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Thu 13 Aug 2015
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Houserules and things to remember
Heres where I will post changes from the norm and quirky houserules I have...fluff rules I use.
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Fri 14 Aug 2015
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Re: Houserules and things to remember
A Few House Rules.

1. You can cast up to 3rd level spells 1 handed. It takes 2 hands to cast 4th level+ spells. Remember that concerning having a weapon readied.

2. Coup de Grace works differently. No auto kill 'named characters'. It works as is on Mooks. Anyone with a name, including a PC, you just do max damage (Critical) with whatever weapon you are using. This will many times kill them anyway, however there is a chance they can survive. I like this better because its more cinematic to me that a bad guy (or player character has a chance to appear to be dead but live through it to come back another day.  This way The DM cannot just kill a helpless character out of hand either. ;)

3. Character Death- I am not big on character death. It happens though. When it occurs, I will ask the player the question "Do you want to keep playing that character or roll up something new?"---If The character chooses to roll up something new, it ends there. If the player feels they really enjoy the character, I will allow the character to cling to deaths door and stabilize 1 point from death with the following penalty----in PM the Player and The DM will agree on a drawback appropriate to the method of death. Lose of vision in one eye, some hearing loss, a broken arm that needs to mend, a broken leg, ribs, severe scarring. Whatever is chosen will have game effects that have to modify the players character and can be a good opportunity for role playing.

4. The Magical Store Idea---I do not adhere to the magical wallmart idea. Rather only certain magic items will be available for sale in a given community. Alchemical items are far more readily available and I have a list of specialty herbs that can also be purchased at an Herbalist or a Druid's Dont expect for your character to be able to find that sword of sharpness of every character to have a bag of holding. Its highly unlikely.  There will be times I ask the players to give me a wish list and I will make sure items are placed. But those times are fairly rare.

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Re: Houserules and things to remember

Combat is the biggest thing to bog PBP down. So its important to speed it up as fast as possbile. Because of this I do combat a little different than some.

When the enemy is seen, the first people to notice the enemy, will be the ones who check for initiative for the part. So at times you may not be checking. which is quite fair when you see how I do things.

The highest roll from all who can see or are aware, will be used as party initiative vs the highest roll among the bad guys.

whoever wins...will kick off combat. Party or bad guys. If it's The party, they will post first come first serve giving me a description of where they want to go and what they want to do. I will resolve their actions based off posting order...

it is however legal for a player to say 'I will wait for xxx to do xxx then I will xxx.' please at the time of posting do all rolls...such as. I will wait for the Goblin to advance then I will slice him with my sword...xxxx hit and xxx roll damage

Then I will move to the bad guys and resolve all of their actions. or vice versa.

I will have a combat map up each round,

to make things go easier. I will post the stat combat info of the enemy. like this

Goblin AC 15 Touch 12 FF 13. HP: 6/6  FO: +2 RE: +4 WL: +1 CMD: 13

So when you are rolling to hit, you will know if you hit. and when you roll damage you will know how much youve given him. So if you are paying attention to each others posts you will know who to target and what to do.

When you use spells The Caster will roll the opponents saves and post actions accordingly.

Important: There are no do-overs. We will not backtrack combat to make adjustments for errors or misread posts.

I will however, make up for any errors the subsequent round. Im a very player oriented DM and I try and look at things from intent rather than exactness.

I will try and run 1 combat round every day, but occasionally that may turn to every other day.

Each Combat round I will post when the deadline is for actions...if you choose not to post by the deadline, The DM will run your character for you using the most logical course of action that also keeps your character out of harms way; If Possible.

If you have any questions please ask.
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Mon 25 Jul 2016
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Re: Houserules and things to remember
Raising a Level

Once you have experience sufficient to raise. Your character needs 8 hours of rest to 'take it all in' and 1 hour of 'practice' per level attained in the morning to 'learn' the new skill set.

you can choose 1 over half on hit points or roll...but if you roll you have to take the roll.

Then you can start adventuring at your new level.
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Fri 10 Nov 2017
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Re: Houserules and things to remember
Bringing this thread forward