walls connect to underground lairs throughout the hinterlands. In this way, the Pit forms the nexus of a "mini-Darklands " below the region. Something like a sinkhole, the circular shaft stretches nearly a hundred feet across, its inner walls criss-crossed with ledges and
rope ladders leading deeper into the mist-shrouded depths. Numerous cave entrances along these ledges lead into complexes within the escarpment itself goblin tribes, infestations of gremlins, sinister lairs inhabited by derros and dark folk, and troglodyte warrens are among the dangers one faces In these numerous caverns. The deepest reaches of the pit contain an ancient temple devoted to Kabriri (the
demon lord of ghouls) and the lair of the infamous Sandpoint Devil.

The Pyre: The ancient Varisians of the region used this promontory for many rituals, including their yearly Swallowtail Festival, but the Pyre hasn't been
used since Sandpoint's founding.

Ravenroost: This ragged range of broken hills is decorated here and there with isolated copses of eucalyptus, pepperwood, and pines. Not a lot lives here
apart from relatively harmless wild animals.

Shank's Wood: This small pine and eucalyptus forest is relatively small. The goblins of the Seven Tooth tribe claim this forest as their territory.

Sog's Bay: This shallow bay has a notorious reputation for being a shipwrecker. Dozens of sandbars and hidden perils fill the area, and the masts of unfortunate ships protrude from the shallows in multiple spots. The waters of the bay are thick with reefclaws, giant crabs, and other tidal predators and scavengers.

Thistletop: The Ruins of an Ancient Fortress lie on this rocky outcroipping from the sea with its only access a rope bridge. Home to The Thistletop Goblins and their Cheiftan, a powerful Goblin known as Ripnugget and Bruthazmus his Bugbear Hunter.

The Three COormorants: Three towering sea stacks protrude from the waves here, their crowns supporting miniature forests of eucalyptus and cypress trees. A
small group of harpies dwell amid these trees, but apart from periodically tormenting goblins, the monsters don't meddle with mainland concerns.

Tickwood: Although giant ticks are known in this wood, the primary denizens of this long, narrow forest of pines, firs, and redwoods are boars. As a result, the
wood is a popular hunting ground among the wealthier residents of Sandpoint.

The Tors: Situated to the east of Devil's Platter, these three groups of stony hills are known collectively as the Tors. Named after three adventurers who explored
many of the nooks, caverns, and old Varisian tombs here before Sandpoint was founded, the Tors still hide many secrets and small, hidden complexes that await
discovery by adventurers.

Whisperwood: Only the northern tip of this large forest intrudes into the Sandpoint hinterlands. Whisperwood runs along much of the Lost Coast, its towering redwoods a humbling testimony to the grace of nature. Tales of hidden Thassilonian ruins from both Shalast and Bakrakhan often lure adventurers into these woods, but most fall prey to the wolves , bugbears, and thugs who lie in wait for intruders.

Wisher's Well: One of the lesser-known Thassilonian ruins in the region, this landmark consists of a circular stone tower only 30 feet high from the outside that drops away into a 100 foot-deep shaft ending in a deep pool of water on the inside. All manner of monsters dwell in the flooded caverns below the well, including a small tribe of skum and a larger tribe of faceless stalkers.
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Re: Game Information Thread
Holding place for Maginmar