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Thu 13 Aug 2015
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DM Information Thread
Here's where I will post things I need to track and remember

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Fri 28 Aug 2015
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Combat Summary Block
Lan  AC:20 (T-15 /FF-20 ) CMD:18 HP 27/27 FO:+2 RE:+8  WL:+3
4th Rogue Elf Male +2 vs Enchantment spells and spell-like effects. Immune to Sleep effects. Trapfinding +2. Evasion. +1 Trap Sense. Uncanny Dodge. Debilitating Injury.

Seabreeze AC:14 (Touch-12/FF-11) CMD:19 (23 vs Trip) HP:19/19
FO:+8 RE:+6 WL:+3 Endurance, Docile
Nirmathan Horse (Animal)

Copper AC:15 (Touch-13/FF-11) CMD:21 (25 vs Trip) HP:19/19
FO:+8 RE:+7 WL:+3 Endurance, Docile
Draft Horse (Animal)

Talon  AC:20 (T-16/FF-20)CMD:16 HP 30/30  FO:+7 RE:+5 WL:+4
2nd Fighter [Dan. Blade L. Warden]/2nd Magus [Bladebound Kensai] Elf[Sovyrian], Male
Panache: 3/3 - Arcane Pool: 6/6 - Spells Remaining: [1st] 3/3
Elven Immunities to sleep & +2 to resist enchantments and effects
Defensive Strategist never flat-footed when surprised

Belegor AC:11 (Touch-11/FF-9) CMD:17 (21 vs Trip) HP:15/15
FO:+6 RE:+5 WL:+1 Endurance, Fiery Spirit
Ossyrian Horse (Animal)

Allura AC:15(17) (Touch: 12/FF: 14) CMD: 12   HP: 25/25 FO: +2 REF: +2 WIll: +5
4th level Arcanist  Aasimar [Peri]/Female
Resistance 5 (Cold, Acid, Elect) *Native outsider* Immune to charm person and similar spells.  +2 vs Illusions.

Pangy AC:18 (In Ball-19) (Touch:14/FF:16 In Ball-Touch:18) CMD:7 11 vs Trip HP:12/12
FO:+2, RE:+4, WL:+4 Familiar Pangolin [Magical Beast]. Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, can make touch attacks with spells.

Maven AC:11 (Touch-11/FF-9) CMD:17 (21 vs Trip) HP:15/15
FO:+6 RE:+5 WL:+1 Endurance, Burst of Speed 1xD
Numeran Hill Horse (Animal)

Param AC:23(T-11/FF-22)CMD:16 HP 28/28  FO:06 RE:02 WL:09
3rd Cleric of Saranrae; 1st Level Paladin (Sacred Shield)
Aasimar defenses:*Native Outsider*, Resistance 5 (Cold, Acid, Electricity), Bastion of Good (1/day)

Tanis  AC:19(T-15/FF-17) CMD:17 HP 40/40 FO:+8 RE:+3 WL:+1
4rd Barbarian  Human [Shoanti] Uncanny Dodge, Superstition +2 Moral bonus on saves vs spells & spell like ability, +1 Trap Sense // +1 Ref. +1 AC vs traps
Quick reflexes// +1 AoO per round

Tanis' Mount (Name?) AC:11 (Touch-11/FF-9) CMD:17 (21 vs Trip) HP:15/15
FO:+6 RE:+5 WL:+1 Endurance, Fiery Spirit, Sure Footed
Shoanti Steppe Horse (Animal)

Zenfira  AC:18(T-12/FF-16) CMD:17 HP 22/27  FO:+4 RE:+1 WL:+9
2nd Expert / 2nd Inquisitor  Aasimar, Female
Resistances/Immunities: *Native Outsider*, Resistance 5 (Cold, Acid, Electricity)

Zenfira's Mount (Name?) AC:11 (Touch-11/FF-9) CMD:17 (21 vs Trip) HP:15/15
FO:+6 RE:+5 WL:+1 Endurance, Acrobatic, Skilled
Taldoran Horse (Animal)

Shelalu AC:19(T-14/FF-15) CMD:21 HP:53/53 FO:+10 RE:+8 WL:+3
2nd Fighter/4th Ranger  Half-Elf Female +1 vs Fear, +2 vs Enchantments

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Fri 28 Aug 2015
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Character Plot items
Zenfira (Eager Performer/Reactionary} grew up in a travelling caravan and became enamoured of stories of heroes and monsters from the various towns that she travelled through.  She started to travel on her own with the sole purpose of retelling the tales that she's learned and picking up more.

For story elements, perhaps the following,
- With the Expert class, Zenfira is a little naive and it might take a bit of combat or two for her to slowly evolve towards the Inquisitor class.  I expect her to get beaten up and perhaps see others as well.
- She'd like to perform for Cyrdak Drokkus but she is not all that good.  She's a rookie at this with high hopes.
- Her family has been to Sandpoint before so maybe she knows some of the folks in the town.

I can probably think of a few more and I'm more than willing to work a storyline with another player.

Character Goal at this point in the game:
To audition for Cyrdak Drokkus and get a chance to perform on a proper stage.

Grigore (Scholar of Ancients/Harrow Chosen)

Grigore's patron is his ancestors who were members of the provider caste in Ancient Thassilon. From what I have read comtemporary Varisians have forgotten that that is where they came from. I would like, over time, for Grigore to rediscover this as he studies the Thassilonion history and ruins. And perhaps the reason his ancestors have started him on his journey because they know that the Runelords are about to Rise. I don't have a particular timeline in mind, anytime it is convenient is fine.

Allura (Scholar of Ancients/Sacred Touch) is from Chelliax though her family all but disowned her sending her off to Magnimar. Very intelligent and book smart she has not spent much time outside of libraries, books and academies. She is just starting to venture out and see the world. She is friends with Lan having been his mothers apprentice when she went to magical academy in Magnimar. While she is a book worm, she is not worldly wise and is sometimes confused in social interactions. The shame her family felt about her is something that still bothers her, leading her to wear a mask.

To see and experience the world. To learn more and interact with people. She is in Sandpoint to enjoy the festival. Her mentor told her to go see the world experience it and live instead of staying locked away in a dusty library. She is trying to honor the memory of her mentor by doing so.

Talon (Scholar of Ancients/Defensive Strategist/Bruising Intellect/Outlander)- Talon hopes to gather close friends and allies and recover his birthright weapon in order to prove his claim upon his ancestral lands in the Mierani Forest. He will then try to assist the elves somehow in their efforts to cleanse the area of monsters and restore the forest.

As he trains incognito through the first 3 levels, he will try to avoid being publicly known for who he really is. Once he reaches level 4 he should somehow, narratively, finally gain access to his magic, after which he will no longer continue to hide who he really is. At the end of Level 5 or beginning of level 6 (Magus 3) I would like to discover Talon's ancestral blade as his archetype arcana.

Lan (Merchant Family/Reactionary)- Getting a job performing in Sandspoint. Earn money, improve equipment and my act. Add new elements to the act. Become more skilled at my crafts.

Complications from my Uncle if we ever get to Magnimar.

Tanis (Destined Diplomat/Diplomat)
Tanis has a huge intrest in the power of Tattoos all the really great warriors of his people had Tattoos over the majority of their bodies.The Tribal Shaman Gave them the Tattoos, and the tattoos gave the warriors powers. He wants his own magical tattoos

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Thu 11 Aug 2016
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Character Plot items
Bringing over a weapon from 3.5 for Talon

Exotic Weapon (one handed melee weapon)
Thinbade, Elven  Price: 100 GP   Dmg, small- 1d6/Dmg, Med- 1d8  Crit Threat:18-20/x2 Piercing WT:3 lbs
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Thu 28 Jun 2018
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Character Plot items
it seems like a lifetime ago that I created these alternate, more cinematic rules for paralysis. Now not all types of paralysis does it this the spell is the whole body. but when it comes from ghouls I like this effect. (especially for larger battles where paralysis can change the face of the battle drastically) so for our purposes...The Pack has these rules applied.

alternate paralysis rules (where struck)
1-Right Arm (loss of use of arm if shield...doesnt apply to ac. cant use two handed wwpns)
2-Left Arm (see above)
3-Left Leg (-2 reflex saves/-10' speed)
4-Right Leg (see above)
5-Abdomen (immobile but can fight)
6-Chest (arms cannot move but can move)
7-Neck (Cannot speak- spellcasters affected)
8-Head-(truly paralyzed)

also 4th level and above spells require two hands to cast. so an arm being paralyzed means 3rd level and below only.