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Sat 18 Nov 2017
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Heroes of Sandpoint: Downtime in the interim
Within a day or too the festival atmosphere stops and the group sets to normal tasks they meet every morning and evening in the common room for there is a sense of there will be more...especially after remembering Madam Mvashti's words. That and these seemingly family'less strangers have come together forming a bond stronger than family. They have fought and near died for each other...become a band of brothers and sisters.

Talk turns to the gear they obtained and how best to liquidate it. About what to do with Orick who has spent the days in the Sherrifs custody about what the future holds.

the party will get roughly 6 weeks to do what they want...from the 2nd of Neth (Novemeber) until the 10th of Kuthona (December) At  the 11th...the start of winter week and Ascendance Day for Cayden Caileen the 2nd module will kick off. discuss plans....in character of course ;)